"Why Do Ethics And Ethical Behavior Important In Finance" Essays and Research Papers

Why Do Ethics And Ethical Behavior Important In Finance

Why are ethics important? Recent events in corporate America have demonstrated the destructive effects that occur when the leadership of a company does not behave ethically. One might wonder why highly educated, successful, and business savvy corporate professionals at Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, and Adelphia got themselves into such a big mess. The answer lies in a profound lack of ethics. Running a business ethically is good for business. However, "business ethics" if properly interpreted means...

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Why Are Ethics Important in the Accounting Profession?

Why Are Ethics Important In The Accounting Profession? Sheree Fletcher CE CAPSTONE COURSE FOR THE ASSOCIATES DEGREE IDS399 September 10, 2006 What does ethics have to do with accounting? Everything, since there have been some recent financial accounting scandals; a few examples being Xerox, WorldCom, Enron, which have generated much unwanted and unfavorable publicity for CPA's, including those working as controllers or chief financial officers for organizations. When you hear the...

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Ethics in Accounting

Financial Decision-making is one of the most important things in our business world today. In today's diverse world, ethics in accounting and financial decision- making is a process that many organizations have trouble dealing with. Many organizations put emphasis on ethics and the financial decision making process within the organizations( www.managemyaccounting.com(2007). It is expected that all organizations will behave in an ethical manner in the current economy. (www.managemyaccounting.com(2007)...

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Why Personal Ethics Are Important

The definition of "ethics" according to Nelson and Trevino is "the principles, norms, and standards of conduct governing an individual or group" (p. 13). The success of any group, whether a community, business organization, or family unit depends on the development of a set of agreed upon ethics or rules of behavior. Sharing ethical standards fosters cohesion in groups and allows a harmonious work and living environment. Human civilization was built on the development of ethical standards and the...

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‘What Is Ethics and Why Is It Important for Thinking About Media?’

‘What is ethics and why is it important for thinking about media?’ You should use recent examples from the media in your response.’ Living in a society that depends on information and communication to keep moving in the right direction, almost every person has access through radio, television, newspaper, and new electronic media to the latest circulated information. Through this information, one is able to shape their opinion about a particular fact. Nevertheless, media have the power to form...

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Ethics and Ethical Behavior

Ethics is a term that confuses many in term of its meaning. Different people give meaning to the term in the wrong manner leading to the adoption of bad acts in society. This assignment will discuss the issue regarding what constitutes ethics and what does not constitute ethics. Besides, examples of ethical and unethical behavior will be discussed. Ethics can be defined as the basic fundamental principles and concepts of upright human conduct. It entails the study of universal values like the...

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Why Is Ethics Important Today?

WHY IS ETHICS IMPORTANT TODAY? As children, we were taught by our parents that it is wrong to lie, cheat and steal. As we grow up and enter into the real world with some knowledge of right and wrong, we see, first hand the importance of ethics as well as its complexity. The role of ethics in our society is very necessary because it has a large influence on today, as well as the future. We need to learn about good ethics because they guide our decisions, make us who we are and determine our future...

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior It is obvious that ethical issues play a major part in any organization when it comes to outlining good behavior from bad behavior. As Kinicki & Kreitner, (2009, pg. 52) has stated “There are a variety of individual and organizational factors that contribute to unethical behavior. Organizational Behavior is an excellent vantage point for better understanding and improving workplace ethics. If OB can provide insights about managing human work behavior...

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Ethical Behavior

Ethical Behavior, a Myth of the Past or a Necessity for Future Development With the ever increasing pressures of life, philosophers, psychologists and intellectuals are striving to answer the question, Are ethics basically becoming a myth of the past? The question calls for stepping beyond the yes or no answers, to analyze and investigate the factors influencing ethical behaviors today. Whether personal, organizational, contextual or environmental, they all play a significant role in shaping...

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Ethical Behavior in Business

Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical Behavior in Business Ethical behavior refers to behaviors that are appropriate. Ethical behaviors are based on morals. An ethical behavior is considered the right way to behave. It involves selecting the right from wrong. People have to conform to the standards set by the organization by choosing what is right and what is wrong. Business ethics is a kind of applied ethics or professional ethics that is aimed at examining the ethical...

