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The Simpsons

The Simpsons and lessons on environment The Simpsons is an animated television show, created by Matt Groening in 1987. The Simpsons shows a simple family in a small town in the middle of America, which is called Springfield. The Simpsons shows some environmental problems that might be caused by human activities. This show may make significant changes on some issues of culture and society through comedy. Ann Marie Todd the author, made claims about the environmental rhetoric of The Simpsons. When...

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The Simpsons

The Simpsons The Simpsons does more than make us laugh. Do you agree or disagree? Long running animated comedy The Simpsons is known for making its audience laugh at the outrageous antics of its larger than life characters. However, The Simpsons does more than just make us laugh. It challenges us to think about issues we deal with on a daily basis such as morality, institutional power, and politics, giving us an avenue in which we can release tension we have built up over such issues through...

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The Simpsons: the family and its humor

The Simpsons: The family, its Humor and the Cultural Impact The Simpsons has been a cultural phenomenon since its appearance as animated sketches on the Tracy Ullman show in 1987.According to Jason Mittell Simpsons is an alleged embodiment of postmodernism and representative of the post-Fordist area.(Mittell,2001).The series itself revolves around a family of average Americans, each character representing an exaggerated version of his own family members. In three articles three authors have...

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Family Guy vs the Simpsons

Dr.Ford Family Guy VS. The Simpsons In comparison, both shows are great. Both shows have a dad that most of the time doesn’t have a clue and wives that make excuses for their behaviors but still love them more than anything. Both shows also have 3 children involved and a pet. They both seem to be either middle or lower middle class families. The contrast for the two shows would definitely have to be the type of humor used on the shows. The Simpsons has more a an entire family appeal...

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simpsons and govt

The Simpsons and the American Government People all across the country have different views of the American government. Some think it works well and others seem to pick out all of its flaws. In The Simpsons episode “Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington,” some of these flaws which include greed, sexism, the idea of the intellectual and the overall corruption are highlighted but in a comical way. It allows all of these issues to be questioned in a less serious manner. Through satire and irony, “Mr. Lisa...

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The Many Personality Disorders of the Simpsons

The Narcissict and the Dependent This paper is giving me a chance to write about my favorite show of all time. I am a very big fan of The Simpsons and have always wondered if some of the characters had some kind of personality disorders until now. After reading the information in the book and in the lectures I have come to understand exactly what kind of personality disorders are being portrayed in the show. I am writing this based on the movie and not one of the shows. The first character...

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Value of Life through The Simpsons

and the relationships we acquire. Two landmark films in American cinema, Citizen Kane and It’s a Wonderful Life, touch upon the topic of the valuation of a man through different means and character development. Along with the television series The Simpsons, both of the aforementioned works expounds upon where value genuinely lies in American culture. In Orson Welle’s 1941 masterpiece Citizen Kane, viewers follow the life path of newspaper mogul Charles Foster Kane. The film begins with Kane on his...

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Compare and Contrast: the Simpsons vs Family Guy

“The Simpsons vs. Family Guy: The Showdown” The Simpsons, written by Matt Groening, is currently the longest running sitcom on television today, dating back to December 17, 1989 when it first aired. Family Guy, written by Seth MacFarlane, has been on since December 20, 1998 when it first aired. The Simpsons and Family Guy are both very comical cartoons that have many differences and similarities in the way they make fun of pop culture, government, and ethnic or religious backgrounds. These two...

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The Simpsons=American Culture ?

Animated Sitcoms 1.Paper -The Simpsons=American Culture ?- The Simpsons is an animated sitcom created in 1989 by Matt Groening for FOX. The Simpsons can be described as a series which is about a middle-class family of five and their daily life. I want to give a short information about this family. Homer Simpson is the father of the family, works at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and we can say that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Marge Simpson is the mother of the family and she...

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Homer Simpson Hero?

part of a series called “The Simpsons”. In the Simpsons, the main character, Homer Simpson, does many stupid things, most of which put his family or himself in danger. By the end of each episode, Homer finds a way to fix any situation. In the episode “Mr. Plow”, Homer puts one of his friends in danger, but becomes a hero by displaying courage, selflessness, integrity, and mental strength to save his friend from death. The episode “Mr. Plow”, was a typical Simpsons episode. In the beginning,...

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