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  • The Dentist Essay

    At the dentist’s I was on time for my dentist’s appointment‚ but the dentist was still busy with another patient‚ so I (1) sat (sit) in the waiting room and (2) read (read) some of the old magazines lying there. While I (3) was wondering (wonder) whether to leave and come back another day‚ I (4) noticed (notice) a magazine article about teeth. It (5) began (begin): ‘How long is it since you last (6) went (go) to the dentist? (7) Do you go (you go) regularly every six months? Or (8) have you been

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  • My Trip To The Dentist

    My Trip to the Dentist The dentist and my mother laughed at me hysterically as I sat in the dentist’s chair grasping my mother’s hand tightly‚ filled with anxiety and panic‚ not knowing what was going to happen next. It was a regular day like any other‚ the birds chirping and the sound of tooting created a very busy and noisy atmosphere. I dreaded this day as I knew I had to go to the dentist for an annual checkup. I was very nervous and did not know what to expect. The fear started flowing through

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  • Murder Story

    Disorientated gulls blare out their siren from rooftops. “I’m leaving now honey‚” “ok then see you later.” . Danielle Philips was off to the dentist. As always‚ there was heavy traffic on the M1. At 8:30 on a dark Saturday morning she was going to the dentist instead of snuggling under the warm covers of her king-size bed. “ I am here for my dentist appointment with Dr. Wallace?” said . Danielle. “What time is your appointment madam?” the secretary replied flatly. She had blonde hair in a

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  • my ambition

    Once when I was young and had a loose tooth‚ I asked my sister‚ a dentist‚ to look at it.  “It needs to be pulled‚” she told me. I frowned‚ dreading the experience. My sister sent me for some tissues and I envisioned them soaking up liters of blood from my mouth. I closed my eyes and braced myself. I was still waiting for him to pull when I heard my sister say‚ “I’m done.” I opened my eyes and saw my tooth in her tissue-covered hand. I hadn’t felt anything‚ and there was just a bit of blood on

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  • Hannah Is She Cool

    a car? MOM: Does your apartment have an air conditioner in it? MOM: Do you have a washer and dryer in your apartment? In your building? Do you have to go to a laundry mat? MOM: Are you taking any meds now? MOM: Did you go to the dentist and get your cavities fixed? Did you get new retainers? MOM: In the Baptismal picture of Brodie Phillips‚ there is another young man. Is this Brodie’s brother? MOM: Is this other man a member of the church? MOM: Is President Toone from

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  • Dentists

    Research - Dentists If you’re a well organized person who loves helping people‚ why not turn that into a career? People will always need their teeth cleaned. Dentists just make the world a happier place one smile at a time. Being a dentist takes a lot‚ since several years of school and pressure come with it‚ but for some people love that kind of thing. Seeing new patient’s everyday with a very well-paying salary‚ dentists are very happy people. Believe it or not‚ there is more to being a dentist than

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  • The Things They Carried Literary Analysis

    soldier role‚” (82). One day‚ a dentist was coming to see the men. According to O’Brien‚ Lemon‚ “didn’t mind the blood or pain—he actually enjoyed the combat — but there was something about a dentist that just gave him the creeps” (83). So when it was his turn‚ “It was over fast. He fainted even before the man touched him.” (83). When Lemon woke up‚ O’Brien says “The embarrassment must’ve turned a screw in his head. Late that night he crept down to the dental tent… The dentist couldn’t find any problem

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  • DA 22 HW02

    Liqin Jiang 05/31/15 DA 22.1 HW#2 Chapter 46 Recall Questions 1-23 Chapter 47 Critical Thinking 1-5 1-23 1 Is an impression a negative or a positive reproduction? An impression is a negative reproduction. 2 Of the three classifications of impressions‚ which can the EFDA legally take? The three classifications consist of preliminary impression‚ final impression and bite registrations. EFDA can legally take preliminary and bite registrations. 3 Which of the three classifications of impressions is

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  • Dentist

    A visit to the dentist It was a cloudy and cold morning when I woke up to take Roald to the dentist. I woke him about half hour after I woke up. I cooked his favourite bacon and eggs for breakfast. We had a 10:30 appointment with the dentist and it was nearly all ready ten o’clock and I thought we’d better get going. The next minute Roald was ready to go so off we went. It took us a good half hour to get all the way up the hill and to the dentists and by the time we got there

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  • Miss

    the name of product‚ is used to grab the audience attention. By purchasing this product you will eat less and lose weight quicker. 3. Two techniques used in this ad are visual and statics. The statics show that the Dentist had “over 15 years’ experience in implant surgery‚’’ The Dentist knows what they doing so you know you are in good hands. The photographs show before and after photos of a patient who has lost most of its teeth and in three short days they have complete set of teeth’s. They make

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