Advertising Brand Comunication Cts Notes

Topics: Subculture, Modernism, Meaning of life Pages: 6 (1523 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Representations (etchings)

Early model of the catch penny is designed to be consumed in a few moments. These early models remain until this day (advertising).

Provides an influence for a large amount of people. Representations allow ordinary people to experience what they couldn't originally. They invent opportunities to experience special occasions (royal weddings for instance)

Walter Benjamin German critique 1930s

Images allow the reader to take in a large amount of information without having to do much work or think too much.

Colour revolution 1890's
It is good to think with objects, In the 1890s technology enabled posters to be printed and shared. Lithography: when colours are combined together to create a picture, each colour is drawn separately then combined together: la diaphane jules cheret.

The idea or nationality can be turned into an object (the objectifying of pleasure and sexuality)

The world of colour is on the street. Eye candy. Printed very cheaply and can be changed over night. Team working together to advertise through an image. (Theatrophone, jules cheret 1980). We can take the object away and consume it, pleasure is obtained through looking at this piece of art. No power or wealth is needed to consume these products, everyone can look at them. La Loïe fuller. Objectifies women. Frenchness starts to develop as a brand becomes a stereotype of sexuality and until this day we represent France as high quality, beauty, wealth, materials.

Other artists: Pierre Bonnard, Eduard Vuillard, Toulouse lautrec.

Dilemma of the prophets try to break the system by saying that art should be available for everybody even if its advertising and the production of these pieces is cheap. Art changes and new techniques are applied, things are easier to produce. Breaking the rules of realistic art but becomes more surreal and flat unlike the Victorian times. Art starts to influence a wider audience. Japonisme + rococo = spirit of modernness. Rococo is a soft pink flowey feminine realistic painting. (Artist: Watteau) Japonisme: flat unusual sexual painting. Ukiyo-e woodcuts.

The graphic design business is introduced.

The Eiffel Tower: sex symbol. Sexual French stereotype. It is suggested politically that it is your duty to think sexually. Hence all the clubs and female objectifying posters and advertising. It's simply a cultural celebration: for instance the moulin rouge. Posters become a vehicle for pleasure. Tourists come to France to celebrate sexuality. Posters become a dream, it is different to looking at reality where it might not seem as pleasurable as a poster which has been constructed to pleasure the eye. Power is being martialed to present a new culture, in frenchness becomes about the sexuality of women, they become OBJECTS. Cheret quinquina dubonet 1895: cat appearing in all pictures what do this symbol mean?

This sexual representation of women lead to the rise of the NEW WOMAN. If women are educated they will turn into men. The feminists challenge the sexual representation of women by arguing that women should be educated and treated equally as men, women are not objects.

However, others challenge the feminists by arguing that if women are given equal rights they would become masculinised or prostitutes. The society would change. Posters are targeting men by using women could it be because men are the big spenders?

The development of modernism: the international style.

European modernism became watered down as it spread around the globe. The rules were followed however altered. Herbert bayer cca great ideas 1954.

The looks of something gives a positive idea about a company. European designers left Europe due to the 2nd world war and spread the modernist designs however were being payed by American politic societies to spread american political messages.

American design was pragmatic, intuitive, and more informal in its approach. European was highly structured....
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