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Topics: Slavery, Atlantic slave trade, Slavery in the United States Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: September 20, 2012
1. Explain how the north benefited from slavery?

The north made rum which was traded for slaves. The north would build ships to participate in the slave trade, and when the slaves reached the north they would be used to build more ships to increase the amount of slaves being brought to the United States.

2. There were numerous laws that governed slavery cite 2

Fugitive Slave Act of 1793 - southern slaveowners and agents traveling north could seize free black people they suspected of escaping slave masters. An African American seized as a fugitive slave had no right to prove his or her status as a free person before being hauled back south.

Casual Killing Act – Slave Masters could kill slaves with no consequences no matter what.

3. What significant event happened in 1606/7 that impacted slavery in US?

Jamestown was established and settled which was the beginning of slavery in America

4. Describe the Bacon protest and explain what impact it had on slavery?

There were many Europeans who were indentured servants when the country was first founded. It wasn't until the Bacon rebellion. By Nathaniel Bacon, who was an indentured servant, started a riot with other indentured servants, and poor blacks against the Virginian Governor Berkeley because he refused to retaliate against Native American attacks and his friendly policies towards them.

5. Explain the role Nova Scotia had in slavery?

African Americans migrated to Nova Scotia at the prompting of the British officials responsible for finding new homes for the slaves who fought for the British during the Revolutionary war. Life was difficult there as well, and many went back to Africa.

6. In 1444 what significant event occurred and what impact did it have on Africans?

The Portuguese imported enslaved Africans to Madeiras to work on sugar plantations. The success with sugar on Madeiras led Portugal to begin planting sugar on other islands. It went west across the Atlantic to the other...
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