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Effective Ethics and Ethical Behavior

Effective ethics and ethical behavior Memorandum and Report Carol Harris TO: Rebecca M. Melton, ABC Toy Co. CEO FROM: Carol Harris, Elementary Division Manager, ABC Toy Co. DATE: 6/5/11 SUBJECT: Product quality issue and a report on ethical decision making. This memo addresses a product quality issue with a whistle included in our toy collection. I have included a report on the importance of ethical decision...

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Analyzing Ethical Behavior

ANALYZING ETCHICAL BEHAVIOR PAPER Analyzing Ethical Behavior Paper Chad L. Million Grand Canyon University BUS-340 Ethical & Legal Issues in Bus. Glen Germanowski July 25, 2010 Analyzing Ethical Behavior Paper When functioning in the corporate world, it is an essential to include moral ethics. Ethics is also particularly imperative when laboring with financial information. It is very hard to have faith in someone managing plenty of money. Corporations in the past have distorted...

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Ethical Behavior

VIZCAYA STATE UNIVERSITY Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya ETHICAL BEHAVIOR Submitted to: Dr. Teresita G. Rancho Submitted by: John Albert Benasa Ma. Eloisa Blanza September 14, 2012 ETHICS IN ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR ETHICS: A General Perception Ethics means a set of principles of right conduct. The right conduct is about making choices that may not always feel good or seem like they benefit you but are the “right” choices to make. Ethics in the workplace in its simplest terms means doing...

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Why Scientists Don'D Do Ethics and Why the Should

| Why Scientist Don’t do Ethics and Why it is Important That They do | Ethical Issues in Science | | | Scientists don’t deal with ethics because they are more involved with the science and getting results. The pressure of working in that field is put on them to get results for their careers and getting more grant money. They should deal with ethics for the betterment of all that. If the public believes that scientist are unethical and can’t be trusted, the research they do will have...

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Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

Final Paper: Ethical Behavior in the Workplace Mirinda Frazier SOC 402 Instructor Dana Rock 6/25/2012 Ethical Behavior in the Workplace An organization should perform with ethical conduct at all times- this means that both the employers and employees must act respectably throughout all the various dimensions of business practice and transactions with consistent ethicality. Good business ethics are vital for the success of any organization, and should be established from the very beginning;...

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Factors affecting Ethical Behavior

Work ethics and ethical behavior To understand what is the work ethics and what is meant by ethical behavior and what are the factors influencing the ethical behavior, we need to know the meaning of some key words. Ethics is a philosophical term derived from the Greek word "ethos" meaning character or custom and can be defined as the code of moral principles that sets standards of bad or good or wrong or right in one's conduct. Work ethics can be defined as carrying out one's business in a morally...

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

Ethical Issues in OB Joelle Yeager Bus610: Organizational Behavior Prof. Stephanie Gonzaga June 27 2011 Corporations will usually provide their employees with a mission statement that often includes the company’s expectations in ethical matters. It is important for the company to instill this code of conduct to their employees. It is even more important for that company to follow the guidelines that they lay out for their employees. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case. It is...

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Ethical and Legal Behavior in Business

Ethical and Legal Behavior In Business Cory Vance Business Law 2301 Mr. Mellon September 16, 2012 With the first scenario, you need to review the Ethics Checklist. What are the alternatives? One alternative is to say that you had used drugs illegally in your past but for the last three years you have been clean and sober. Everyone has a past so most people can respect the fact that you have been clean and sober. Another thing you want to consider...

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Why Ethics Are Important to Auditors

measurement instead of expressing an opinion for the accuracy of statements or the level of excellence in their performance. Ethics may be defined as the actions showed by an individual on himself to ensure his continued survival across the dynamics. It is a personal thing. A person individually performs a task according to his style of work; then he considers himself ethical because he does that with a reason. Ethic’s role in accounting is a law for all the accountants to follow certain regulations...

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Ethics and Ethical Behavior

ASSIGNMENT MGT-340-009 10/23/14 ETHICS REFLECTION PAPER ASSIGNMENT Ethical Models/Rules/Views There are several definitions of ethics and ethical behavior, if a small sample of people were polled and asked to define ethics, the probability of getting the same answer twice would be rather slim. Not everyone is taught right from wrong, or hold to the same moral standards. Many of the businesses have established behavioral rules to ensure that some basic code of ethics is followed. I have always held...

