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  • Being Wasteful

    being wasteful‚ I think of someone that buys clothes and never wears them and just keeps buying new. Another way I think of being wasteful is by not eating your food that you are given or buy and having to throw it away. I also believe you can be wasteful with your finances.             The first way I feel that someone can be wasteful is by buying clothes and never wearing them. To have a closet or floor full of clothes and to only wear the same three outfits every week is wasteful. My friend Andrea

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  • What Men Live by

    Summary What Men Live By Leo Tolstoy What Men Live By is a story about a shoemaker named Simon. He did not have house or any land of his own. He earned his living by work to feed his wife and children. They had to share a sheepskin coat because he only had enough money to spend on food. Now he needed a new one because his only coat was worn out. He had money saved for his wife and he was supposed to get some from his customers. When he went to collect the money‚ no one had it for him and he

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  • Jake Gittes Character Analysis

    going‚ throughout the movie he uses physical force against men and woman. Gittes never once was an armed man which is pretty ironic. Even though he has robust characteristics and shows no vulnerability to physical threats he is prone to them. He wears a a band aid throughout most of the film. Unlike most protagonist when he would overlook an imperative piece of information and putting hints inaccurately. In the film Jake struggles to grasp the bigger picture‚ which is one of the main foundations

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  • Family and Matilda

    sense of alienation between Matilda and her family. Throughout the movie the use of tone and colour with what Matilda and her family wears indicates the separation between her and her family‚ an example of this is that Matilda wears articulate clothing like the bow in her hair and the violet dresses but her family wear suits and cocktail dresses like those that wear on the television which are superficial that they idealise so much. Matilda finds a sense of familial belonging with Ms Honey. When

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  • Dress Codes in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions

    worn to identify‚ distinguish or reflect different personalities‚ reasons‚ purposes‚ gender‚ age‚ occupation or profession‚ occasions or ceremonies. Thus‚ we are familiar with different dresses such as casual wear‚ house dress‚ night gown‚ morning dress‚ fancy wear‚ swimming suite‚ sports wear‚ party dress‚ laboratory/ workshop coats‚ seasonal dress‚ religious robes‚ etc. A civilized community would therefore normally frown at or condemn a dress worn for a wrong occasion or reason. It is common‚ for

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The T-Series

    However‚ the crankshaft can break across the front web while the valves can drop into the cylinders‚ when their heads break off. The cam followers also wear quickly; any engine rebuilt recently should have had improvements incorporated‚ such as improved valve springs. • TD and TF gearboxes are the weakest; the gears and layshaft create the most problems‚ so make sure the car doesn’t jump out of gear and

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  • Clothes Can Tell a Lot About a Person

    important aspect of your perception. (thesis statement) Have you ever realized how much your clothes have an influence on how you are seen by people for the first time? Every time you go out‚ you are sending a message by the clothes that you chose to wear. People can create an opinion about you based on first impression‚ for example when you get to know a new person and you are wearing simple clothing and neutral colors it could mean that you are a simple‚ quiet. Wearing lots of bold colors and crazy

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  • The Red Hunting Hat

    that is mentioned throughout the entire book and that takes part in the most eventful scenes. Holden Caulfield’s red hunting hat. It is a hat that he bought in New York for a buck and takes great pride in it. He only wears it in certain moments and for a certain reason. He also wears it differently than it is normally worn‚ and there is a reason for it. Holden isn’t a popular guy and is very critical towards other people. Traits of someone that is insecure with themselves and is trying to reach out

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  • Wearable Technology

    WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY – A MARKETING PERSPECTIVE Smart-wear is undoubtedly the buzz word of 2014 in the world of technological innovation. In an increasingly trendy world‚ fashion and technology have seamlessly fused into a winning combination producing wearable devices that are ‘smart’‚ which compute and add immense aesthetical value. Welcome to the world of Wearable Technology! Gone are the ages when computable technology was restricted to desktops and remained ensconced in the realm of Science Fiction

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  • Hijab Styles

    to you the differences of these hijabs. Pashmina Before this‚ women used pashmina to warm their body if they’re feel cold or put it around your neck. But now‚ pashmina is using to cover their head and create so many pashmina styles (even myself wear pashmina). Pashmina hijabs are famous because of the fabric that is selected in their making. They are made of one soft and light fabric.These hijabs are of rectangular shapes. They are available in many varieties and designs. Long Hijab Long hijab

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