Adult Psychopathology

Topics: Sexual intercourse, Sexual arousal, Orgasm Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Adult Psychopathology Sleep and Sexual Disorders

Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders:
At the outset: four terms

1.Anatomic sex: biological sex, based on XX or XY chromosomes 2.Gender Identity: internal feelings as to whether one is male or female (I am male/ I am female) 3.Gender role: external behavior (particularly social behavior but can include sexual behavior) how one wishes to be seen by others (or oneself) as a male or female 4.Sexual orientation: preference for sexual partners

Sexual dysfunctions
-sexual desire, sexual arousal, orgasmic, sexual pain
Gender Identity Disorders

Human sexual response cycle
1.desire/appetitive- fantasies about sexual activity and the desire (libido) to have it 2.excitement: subjective sense of sexual pleasure with accompanying physiologic changes (male-erection, female- vaginal lubrication) swelling of the external genitalia) called excitement and plateau by masters and Johnson 3.orgasm- the peaking of sexual pleasure an the release of sexual tension. Mediated by the sympathetic nervous system (males- ejaculation, females- contraction of outer third of vagina) 4.Resolution- generalized muscular relaxation. Males have refractory periods (refractory to erection or orgasm) females can respond immediately to additional stimuli.

Sexual dysfunctions: disturbance in response phases (first 3 phases) Subtypes: lifelong or acquired, generalized or situational, psychological or combined factors)

Five etiological factors in sexual dysfunction
1.intrapsychic- performance anxiety, guilt, low self esteem, denial, undue self-monitoring (spectatoring) 2.interpersonal: intimacy issues, fear of abandonment, power struggles, lack of trust, failure to explicitly inform partners about open’s particular sexual needs and specific pleasures, a sex manual mentality, displaced anger. 3.Cultural” sexual myths, insufficient or incorrect information, negative attitudes about sex learned from parents,...
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