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Ethics and Morality Nedra Dennis Ethics 316 Sept. 16,2012 Cramela David Ethics and Morality Explain the difference between ethics and morality. Define two ethical theories introduces in this course along with their proponents and the major criticisms of the theory. Ethics are the principles of conduct governing an individual or group and morals are our personal character. John was 32 when he died from asbestos, he was working at a corporation when...

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Is Business Ethics Important

Is business ethics important? If so why? Before we discuss the importance of ethics in business, it is very essential to examine a prominent theory when conducting business ethics and that is utilitarianism. This theory accounts for the concepts of duty or obligation, rights, and justice. It is routine that the utilitarianism theory is divided up into two groups. These two groups are that of teleological and deontological theory. The teleological approach deals with consequences. “It states that...

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“What are the advantages and disadvantages of ethical behavior in business?”

Seitzhanova Assiya. Accounting 11.856. “What are the advantages and disadvantages of ethical behavior in business?” Nowadays the concept of ethical behavior in business ethics is one of the most debatable issues in the world’s business community. Why? Just because there is a global division of business people on who are completely blinded by the word “money” (their number increases with each year) and who not. Each of these two groups of people has certainly own truth. For the first group any...

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The Impact and Influence of Business Ethics

The Impact and Influence of Business Ethics Ethics is a vital component of every business, and it is doubtful that a business will survive without having a strong stance and espoused value of ethical behavior. “There has to be two dimensions to leadership: performance and values” (O’Rourke, 2010, p. 61). In his discussion on business ethics O’Rourke (2010) also comments that every company should have a written statement of ethical behavior that encompasses all processes within the organization...

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why managerial accounting is important

Chapter 1 Lecture Notes   Chapter theme: This chapter explains why managerial accounting is important to the future careers of all business students. It answers three questions: (1) What is managerial accounting? (2) Why does managerial accounting matter to your career? and (3) What skills do managers need to succeed? It also discusses the importance of ethics in business and corporate social responsibility.   I.             What is managerial accounting? A.            Examine the difference...

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Is the formal cultural system within a firm the most important factor in creating ethical workplace? How do formal cultural systems attempt to promote ethics?

Is the formal cultural system within a firm the most important factor in creating ethical workplace? How do formal cultural systems attempt to promote ethics? Ethical workplace has been a controversial issue since years ago. A huge majority of the workforce often list being ethical as one of the top factors they want in a business organization or a firm. Despite having formal cultural system in a firm, there are still unethical behaviors arising within them. These people bring negative impacts...

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Ethical Behavior

The Importance of Ethical Behavior and its Significance in Persuasion Ethical behavior is often seen as amoral when used for persuasive purposes. This is possible because persuasion may be used in unethical situations as well as ethical situations. Either way, it depends upon the person who is trying to persuade others. Adolf Hitler is an excellent example of someone who persuaded millions of people to behave unethically. On the other hand, Mother Teresa used persuasion for ethical reasons by caring...

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ROLE OF ETHICS IN BUSINESS: Ethics Defined: Ethics are principles based on doing the right thing. They are the moral values by which an individual or business operates. In theory, a business or individual can act ethically and still attain ultimate success. A history of doing the right thing can be used as a selling point to heighten a person's or organization's reputation in the community. Not only are ethics morally valued, they are backed by legal repercussions for failure to act within certain...

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Table of Content Topic | Page | Introduction | 3 | * Legal and Ethical Behaviors * Engineer’s role in ethics | 4 6 | Conclusion | 8 | References | 9 | Introduction Based on society’s ethics, laws are created and enforced by governments to mediate in our relationships with each other. Laws are made by governments in order to protect its citizens. The judiciary, legislature,...

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BUS610 ASSIGNMENT 1 Ethical Issues in Organizational behavior

 Hermina Williams Ethical Issues in Organizational behavior BUS610: Organizational Behavior Professor Cheryl Moore, PhD April 6, 2011 Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior There is no one way in defining what ethics is. According to American Heritage Online Dictionary, ethics is the code of moral principles and values that governs the behaviors of a person or group with respect to what is right or wrong. Ethical behavior is something that every person will experience on the job at one point...

