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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Assessment Rubric for Company Law
Rubric for Problem-Based Assessment in Company Law Explanation: The purpose of the problem-based assessment in Company Law 266 is to assess student’s knowledge, understanding and application of fundamental legal concepts and principles relating to company law using ‘real-world’ problems (scenarios). Students are required to write assignments using relevant sources of information, appropriate language and correct referencing. Assessment Criteria:  Knowledge and application: Relevant legal concepts and principles of company law are identified, clearly explained and correctly applied o Explanation of key concepts and principles o Application of relevant concepts and principles o Logical and coherent conclusion Content supported/substantiated by appropriate and credible legal authority o Appropriate and relevant primary (legislation and case law) and secondary sources (e.g. textbooks) are used Professional writing o Logical and coherent structure o Correct grammar and spelling o Accurate and consistent referencing

 

Levels of performance:     Unacceptable: Does not meet the criteria Acceptable: Demonstrates a satisfactory/adequate level of performance on most of the criteria Commendable: Demonstrates a very good level of competency on most criteria Exemplary: Demonstrates a very high level of mastery on all criteria

Rubric for Company Law – Assessment Two

March 2013

Performance Level Criteria Knowledge and application of relevant legal concepts and principles

Level 1 Unacceptable Relevant legal concepts and principles have not been identified or clearly explained. Content is vague. Relevant legal principles have not been adequately applied to the problem.

Level 2 Acceptable Sufficient relevant legal concepts and principles are identified but with limited explanation.

Level 3 Commendable Most relevant legal concepts and principles are identified with sufficient explanation.

Level 4 Exemplary...
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