Animal Farm Study Guide

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Animal Farm Study Guide


Old Major - old pig that has a visionary dream inspires the animals to revolt.

Snowball - idealistic pig, along with Napoleon, becomes early leader of Animal Farm...his ideas are not always practical but they are grand.

Napoleon - aggressive pig, along with Snowball, becomes early leader of Animal Farm...eliminates Snowball...increase powers and privileges...controls the animals.

Squealer - young pig who is the persuasive speaker for Napoleon.

Boxer - hard working cart-horse...stands behind Napoleon through all of the outrages or mistreatments.

Mollie - young mare that runs away and is seen by some animals as a betrayer.

Benjamin - gloomy, cynical donkey who never embraces the revolution or posses.

Moses - raven who tell the animals about SugarCandy Mountain...a place where animals do not work...he is free to fly away and comes and goes as he pleases.

Farmer Jones - man who originally owned the farm...overthrown by the animals.

Muriel - goat... Reads better than the rest of the common animals...but she doesn’t always understand the meaning of what she reads.

Clover - mare...with Boxer becomes loyal and devoted to the idea of revolution...after executions becomes the “motherly position.”

Pilkington - neighboring farmer...doesn’t respect Jones.

Fredrick - evil and cruel farmer...Napoleon sell the timber to...he uses forged bank notes...cheats Animal Farm.

Whymper - man who acts as trade agent for Animal Farm...purely business-minded...lacks concern for animals.


- Utopian Vision
- Democracy
- Rebellion
- Corruption
- Individual Responsibility
- Communication
- Dictatorship and Tyranny
- Power of Persuasion
- Passivity and its consequences
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