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What Happened When You Increased The Driving Pressure

tickets will reduce recluses driving and save many lives. If we increased the cost of a texting and driving ticket one might think twice before partaking in this very high-risk task. One million people chat and text while driving each day. People feel pressure to remain in constant contact, even when behind the wheel. What drivers do not realize are the dangers posed when they take their eyes off the road and their hands off the wheel, and focus on activities other than driving. Young adults live in...

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importance of driving safely

 Driving safely is important because when you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you step into a potential weapon that you are able to control. If you do not or refuse to drive safely you are at risk of either injuring or killing people that are walking on the side of the road or other drivers. Driving safely is one of the biggest responsibilities of drivers because when you drive safely you are able to better prepare for unexpected events that may and will happen while you are driving on the road...

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Texting and Driving

and ____ will be evaluating me this evening. I want to begin by asking you all to do something for me. Think of a moment that you have experienced that you consider life changing. For some, this might be the birth of your first child, graduating high school or college, deciding on your future career, meeting the love of your life, or getting your first big job opportunity. All the examples that I mentioned have something in common. They’re monumental moments that we planned for, that we put time...

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Peer Pressure

Peer Pressure, Cause and Effect Peer pressure has become a big issue in our modern world. Many people experience it every day and a lot of times it leads to bad decision making. Peer pressure can affect you in the long run and knowing how to say no to certain things can sometimes save your life. There are many causes to peer pressure but the more noticeable one would be just pure excitement. Say that your peers are jumping their bikes off ramps and they ask you to try. You...

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The Effectiveness of Prohibiting the Use of Cell Phones While Driving

Daniel Lizama ENG 102 March 2, 2013 The Effectiveness of Prohibiting the Use of Cell Phones While Driving The use of cell phones while driving causes the driver to be distracted. “According to Major Huxtable, cell phone use can distract a driver’s attention from traffic and road conditions” (Wisconsin Department of Transportation). As technology advances more and more people are starting to own cell phones often times at such a young age. “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration...

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Distracted Driving: Source, Effects & Consequences Report Anna Tran September 13, 2014 Distracted Driving: Source, Effects & Consequences Report In the past ten years, distracted driving has emerged as one of the most high-profile, discussed issues in road safety today. In fact, 80% of collisions and 65% of near crashes have some form of driver attention as contributing factors (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2010). In order to fully understand what distracted driving is and...

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What Defines You

What defines you? Adam Woodworth 23 April 23, 2013 Composition 1 Instructor: David Flannery As you might guess, being in the military can be one of the most boring jobs you will ever have. After all, you are being trained to kill people and break things, but how often do you really get to do that? You train in the sun, rain, and sleet and pose the possibility you’ll wind up pushing paperwork and dealing with politics down range. You’ll also waste more ammo shooting at paper targets than you...

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Driving Age

Research & Technology April 27, 2005 The Driving Age "Many teens are interested in being able to drive at a younger age, but it is still unclear if they are able to handle it. If the legal driving age is lowered, are we endangering the lives of teen drivers, as well as the passengers with them?" (Think Quest) I believe most people want to drive as soon as they can. However, recently the government has been trying to pass laws that may change the current driving age of 16. There are positive and negative...

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Safe Driving Essay

Part One- Article Report-Safe Driving Supplied Article Report 1. The Sydney Morning Herald and the author (Glenda Kwek) of the article have released this particular article in the hope that drivers and young drivers especially, will see the dangers of speeding and the caution that is required when driving or learning to drive. The message that is obviously portrayed in the article is that young drivers must exercise caution while driving and that speeding is deadly. The article expresses that...

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exting and Driving

Texting and Driving OutlineBarbara PoeComm. / 21810 -06-2014John BiroTexting and Driving OutlineIntroduction Hello my name is Barbara Poe, my goal today is to convince teens that texting and driving can be hazardous to their lives and everyone else on the roads they travel. I will be trying to persuade them not to text while driving by giving them scary statics. I will be asking teen drivers to take the pledge not to text and drive. Texting and driving is: A. Distractive driving – Taking your...

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