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Introduction In recent years, accounting ethical breaches has emerged as a major problem for most organizations. With growth of businesses, the number of accounting ethical breaches has also increased. Accounting ethical breaches may be defined as the misappropriation and misconduct of financial data by the auditors and accountants of the company (Duska & Ragatz, 2011). The accounting ethical breaches not only affect the organization, but also the stockholders involved with the organization...

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Why Ethics Matter

Why Ethics Matters There are many situations in which ethical perspectives are in contrast to another person's opinion on the same subject matter. Every person has found themselves looking over his shoulder asking himself "am I doing the right thing?" Ethics is what a person does when no one is watching. Whether it is a corporation or a government entity, they all expect their employees to behave ethically. What are ethics? Webster defines ethics as "a set of moral principles" or "a theory or...

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Factors to Determine Ethical Behavior

Determine Ethical Behavior Transcript MGT/521 1 Factors to Determine Ethical Behavior Podcast Transcript Speakers: Scott, Diane, Scott Hyder Scott: Hey folks, Scott and Diane here again to talk to you about business principles and how they can help you in the real world. Diane: Today we have what I think is one of the most important aspects of business, and in fact of life itself: ethics. Scott: I couldn’t agree more. And nowhere is this more evident than in corporate America. We see ethics at play...

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UNIVERSIDAD LATINA DE COSTA RICA PROFESIONAL ETHIC STUDENT: YAMILETH RUIZ, DANIELA FLORES AND ALONSO CHAVES PROFESSOR: Lic Arayensth M.C TOPIC: ETHIC IN THE DAILY LIFE 2012 Ethics in the Family A new century that has made the world a very communicative, Cyber ​​Century advanced technology that goes beyond today, Century with positive and negative trends in globalization. Today we have Economically-Active Mothers, on average, the more hours a woman is employed outside the home;...

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The Malaysian Business Code of Ethics

The Malaysian Business Code of Ethics (Rukuniaga) Introduction The Malaysian Business Code of Ethics is based on the religions, philosophical and cultural values of Malaysian. It was undertaken by national Consumer’s Protection Consultative Council and Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to develop self regulation among traders in Malaysia. Objective The Malaysian Business Code of Ethics was formulated with the objective of: - * Preparing  the main principles to be applied...

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Do You Believe That Ethical Leaders Are More Successfull in Organisation?What Is the Connection Between Leadership and Ethics?

"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." (Eisenhower as cited in Wiki Quote, 2005).Studies has shown through trying to identify or evaluate the difference among great leaders, mediocre leaders, and poor leaders. Today the eminent truth remains that now more than ever global success depends on skilled leader. (Friedman 2005) is quoted as saying, “Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others in a way that clarifies...

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How to Establish an Ethical Environment in the Company

How to Establish an Ethical Environment in the Company What is ethics? Ethics is basically two things. First, ethics refers to well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually it comes in terms of rights, obligations, fairness, specific virtues or benefits to society. Secondly, ethics refers to the study and development of one's ethical standards. Ethics is not about answers. Instead, ethics is about asking questions. It's about asking lots of questions...

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Ethics for the Real World

ETHICS FOR THE REAL WORLD Creating a personal code to guide decisions in work and life RONALD A. HOWARD & CLINTON D. KORVER Hanle Ying Special Topics in Accounting March.16, 2011 Introduction Within the development of human culture, ethics has been more and more emphasized in human beings. Ethics is not only requested in the work place, but also it should be requested in individuals. Ethics is an extremely helpful in human daily life. For the work place, ethics can help people to trust...

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Ethical Behavior at Work

promote ethical behaviour at work? Introduction Ethical behaviour is a pretty wide topic and it might not always be easy to know the different boundaries. However, in your career there are certain boundaries that have been set and different policies that have been formed to regulate what you do. In other words, as a professional, you need to know the things you should not do. Different organizations have an ethical code of behaviour. Over and above this, different professions have ethics codes...

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Ethics and Simple Ethical Tests

1. Review the ethical cycle. Discuss a decision you have made (at home or in the workplace), and describe the steps of the cycle in relation to your decision making process. Now review the section on rationalizing unethical behaviors. What is the relationship between the ethical cycle and the three simple ethical tests used for business decisions? The steps of the ethical cycle are: Identification of moral problem ---> analysis of the moral problem ---> the available options that one can take to...

