Agribusiness Commodity System Approach Course Outline

Topics: Marketing, Supply chain management, Management Pages: 3 (492 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Siniloan, Laguna
Agribusiness Commodity System Approach

I.Agribusiness Concepts, Dimension and Dynamics
a.History of Philippine agribusiness & Definition of Terms b.Areas and Career Field of Agribusiness
c.Agribusiness Principles and Ethical Standards
II.Input Subsystem
a.The Input Subsystem by commodities
b.Key Concepts
c.Philippine Input Subsystem Scenario
III.Production Subsystem
a.Elements in an Efficient Production Subsystem
b.Traditional and New Paradigm Concepts of Production
c.Video Film Showing of Agribusiness Production
IV.Marketing Subsystem
a.Study/Observation Tours in Agribusiness Enterprises and Manufacturing/Processing Firms b.Study Tour reporting
c.Adaption of Learning in the Classroom Exercises
d.Identification of Major Investment Requirements of Agribusiness Processing Plant e.Social and environmental Concerns in Setting-up Agribusiness Processing Plant f.Investment Issues, Opportunities and Constraints

V.Processing Subsystem
a.Classification of Agribusiness Products and Marketing Activities b.Characteristics of Agribusiness Products
c.Key Player in Agribusiness Marketing System
d.Marketing Functions
e.Issues in Agribusiness Marketing in the Philippines
VI.Support Subsystem
a.Participants in the support subsystem
d.Environmental Protection
e.Video Showing
VII.Supply Chain Management
a.Concept and Principle
b.History of Supply Chain Management
c.The Importance of Supply Chain Management
d.Supply Chain Management – Key Issues
1.Class Attendance. A significant portion of your learning is dependent on your participation in, and contribution to, the classroom community. You are expected to be in class, turn in all work on time, and significantly contribute to the classroom discussion. You should notify me personally in advance regarding all approved absences. You may be absent...
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