Anthology: Radio or Television?

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Part One: One-page essays will be drawn from the following questions 1. Providing specific examples of teleplays, explain the nature of the anthology television dramas of the 1940s and 1950s. Discuss at least four specific factors that contributed to the demise of this program type. What does the demise of this format suggest about program limitations and the influence of advertisers in commercial broadcast television? Ex. of teleplay : Marty in 1953 (butcher) by Paddy Chayefsky, Man Against Crime (independent writers for each episode)

Anthology- a radio or television series that presents a different story and a different set of characters in each episode. These usually have a different cast each week Reasons for demise: 1) were telecast live 2) limited scenery 3) difficult to manage commercials 4)episodic series easier to control 5) Percentage of viewers dropped 6) Hollywood lured away talent 7) Incompatible with ads** ● television show will have a different plot episode to episode. Unlike serials which are much more continuous from episode to another. Demise suggests : ● teleplays like Marty, were incompatible w/ advertisements. ● Episodic series were popular in the late 40s, early 50s ● Episodic series- ie: 30 rock → easier to control ● sponsors increasingly vetted scripts for controversial material and especially for anything that they saw as placing their products in a negative light ______________________________________________ 2. Explain how cable differs from broadcast television. How did cable television develop? What were its advantages over broadcast television? How did it first help and then hinder the business of broadcasting? p. 310-312 ● CATV -(idea came from Mrs. Parson’s husband from Oregon) an early form of Cable TV, used to distribute broadcast channels to communities w/ poor reception. The FCC devised restrictive rules to keep cable that way. ○ ppl placed an antenna & connectec a running cable to their homes ● Advantages over broadcast TV: ○ gave ppl in remote areas access to broadcast channels ○ radio wave perfect for radio ○ w/ satellite 500 cable systems could obtain programming as cheaply as one -Satellite- programs now sent our nationwide via satellite (need Dish to bring signal) ● 1st help then hinder : ○ cable allowed the FCC to loosen the rules → at first satellite could only reach the ppl w/ cable


______________________________________________ 3. Discuss Ivy Lee's innovations in the field of public relations and describe his approach to crisis management. Use his work for John D. Rockefeller during the Ludlow incident as an illustrative example of his principles and practice of "spin control." crisis management = the art of putting the right spin on disasters ● Ivy Lee “poison Ivy” (PR/publicist) ○ realised that facts were open to different interpretations ■ you can put your “spin” on things → later “spin control”


Ivy Lee changed Rockefeller’s image


-1914 hired by Rockefeller’s family to change public opinion about killings related to strikes at its Colorado mining operations. -Rockefeller= hated b/c Standard Oil controlled 80% of the nation’s oil industry -Rockefeller viewed as tyrant -staged Rockefeller’s philanthropic work-- donating to orphanages and churches (cruel to the coal miners) -Ludlow Massacre: (the coal mining rebellion in Colorado) - The Colorado miners worked in dangerous conditions w/ minimal pay (could barely support their families) -1913 strike→ for more $ & safer working conditions -miners were kicked out of their company-owned houses 4 being on strike 4 several months -kept on strike: lived in tents→company's guards shot down and lit on fire -40 people were killed and 100 were wounded. ● THE SPIN-push the idea-- 2 sides to every story// immedia. contacted members of press ● Lee- send bulletins saying those that died were victims of an overturned stove -Upton Sinclair dubbed him "Poison Ivy" for saying the “stove” lie when the miners were shot by...
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