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Famous samurai

In 1408 shôgun Yoshimitsu died and was won by Yoshimochi (1385-1428). Some years after he came to power, Yoshimochi decided to replace the head of the Yamana with one of his favourites, a Akamatsu Mochisada, said to be the shôgun’s lover. Learning of the plan, Mitsusuke departed Kyôto in 1427 and himself in Mimasaka. Yoshimochi said the act bad and called for his lieutenants to prepare for battle.Yoshimochi’s managed to talk the shôgun out of the business, making an embarrassing situation Mochisada took responsibility for and did suicide. Things was peaceful after a time, and to help sort problem over, Mitsusuke became a monk. He spent only a year being a monk, but in 1428 Yoshimochi died and Mitsusuke returned t.Yoshimochi was succeded by his brother, Yoshinori (1394-1441).In a twist in 1440, the events of 1427 were repeated. Mistusuke again learned that the shôgun planned to have him .Yoshinori had a favorite named Akamatsu Sadamura (again, a suspected lover) that he planned to have succeed Mitsusuke (perhaps after the later was forced into retirement).Mitsusuke responded to this second threat from the Bakufu to him in a quick way by the Bakufu’s lack of sorting in 1428. In 1441 the shôgun went on a campaign against the wayward Yûki family of northern Hitachi. When Yoshinori returned, Mitsusuke invited him to his home in Kyôto for a celebration that would include a victory feast. Yoshinori agreed, and during a presentation of dancing in the garden a number of horses suddenly burst from their stables and caused great with the party. Mitsusuke had arranged this noisy atteraction, and in the course of the pandemonium he had Yoshinori struck down. Without much further ado, the Akamatsu took their horses and leaved for their home .The killing of Yoshinori caused shock and uncertainty in Kyôto. After three days a warriors drawn from the other important shugo families - Yamana, Hosokawa, and Hatakeyama - set out, only to worry at the borders of...
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