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What is a hero? Someone who can fly across the country or shoot laser beams out of their eyes? No, the main heroes in our lives are the ones we pay the least attention to. A hero’s traits vary from strength to emotional to witty. As an example think about doctors. They have to have strength, wit, and emotional all at the same time. They pursue the ideas and conquests for a hero but it doesn’t even have to be that. A hero doesn’t have to be a doctor or even a human. It could be an animal. A hero, no matter who they are or what they wear, they all have to hold the traits of witty, emotional, and strong. ​To be a hero you must be witty, always on your toes no matter the circumstances. If you were to be stuck in the forest with no one else to help you your main strategy is to survive. You always have to be ready to take the shots, if something comes in your way, you have to be ready to tackle it and get over it. Always on your toes to take on a problem that you would need to get over without a problem, if you want to get back to civilization to live not be put in a morgue. For example a doctor, every hour of everyday you have to be on your toes at any point ready to be hit with a problem. If you’re not ready you can fall apart unable to handle the tasks ahead. If you are in the E.R and someone comes in with a shark bite for example you would need to one; have that procedure drilled into your brain and two; you would need to know if something goes wrong, be light on your feet and find a way to figure it out. You can't only follow the book. When you learn a certain procedure about a person that has a crystal clear problem, step by step. Then one day you are doing the procedure and something comes up that isn’t part of the original plan and you didn’t have another idea you might lose that patient and your reputation. For example like in ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer says “Polyphemus’ voice: ‘Nobody, my friends, is trying to kill me by violence or treachery.’ To this they...
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