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18 April 2013
Annotated Bibliography
Arabic vs English. (2012, January 28). Arabic vs English. Retrieved from In this article the writer talks about the opinion of people who supporter the decision of changing of the medium of instruction from English to Arabic for some crucial disciplines like law, media studies, business administration, and international affairs in Qatar University. He mentioned that some people welcomed the decision because they think that students should learn in their native language. Also, they agree because there were many student get high score in the secondary school to enroll the foundation program. However, many of them did not pass the program. On the other hand, the writers concerns about the short time that is given the university and if it is enough to get text books and reading materials, and to prepare the teacher for the new system. The second concern mentioned in this article is if the new student who will learn in Arabic will be able to compete with the previous student who learn in English in the job market Compromising our children’s future? (n.d.). Qatar's No.1 News & Business Monthly. Retrieved from

In this article two students from Qatar University had been interviewed about The Supreme Council of Education’s (SEC) surprise decision. The two students argue the decision from many points. They talk about the student from primary to secondary school who taught in English and who they could struggle like them when they were taught in Arabic at school and the taught in English at the university. They also mention the lack of resource and books, because in some majors like business the some of the primary books are not available in Arabic. Another point was the non-Arabic students who do not know Arabic and some of...
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