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OnlineExams is being launched because a need for a destination that is beneficial for both institutes and students. With this site, institutes can register and host online exams. Students can give exams and view their results. This site is an attempt to remove the existing flaws in the manual system of conducting exams.


Online Exams System fulfills the requirements of the institutes to conduct the exams online. They do not have to go to any software developer to make a separate site for being able to conduct exams online. They just have to register on the site and enter the exam details and the lists of the students which can appear in the exam.

Students can give exam without the need of going to any physical destination. They can view the result at the same time.
Thus the purpose of the site is to provide a system that saves the efforts and time of both the institutes and the students.

What is Online Exams System all about?

Online Exams System is a web application that establishes a network between the institutes and the students. Institutes enter on the site the questions they want in the exam. These questions are displayed as a test to the eligible students. The answers enter by the students are then evaluated and their score is calculated and saved. This score then can be accessed by the institutes to determine the passes students or to evaluate their performance.


The establishment and use of sound engineering principles in order to obtain economically developed software that is reliable and works efficiently on real machines is called software engineering.

Software engineering is the discipline whose aim is:
1. Production of quality software
2. software that is delivered on time
3. cost within the budget
4. satisfies all requirements.
Software process is the way in which we produce the software. Apart from hiring smart, knowledgeable engineers and buying the latest development...
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