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Paper #2 The word Samurai means a fearless warrior sworn to protect without question. During their long history in Japan, Samurai lived lives in tradition, with a structured code of honor, discipline, and morality. By following their religious beliefs of Buddhism and Structural discipline Samurais are known to be one of the best warriors/solders in histories time. To be able to fight as brothers and protectors was their sworn life. The clothing of the Samurai had a very unique look along...

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Samurai William

In Giles Milton’s novel, Samurai William, the reader is taken to the other side of the globe to experience the history of old world Japan. Though out the book, Milton provides reason for complex historical events and actions, while still communicating the subtleties and mysterious customs of the Japanese. The novel also closely examines the wide range of relationships between different groups of Europeans and Asians, predominantly revolving around the protagonist, William Adams. The book documents...

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Samurai Ethic in Modern Japan

Yamamoto, Tsunetomo Bushido: The Way of the Samurai Garden City Park, NY 2002 After reading this book it is my belief that it is important for Westerners to understand the seemingly strange concepts of Bushido, not only as a guide to events of the past, but as a primer for understanding the Japanese business mentality of today. The first thought that comes to mind when Japanese work ethic is hard working, no breaks, complete commitment to ones job. There may be a reason why Japan was able to...

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Film Analysis of Twilight Samurai

Introdution Twilight Samurai is a movie that revolves around the live of a samurai, years before the Meiji Restoration. The main issues that the movie looked at include stereotype of samurais, genders and social class differences. Unlike many typical samurai-themed movies which involve fighting, woman and pride, the director of Twilight Samurai focused on the everyday life and difficulties faced by the main protagonist, Iguchi Seibei. His story was told by her daughter, Ito who narrated the whole...

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Samurai History Speech

History Speech (1st slide) What were the Samurai? (2nd slide) These are my sources. The excerpt from Yamaga Sokō is a primary source written as an original document in his work ‘Way of the Samurai’. Yamaga Sokō wrote this work in the mid-seventeenth century as a Japanese Philosopher during Medieval Japan times. He was an expert in military techniques and was highly respected. This source is very reliable as it is from the time and although it is an opinion, it is not biased or unwitting as well...

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Differences Between Samurai And Knights

they were known as Samurais. Does this make Knights and Samurais the same? After reading the DBQ is clear that Samurai and Knights have more differences than similarities. For example, some major differences were their military codes and their armour. Some may say that the Samurai and Knights were more similar than different because they were both warriors. That may be true true but all in all the differences outweigh the similarities with ease. First, European Knights and Samurai followed different...

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Samurai Ideals in Chûshingura

of the samurai warrior. The warrior class would rule society and politics in Japan until the Tokugawa Shogunate in the nineteenth century. A samurai was a member of the Japanese elite and his lifestyle was dictated by a series of strict moral codes and ideals. True loyalty to his lord was expected, if not always followed through in its ideal form. In 1703 a vendetta carried out by forty-six former vassals avenging their lord's death would come to be viewed as the embodiment of samurai ideals...

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Differences Between Knights And Samurai

Thousands of miles away in Japan, some samurai stood in intricately designed armour with crossbows and swords ran or rode on horses and fought so they would have defended their master’s land. The bright and bold colours of the horse’s skin and the Samurai’s armour danced like fire as they clashed with other Samurai. Europe’s knights and Japan’s samurai were different because they had different views on religion, training and combat, and societal structure. Samurai and Knights had many differences, one...

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Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords Over 1300 years ago, on one of the tiny islands of Japan, the first samurai sword appeared. Japanese myth suggests that after losing a long and hard fought battle, an emperor returned home with his warriors horrified to find most of their swords broken or badly damaged.  After thorough inspection of the blades, the men realized that their failure in battle resulted from faulty sword forging and promised to craft the perfect weapon. The men prayed for inspiration, and on the seventh...

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Samurai Women

context. The samurai were people who go for wars, or soldiers that are not afraid, who became powerful in Japan around the 1200s. The samurai, which means “those who serve,” were hired by lords to fight their wars and protect their land. The samurai were expert fighters; they were skilled with the sword and bow and arrow, and they were superior horsemen. They were athletic and strong, and they developed their fighting skills into what is the basis of modern martial arts. The samurai had a code of...

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