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Q-1 Does this company keeps on board talented peoples who were responsible for its success? ANS. Yes the company keeps on board talented peoples who were responsible for its success specially the people who are on the front desk. Q-2 To fully understand the employees behavior, is any step wise analysis being done? ANS. Feedback is used to understand the behavior of the employee to understand that what employees like or dislike and what their comfort zones to work easily. Q-3 Any theory “X” or “Y” approach exist?

ANS. Yes theory “X” and “Y” both exist in the Bank Alflah because earlier there are almost 20-25 peoples in a branch but now a days the bank hire only 12-15 employees for managing the same work so we can say that now a days bank is applying theory “Y”. Q-4 Is their division of labor as per employee’s qualification? ANS. Yes, as a person having qualification B.A/B.com are mostly on front desk or on cash counter whereas, the persons having qualification M.B.A/ACCA/CAor higher are on managerial posts. Q-5 Any outsourcing that takes place?

ANS. Yes, the outsourcing is done on Bank Alflah the security guards and peons are outsourced from outside company named as “NLI Private LTD” Q-6 Any virtual or telecommunicating trend being used?

ANS. Yes, the virtual and telecommunicating trends are followed in the Bank Alflah with the help of mobile banking, email, e-banking and web banking. Q-7 Any flexible time program available?
ANS. No, there is no choice of flexi time is available for the employees. If they need any leave they have to get permission from the higher authorities. Q-8 Any code of ethics exist?
ANS. Yes the code of ethics exist and it is signed by the employee at the time of hiring and after a year code of ethics renewed The main clauses of the code of ethics of Bank Alflah are;
1. The employee does not receive any gift from the customers. 2. Employees follow the rule and regulation of the organization Q-9 Are there any concept of stereotyping in the organization? How are they treated? ANS. Yes, there is concept of stereotype in the Bank Alflah and they treat them according to their traits like people who are sharing same traits are related to same group are stereotype. E.g. employees seated in the cash counter have same traits like they are fast in cash counting. Q-10 How the performance appraisal is done? Any biases that are controlled by the evaluator. ANS. The performance appraisal is done on the bases of performance base and target base if the employee fully achieve the targets given to him he/she would be appraise according to its performance. Yes the biases exist in the organization and favoritism exists and usually the performance appraisals of the favorite employees are done on priority basis. Q-11 What corporate image employees have about their organization? ANS. Initially the image was good but now a days the corporate image in the eyes of employees is not good because of the benefits given to employees are now a day cut down and the work burden on them increase and the employees have to work from 9am to 9pm and sometimes it goes on 10-11pm.And we can say that according to our observation they are 60-70% satisfied. Q-12How this company develop skills amongst employees?

ANS. This organization develops the skills through periodical training and learning management system in which they apply self-nominated service employee select program according to his job. Also CBT (Computer based training) are given to employees for developing computer skilled in them. Q-13Is 360 feedback being used?

ANS. Yes the 360⁰ feedback is used in the Bank Alflah by the help of whistle blowing. Whistle blowing is a e-mail id on which the employee can send any type of feedback to the organization and the name of the person will remain confidential. Q-14Any continuum of disciplinary measures present?

ANS. If any employee made a mistake the bank gave him oral warning. In case of...
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