1984 Summer Reading

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  • Published : October 4, 2010
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In the novel 1984 there is a dystopia where people are controlled and watched constantly. Winston who is the main character goes through many obstacles to try and fight his way against the Ministry of Truth. The Ministry of Truth is the ones controlling everyone in the dystopia. Throughout the novel Winston is faced with the question of who will he conform into, an outwardly or an inwardly?

In the beginning Winston goes against the law and secretly buys a journal to write in, even though if he is caught he will be taken away forever. He would have to face Big Brother, but Winston was willing to take the chance. Many times he reads throughout the novel “ War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength”. Which is the official saying of the Party. While attempting to write in the journal Winston found himself only being able to write “Down with Big Brother” repeatedly. He always found himself confused on what to do but always believed that he would never conform into one of them!

Winston then met a woman named Julia. Winston and Julia became secret lovers. They first met when Julia gave a piece of paper to Winston saying I Love you. Throughout the novel Julia and Winston snuck around and had sex, which was another illegal law that was prohibited unless it was to produce a child. This negative utopia was created to help the people in England but instead made them scared and their whole lives were already set in stone.

In this year of 1984 if you were caught doing an act that was forbidden the Party took you away to Big Brother. Winston was one of those people when he was caught writing in his journal. Winston was an outsider and he wanted to rebel against the party. Winston was taken away and at some points in the novel Winston was blaming Julia. Yet one thing he did realize was it wasn’t because of Julia. He loved Julia and he honestly didn’t care. He committed a crime, also called a though crime. The newspeak was...
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