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Uk Singles Chart Number One Singles

grade, we had a big house, my parents were doctors and I’m studying in a good school. I was rich back then. When I first met this half Chinese person named William Lim, I didn’t care at all. My dad hired him for the reason to work for our family. For one thing, he drives me and my siblings to school. I guess he was a driver. I always see him cleaning off the leaves from the roof, washing the cars, and watering the garden. I didn’t talk to him; I just know he is getting paid for what he does. After school...

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I Believe in The Power of Words

powerful. One should always be very careful before they use their words. Once they are out you cannot take them back. This is not something I understood when I was younger. When friends from the neighborhood would come to the door to play I was very rude and would just say no and shut the door in their face. Always coming back the next day to see if that day would be different, would the weather have changed my mind? I was always very blunt, honest and uncensored with no one telling me it...

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Julian Williams' Essay The New Breed

Analysts, Nicole, discuss about issues concerning parenting and raising their children. The author explains how he was confronted by a group of teenage girls on the subway and how terrifying this experience was for him. After going on about this one girl, who is the leader of the group, talking all about how to beat up people and hurt them, he was faced with a confrontation of his own self. The girl decides to become louder and angrier towards the drunken person, who became confrontational and...

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Novel Chapter

sweat; her whole body was shivering in fear. A single, icy teardrop dripped down her pale cheek and rolled off her long eyelashes as she blinked. Why did he have to go? Blake’s eyes darted back and forth across the empty streets, looking for a sign of hope, but all she saw were dirty, old men smoking in an alleyway by the trash cans. She carefully looked away, being sure not to make eye contact, or let them see her face. “Why must I always lose the ones I love the most?” she whispered to herself in...

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To Kill a Mockingbird

when Scout shamed Walter Cunningham at the dinner table. She goes against custom and “decency” when she knocks on the Radely's door to warn them about the mad dog. Miss Maudie is a widow who stays single. She answers the Footwashers' accusations with a Bible quotation--and we say, good for her! She is one of the few people in town who openly supports Atticus' "nigger-loving" ways of defending Tom Robinson. Scout tells us that Maudie never played cat and mouse with the kids and treated them with respect...

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Sending Parents to the Old Folks Home

We often said that our kids are growing up. But has anyone ever realize that our parents are growing old every single day? Can you remember the last time you actually hug your parents or bring them out for a proper dinner outside? Some of us may still do that. But definitely not all of us. Some people may even forget when was the last time they actually visited their parents.  Children that abandon their parents are called jerks, or maybe you can call them bastards. Any bad names that you give...

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The Truman Show Critique

provides with everything I need, all I need to do, is live my life, He’s in charge of the rest. Sometime I forget or I act like I don’t know who’s my creator, and then is when the worries and stress surround me. In addition, The Truman Show is one of the best movies I have seen in my life, and it’s definitely in my top five list; I really enjoyed watching it in class last week. The main reason I like so much this movie, is because of the meaning I find in it. I can always relate to this movie...

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Philosophy of Education

believe that as a teacher I must first believe in my students. When I enter the classroom, I will look into the faces of each of my students and see them reach their greatest potential while in my care. I will make it an obligation to not let one single student leave my room at the end of a year without having helped them realize their potential. I will dedicate each and every minute of instruction to the investment of the future of my students. While this sounds ideal, I realize it will not...

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me in 5 years

five years from today, as a hard worker, I have many goals set for myself for my near future. I know that by striving for what I want and believing I can do it that I will be where I truly want to be. I definitely will be going to college, a large one where I can meet new people to be with along the way. The business and financing majors seem to interest me the most from past experience, so I can definitely see myself making a career of it someday. In five years, I see myself recieving my Bachelor's...

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Case Study

children will not take her seriously. I think that after school, Ms. Lindberg should make a list of goals to help her better manage her class. I also think that she could sit with her students and let them help her create a classroom management chart. They would all have to agree to follow the rules they come up with and I also think that maybe since they are in the third grade, she could write out a contract with the student’s help and have them sign it. This would mean that there would be serious...

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