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is this made evident in the texts you have studied? Connections between John Donne’s Selective Poems and Margaret Edson’s play Wit to a great extent enrich the audiences understanding of each text and the themes of death and love. When these texts are studied together it is evident through continual intertextual reference that Donne has heavily influenced the play Wit. Although the texts differ contextually, with Donne’s 17th Century poetry and Edson’s 20th Century script writing, their contextual...

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Wit. Character Purpose

In “Wit” all of the main characters serve very specific purposes to the story. Dr. Kelekian, Dr. Jason Poser, Susie, and even Vivian herself all have distinct purposes in the play. Each character has a scene that seems dedicated to reveal their purpose in Vivian’s ordeal. Vivian’s key scene comes when she speaks with her old mentor and realizes what she’s been lacking in her life. First, is Dr. Harvey Kelekian, his purpose is shown in the very first scene, while giving Vivian her diagnosis....

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Wit by Margaret Edson - Extended Metaphor of Donne's Poetry

In the study of literature, an understanding of how language creates meaning is essential. One way that writers heighten or create meaning is through the use of literary allusions. In the play Wit, by Margaret Edson, a sustained allusion to the Holy Sonnets of John Donne enhances the work's meaning when it is personified through the depiction of the life and death of Vivian Bearing. Though Vivian finally reaches a deeper understanding of humanity, she does so at great expense. To make her spiritual...

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Suffering and Identity in Donne and Wit

One’s identity may be questioned when suffering; ultimately suffering is what creates one’s sense of self or what destroys it. The poetry of John Donne and the play W;t, 1993, by Margaret Edson, both illustrate and explore a sense of suffering and identity. In John Donne’s poetry, suffering, both emotionally and physically allows the speaker to understand their identity in more depth, in comparison to Margaret Edson’s play, W;t, Vivian’s suffering leads her identity to be stripped away. In Donne’s...

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It Happened One Night: Screwball Comedy

the controller in relationships as well as in society. It is the reversal of the Cinderella story, a modern tale with light hearted sex appeal in which courtship and love triumph over class conflicts, socio-economic differences, and verbal battles of wit. The fighting and struggles between the two main characters showed the man taking care of the woman, the social norms of how men and women should act around each other in that era. But the fighting and the banter also show a strong-minded and intelligent...

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Much Ado About Nothing- Beatrice and Benedick

Shakespeare. Past encounters between the two characters ignites a skirmish of wit between the two where they attempt to get inside each other’s head. The wittiness used by Beatrice and Benedick also suggests that there is a deeper meaning behind what they say and that they are deceived by their own foolishness. When we are first introduced to Beatrice and Benedick we learn of the ‘merry war’ between them. This skirmish of wit that occurs invokes past encounters. The two exchange a volley of sly and...

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An Analysis of Deception in the Decameron

In The Decameron, Boccaccio uses tales of deception to capture the merchant culture of quick wit and cleverness, which defies Christian morality and transcends the traditional social classes of the medieval era. In fact, one’s success at deception is often depicted as a form of intelligence. Tricksters are either rewarded or face no significant consequence for their actions, whereas their victims are portrayed as gullible and weak. In the opening story of San Ciappelletto, Boccaccio presents...

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Holy Sonnets and Donne

values of enduring themes that engulf the audience due to their prevailing ability to transcend contextual barriers. The connections shared between Donne’s metaphysical poetry and Edson’s play Wit, occupies more than the adaptation of ideas and form, it represents the relationship between text and context. Wit reshapes Donne’s experiences of agency and self evaluation, thereby rejuvenating the humanistic paradigms of the Jacobean period within her secular context. Thus the reciprocal values of these...

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The Way of the World

and serious things mattered less to them. By highlighting these things, The Way of the World exposes the issues of money, love, sex, marriage and in short the behavior of the people of the time in the language of prose. The rakes, fops, gallants and wits are the primary types dealt with in a language that is outwardly brilliant but lacking philosophical and emotional or psychological depth. This makes the play a typical restoration comedy of manners. The mode employed is satiric and ironic which befits...

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Donne and W; T Speech

“John Donne’s poetry stands alone.. But W;t is nothing without it’s connection to Donne”.. Good morning teachers and students, today I will be speaking about the connections between the poetry of the metaphysical poet John Donne, and the play wit, by American playwright Margaret Edson. To say that w;t is nothing without its connection to Donne shows the fact that Donne’s poetry had a major influence into the workings of Edson’s play. W;t is nothing without it’s connection to Donne? Why wouldn’t...

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