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STAFF RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MODULE Lecturer Telephone Fax No Office E-Mail Consultation Miss N.F. Dyili 031 – 260 7386 031 – 260 7386 M- 206, dyilin@ukzn.ac.za Wednesday Thursday OR BY APPOINTMENT & EMAIL Module Administrator Telephone Fax No Office E-Mail Academic Leader Office M1-217 Level 2, M-Block E-Mail ramchanderm@ukzn.ac.za Mr S Mokeki 031 – 260 78143 031 – 260 7386 M230 mokekis@ukzn.ac.za Dr. Manduth Ramchander 09:00-10:30 13:00-14:00


1. INTRODUCTION This course handout outlines the structure of Purchasing Management & Contemporary Issues The prerequisite for this module is SCMA2OP and any other one 8 credit point module offered by the school, students NOT meeting this prerequisite will NOT be permitted to continue with the course even if their registration has inadvertently been accepted. 2. COURSE OVERVIEW The field of purchasing and supply management includes the functions of planning, organising, motivating, and controlling the flow of purchased material, products and service into and out of the organisation. The course will focus on issues that integrate related functions which provide effective and efficient materials and services to the organization. The course aims at placing the purchasing function in the contemporary world of business. On completion students should be able to elucidate the following concepts: buyer’s responsibilities in today’s purchasing organization, value of the purchasing function to the organization, supplier relations approaches, ethical issues, management of the procurement process, and legal aspects of purchasing, purchasing agreements and contracting methods


3. MODULE STRUCTURE The course is designed to accommodate effective learning by means of; Formal lectures Case studies Guest lecturers Presentations Group discussions Each of these elements forms an integral part of SCMA 305 and student’s maybe examined at the end of the semester on any aspects of all these elements

Prescribed Textbook: Johnson ,Leenders & Flynn (2011) Purchasing and Supply Management 14th Edition McGrawHill

Your textbook will be your main source of information but you will also receive extra reading material and be referred to OTHER sources, from time to time. All material covered during the module will form an integral part of the course and you may be assessed/examined on any of the elements that are covered. Additional/supplementary material It is to your advantage to read more widely than just the prescribed textbook in order to broaden your knowledge and understanding of purchasing management. Listed below are some useful general resources. You will be given, or referred to, more chapter-specific resources in class as we progress through the module. Newspapers, journals and websites are a very useful source of local and international technology innovation news; these should be read regularly throughout the course. Herewith are some suggestions:



Recommended Textbooks Bailey, Farmer, Crocker (2008) Procurement Principles and Management 10th Edition, Prentice Hall Hugo, Badenhorst-Weiss, Biljon (2011) Purchasing and Supply Management 6th Edition Van Schaik Publishers Monczka, Handfield, Guinipero (2010) Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Cengage Learning


Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Week Beg 11 Feb 18 Feb 25 Feb 04 Mar 11 Mar 18 Mar 25 Mar 08 Apr 15 Apr 22 Apr 29 Apr 06 May 13 May 22 May Topic Purchasing and Supply Management Case Study : South Eastern Supply Strategy Case Study : Ford M.C. Supply Organization Case Study : Iowa Elevators Supply Process & Technology Case Study :Hemingway Make or Buy, In sourcing...
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