Agribusiness in Bangladesh

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Present situation of Agribusiness in Bangladesh

While the words of agriculture are vast, varied and rapidly changing with the policies and supportive investments at local national and global levels today’s agribusiness offers new opportunities to the developing country to remove out of poverty. Agribusinesses include smallholder farming and animal husbandry employment in the new agriculture high value products and entrepreneurship in the nonfarm economy. Using agriculture as the basis for economic growth in the agriculture based countries requires a productivity revolution in smallholder as well as other farming. In Bangladesh though Agribusiness is new, but it would be a most important business activity because Bangladesh is an agricultural country

The term Agribusiness was first use by Jhon H. Davis of Harbart University in 1955. Now Agribusiness has become most important issue because whole world face huge food crisis. "Agribusiness is doing business with agricultural produce". Agribusiness is the off link in agro food value chains. It’s provided inputs to the farm sectors and it links the sector to consumers through the handling processing transportation marketing and distribution of food and other agricultural products. There are strong synergies between agribusiness and the performance of agriculture for development. Production agriculture is indeed a business which term as an agribusiness.

Present situation of Agribusiness Company in Bangladesh
Agribusiness companies diverse private agro enterprises a majority of which are small mostly in rular market towns and operated by households that often have wage labor and farming as other sources’ of income. Medium and large agro enterprises are mainly urban based because of the requirements for economics of scale and infrastructure. The large enterprises are often dominated by multinational corporations that have consolidated through vertical and horizontal integration. 1|P a g e

In recent years influenced by changes in consumer demand and rapid technological and institutional innovation the structure of agribusiness has changed dramatically and its performance has been highly dynamic. Two major challenges need to be address in considering the role of agribusiness for development. Hundreds of agribusiness trade organizations, commodity organization, committees are present in Bangladesh including the crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry and other including planning and genetic materials, agrochemicals, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Most well known Agribusiness Company in Bangladesh is Square company Ltd, ACI company Ltd, Milk vita, Aftab Group, Arong Group. Agribusiness companies provide input supplies to the production agriculturalist. The production agriculturalist produces food and fiber and cotton, wools etc) and the output it is taken by agribusiness companies that process, market and distributes the agricultural products Market forces do not guarantee competitiveness nor do they guarantee smallholder participations both essential to link agricultural growth to development. The two complement each other as competitive small and medium agro enterprises in rural areas can link smallholders to value chains and urban demand.

Category of agribusiness in Bangladesh
1. Input sector 2. Commercial farm production sector 3. Product sector(storage, processing, marketing, wholesaling and retailing exports 4. Service sector (education ,banking, finance, investment and technical advice)

Agribusiness would involve all possible agricultural sectors like › › › › › › › › › Business service Crops Livestock Poultry Fisheries Agro Forestry Agro processing Agro-inputs Agricultural Education.

Agribusiness of recent year in Bangladesh
2|P a g e

Meat, milk and milk products In recent year Livestock sectors give vast opportunity for producing meat, milk and milk products. There are many organization in Bangladesh like Milk vita, Aftab...
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