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1984 Active Reading Notes

Character Development

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At the beginning of the book Winston was a thought criminal and nothing more and he later evolves into a full-fledged rebel, joining the “infamous” Brotherhood. Winston was an extremely annoying character from the very start. His decisions and actions were extremely irrational and I was not able to connect with his character throughout the novel. Winston had accepted that he would die to the hands of the Party as soon as he thought about writing in his diary. As readers we can only assume that Winston felt differently about Big Brother than most of the Party members, and this made him feel alone and vulnerable. This causes him to trust just about anyone who does not literally tell him they are part of the Thought Police. He feels he can trust O’Brien without any proof, he trusts Julia’s note to him and meets up with her knowing full well that she could be a spy for the Thought Police and finally he trusts Mr. Charrington because his old age makes him appear fragile and helpless. Winston was an annoying character because he never hoped to accomplish anything. There was no goal in his mind, and no intention of creating one either.

Let’s start with his relationship with Julia. If I was Winston, I wouldn’t have even thought of being in a close relationship with anyone because it causes private loyalties. The Party tries to deteriorate all private loyalties so that the people have only the Party to be loyal to. But this can be used against the Party by making one loyal to only oneself, therefore making one stronger. Unfortunately Winston’s mind is weak, he needs to feed off others otherwise he will feel helpless. His original trust in Julia was due to this parasitic quality and because of his sexual desires. He had a dislike for women that was clear during Book 1 but his lust was always present. His relation with Julia started off as just sex, both for physical pleasure and as an act of rebellion against the Party. But as the relation grew Winston and Julia became increasingly fonder of each other. Towards the end of Book 2 I felt that he did care for her but I would not go as far as saying Winston loved her, although he did say he would rather stay with her and die for his crimes rather than separate and live. Winston’s relationship with Julia caused him to be act more irrationally than when he was by himself. Maybe he felt that it was okay to die if he could share it with someone he cared about. Through Book 1 and 2 the only real changes in Winston are his thoughts turning to actions and his increased stupidity and acceptance of defeat.

From the beginning Winston knew he would not be able to accomplish anything important and I think this is why Winston failed to do exactly that. He joined the brotherhood knowing he would die and he could possibly die for absolutely nothing and having accomplished nothing. If he hated the Party so much why would he join an organization where he is told to do things and might have no significance whatsoever? I feel that Winston joined the Brotherhood because of O’Brien and not for the sake of the Brotherhood. He was so bent on believing that O’Brien was a rebel that he could not control himself when O’Brien asked him to meet him at his apartment. He needed to believe that O’Brien was a rebel to appease himself. He needed him to be a rebel so that he can be content in knowing that even Inner Party members were traitors. O’Brien could have said anything during their conversation in his apartment and Winston would have wholeheartedly believed it. It seems obvious to me that in a world one cannot trust anyone, one shouldn’t...
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