Family Guy vs the Simpsons

Topics: The Simpsons, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance, Family Guy Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: November 18, 2012
Khadijah Smith
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Family Guy VS. The Simpsons

In comparison, both shows are great. Both shows have a dad that most of the time doesn’t have a clue and wives that make excuses for their behaviors but still love them more than anything. Both shows also have 3 children involved and a pet. They both seem to be either middle or lower middle class families. The contrast for the two shows would definitely have to be the type of humor used on the shows. The Simpsons has more a an entire family appeal to it while Family Guy has a lot more adult humor that parents today don't want their kids to watch or be subjected to. I personally would not care if my kids were to watch either one of the shows because they would know that they are just TV shows and that behavior on TV is not to be repeated in real life. Meaning, I would teach my kids what’s acceptable for them to do and say and what's not. If I had to choose which show is funnier, I'd have to say Family Guy, but that is just my opinion. I just haven't seen The Simpsons in a while and Family Guy makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch each episode.

The Simpsons is the archetype for cartoon serial satire. It started it all. Which is evident in the Southpark episode the 'Simpsons did it' Plus Simpsons just had its 20th season which is nuts. I find lately the Simpsons has transitioned more towards a Family Guy model, having more random pop ins then full on episodes like their earlier seasons. ( Alec Niolan, Little Known Facts About “the Simpsons”) With 20 years of material they have covered almost everything already so staying fresh is hard. Family Guy has a liberal/progressive agenda and the creator can't keep his work separate from his politics. Family Guy is much more random, and hits a lot more obscure references to pop culture. The humor is more adult in Family Guy as well. The Simpson's daughter is intelligent, witty and misunderstood for her so-called liberal views, in...
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