Airasia : the Sky's the Limit

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literature review

Technological advances impact our daily life dramatically and has become part of it as they involve in nearly all areas. In other words, Technological advances have a significant impact on every aspect of our lives. In recent decades, the world has experienced a huge technological revolution that has raised the level of performance and quality in various fields and redefined the way business is done. Therefore, companies must keep up with this evolution to get benefit from it. People nowadays are always busy, looking for what facilitates their life, and enables them to do their jobs efficiently and easily. Internet enables people to do a lot of things in all areas, such as buying, selling, learning, entertainment and others. Smart phones now came to replace Internet job at anytime and anywhere where its involved in many fields Banking for example is one of them ,we can use smart phones to do a lot of bank operations without the need to visit the bank or the website, either by SMS, web browser or special bank's application download on the smart phone. Banking industry in Palestine is one of the largest sectors in the economy, competition among banks makes it necessary to look for what's new and extends beyond the traditional services, technology helps banks in all process and simplified the complex work . ATMs, internet banking , phone and mobile banking all of these are outcomes of technological advances, the service is now offered through computer ,laptop, Mobile and other telecommunications mediums. The mobile has become indispensable aspect in our life since it can be used at anytime and anywhere. The mobile now is not only a way to talk and send messages, but also it goes beyond and become a tool used in different areas (Multifunctional) such as; trade, business, buying and selling, banking..etc. This research aims to investigate the prevalence of mobile banking in the Palestinian society and how people may accept it as a way to deal with their bank accounts. The Study will be done on the Bank of Palestine (BOP)which is the first national bank established in 1960 , began work in February 1961 to give small loans to institutions and individuals ,BOP now have a well-diversified branch network of 47 branches in Palestine, and a paid up capital of $134 million and assets of over $1.65 billion and has around 20% market share of deposits and credit facilities in Palestine . The bank has been listed on the Palestine Exchange (PEX) since 2005,in 2006 AlWasata Securities had been established to provide a customers with trading access to stocks listed on the Palestinian Stock Exchange markets. And in 2011, the bank established another subsidiary, PalPay, which is a company that provides electronic payment solutions through the bank’s network of over 5,000 Point of Sale stations spread throughout Palestine.

Literature review

1- Introduction
"In the 21st century there will be a lot of banking, but there will be no banks" Says Bill Gates he refers to internet and mobile banking. The emergence of mobile and smart phones makes it necessary to study the importance of these devices and the trends in the market. Mobile has been used for several purposes .It is no longer a way to talk and send messages , but it is linked to several services such as M- marketing, M- transfer, M- payment, M-financial, M- banking. All of which are set of services can be done by using special applications on smart phones, we can call it M- innovations . After the success of internet banking, mobile banking comes to perform the same role in a more modern way. M-banking is a modern banking service that is offered to customers to enable them to do banking operations (balances- transfer funds -cards -checks - paying bills, locating ATM , etc.) by using Mobile. It enables clients to use smart phones to perform online banking without using computers.

2-An overview of Mobile Banking...
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