Analysis Components Ethics in Psychotherapy Articlebarnett, J.E. (2008) the Ethical Practice of Psychotherapy: Easily Within Our Reach.

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  • Published : November 19, 2011
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Ethics in Psychotherapy Analysis Worksheet

Use this worksheet and your understanding of critical thinking and the structure of an argument to analyze the article on ethics in psychotherapy from u03s3. To fill out the worksheet, work your way down through the analysis components and include your responses in the box next to the component. There are notes in the margins to help you flesh out the line of reasoning of the author, so use the notes along with your own interpretations as you fill out the analysis worksheet. You will submit this worksheet to the Unit 3 Assignment Box.

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Analysis ComponentsEthics in Psychotherapy ArticleBarnett, J.E. (2008) The ethical practice of psychotherapy: easily within our reach. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 64(5), 569-575. The main purpose of this article is… [State as accurately as possible the author’s purpose (goal, intention, desired outcome) for writing this article] The problem to be solved is… [Identify the problem or issue the author is addressing in this article] The point of view of the author is… [Identify the author’s position or point of view in this article; who or what group does he represent?] The information the author provides to support his position is… [How do we know there is a problem? What evidence is there that this problem exists?] The main conclusion[s] in this article are… [Identify the key conclusions or solutions to the problem the author provides in this article] If we accept the author’s line of reasoning, the implications are… [What possible or probable consequences does the author’s argument imply for the practice of psychotherapy?]
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