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Ethical Issue

Ethics What is the meaning of ethics? Actually, the definition of ethics is complicated. Some philosophers have attempted to make ethics objectively and universal, while others claim moral decision making is a lonely, intuitive, and wholly individually business of making fundamental choices. Some individuals anchor their ethics in religion; and some believe morality is an odd mixture of received tradition and personal opinion. During the past 50 years, ethics has moved from the academic realm of...

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Ethical Business Behavior

discussing Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) using Anglo-American and Primark case studies as examples. First, I will discuss what is meant by ethical business behavior. Second, I will discuss how Anglo-American and Primark apply ethics into their business practices. Third, I will discuss what the costs and benefits are to an organization when they behave ethically. Finally, I will choose one component from Svennson & Woods’ model from “A Model of Business Ethics”, and discuss...

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Ethics Issues

Ethics Issues University of Phoenix Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility MGT 216 The manner in which a company does business is a reflection of the ethics of the organization. Most strive to abide by the ethical values set forth by the company; however, on occasion these ethical practices are compromised and an organizational ethics issue is born. Ethics issues can be caused by any number of factors but one reason stands above...

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Personal Ethics

Personal Ethics Development According to the American Heritage dictionary ethics are “the rules or standards governing the conduct of a person or the conduct of the members of a profession” (ethics, n.d.). In every aspect of our lives our ethical system is constantly being put to the test. Ethical dilemmas challenge our morals, values, and our true character at home and at work. This can be especially challenging in the work force. In this summary I will discuss my underlying ethical system, potential...

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The Challenge of Ethical Behavior

The Challenge of Ethical Behavior in Other Countries The requirements of day-to-day organizational performance are so compelling that there is little time or inclination to divert attention to the moral content of organizational decision-making. Morality appears to be so obscure in nature that it lacks substantive relation to performance. An effective organizational culture should encourage ethical behavior and discourage unethical behavior. Unfortunately, ethical behavior may end up costing...

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Human Behavior in Organization with Ethics

human behavior to promotes a good entrepreneur or business personnel. Table of content: I. INTRODUCTION a) Purpose of the study b) Rationale c) Scope 1. ETHICAL BEHAVIOR IS A GOOD BUSSINESS 2. USE ETHICAL-MAKING SKILLS for ETHICAL DECISIONS. II. DISCUSSION OF THE AREAS III. CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATION III. BIBLIOGRAPHY INTRODUCTION Ethics in Business and Management is a multidisciplinary analysis of key issues facing modern management professionals. Ethics is distinct...

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Ethics in the Workplace

Ethics in the Workplace What is ethics? Is ethics an ability that grows in us from a child or does our parents teaches us ethics? According to dictionary.com, states that the word ethics means, "the code of good conducts for an individual or group." Ethics also means, simply stated, that ethics refers to standards of behavior that tell us how human beings ought to act in the many situations in which they find themselves-as friends, parents, children, citizens, businesspeople, teachers, professionals...

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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

CULTURAL VALUES AND PERSONAL ETHICS PAPER Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper I think that ethics are ones values, beliefs, morals and are derived from ones up-bringing, family values, customs and beliefs. Environment may influence one's ethics and values. Ethics are put into play when you are placed in a situation which you do not feel comfortable in or when you feel that something or someone is not behaving in accordance...

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Unethical Behavior

quality of ethical and moral standards in the workplace. Employees having a high ethical standard are paramount to the success of any organization and acting in an unethical manner will almost ultimately destroy it. This essay will provide some basic ethical guidelines that apply to organizations, why unethical behavior is happening in the workplace, and finally, it will identify ways in which management and organizations can encourage ethical behavior. The definition of ethical behavior is a way...

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Discuss the different factors influencing ethical behavior at the workplace.

Introduction Ethical behavior is that accepted as morally "good" and "right," as opposed to "bad" or "wrong," in a particular setting. Is it ethical to hide information that might discourage a job candidate from joining your organization? Is it ethical to ask someone to take a job you know will not be good for his or her career progress? Is it ethical to ask so much of someone that they continually have to choose between "having a 'career' and having a 'life'?" The list of questions can go further...

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Introduction to Ethics for University of Phoenix Students

University of Phoenix Material Ethics are the underlying basic principles upon which choices are made throughout life. These are bedrock reference points for right or wrong. Ethical principles are developed early in life, generally by the time a child is 4 or 5 years old. After that point, the person learns how to apply these principles with increasing ability and success. Ethics are both a personal and a public display of your principles and beliefs. It is because of ethical beliefs that humans may act...

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Ethics And Social Responsibility

Ethics and Social Responsibility Mitchell Askew Business Management Paper 1 2/4/2014 What is ethics and social responsibility and why is it important in the work place. MGMT (2013-2014) workplace deviance, ethics: Ethics is the set of moral principles or values that defines right and wrong for a person or group. A Society of human resources management survey found that only 27 percent of employees felt that their organization’s leadership was ethical. In a study of 1,324 random selected workers...

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Ethical Integrity

Ethical Integrity SOS 120 March 29, 2010 Ethical Integrity Ethics is a system of moral values; it is the study of choices people make regarding right and wrong. Integrity is the adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty, demonstrating consistency between ethical principle and ethical practice. Integrity is a measure of character. In most organizations, there is some type form of core values in place or some type of code of ethics that the employees...

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Ethical Versus Unethical Behavior

Ethical versus Unethical Behavior Carlos Mercado University of Phoenix MGT 344 November 17, 2007 Ethical versus Unethical Behavior Companies establish ethics policies as a way to identify expectations of workers and to offer guidance on handling common ethical problems that might arise in the course of doing business. For an organization to determine whether a behavior is ethical or unethical, the terms must be defined. The term ethical behavior refers to how an organization...

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Ethical Standards and Codes

Ethical Standards and Codes Stephenie Carter, Sundee Johnson, Saroja Nimmagadda, Selma Pasagic University of Phoenix Ethical Standards and Codes Ethics to some is an intuition of what is right or wrong, and to others it is right or wrong defined by laws, rules, codes, or culture standards. Ethical standards and codes are essential in the professional world, especially in a clinical setting. Ethics guide reactions and interactions from which ethical decisions are made. The purpose of this...

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Managerial Ethics

Managerial Ethics Personal Learning Paper This paper is a summary of my understanding of how ethics has helped base my belief system on a personal level as well as in the workplace as a professional. The learning process is perpetual and the recent class on Managerial ethics has given me new insightson how I can still hold onto my own values while remaining respectful to those whovalue different ethical perspectives.Ethics can be defined as a philosophical study of moral values based on the...

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Managing Ethical Behavior

Problem: Recent ethical scandals have brought ethical behavior in organizations to the forefront of public consciousness. The general public, the government, and businesses alike began to question the importance of ethics. Today, after learning from the past and understanding the role that ethics plays in running a business, the question is no longer whether ethics is important, but how to maintain ethical behavior in an organization when often times the lines of ethics are blurry and poorly defined...

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So Why Is Ethics Important to the Practice of Law?

So why is ethics important to the practice of law? The sad truth is becoming more and more apparent; our profession has seen a steady decline by casting aside established traditions and canons of professional ethics that evolved over centuries ...When we speak of the decline in "ethical" standards, we should not use the term 'ethics' to mean only compliance with the Ten Commandments or other standards of common, basic morality.....A lawyer can [adhere to all these requirements] and still fail...

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Ethics in the Workplace:

Business Ethics? "The concept has come to mean various things to various people, but generally it's coming to know what is right or wrong in the workplace and doing what is right – this is in regard to effects of products/services and in relationships with stakeholders" (McNamara, 2006). In the past few years with the media highlighting business scandals and organization misconduct, a greater emphasis has been placed on organizations to conduct their business in an ethical manner and...

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Ethics Training Program

Ethics training program Introduction Ethic environment is the heart of corporate culture. That is why today more and more companies starts to provide and ethical training programs to employee rather than just f=giving them existing policies. Sometimes, job training even starts with ethics training and actual skill training becomes the second step. To cooperate with challenges provided by modern company profile: ex. cultural diversity, empowerment, wide span of control, departmentation etc.; human...

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