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Reasons For Furthering Your Education

Furthering your education is a Plus General purpose: To persuade Specific purpose: To persuade students and teenagers to further their education after high school. Central idea: By furthering education after high school people are less likely to get Pregnant as teens or before marriage, gets put on welfare, and are more likely to make better pay. INTRODUCTION 1. Attention material A. Two brothers Ellis and Kidd both graduated from high school. B. After high school Ellis went on to college...

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Furthering My Education Furthermore

Throughout my educational experience, writing has never been one of my strong points. I have also found difficulty in to discussing my shortcomings with strangers. For the sake of furthering my education, I will attempt to push these difficulties to the side and live up to my potential as a successful college student and a young mother of two. Allow me to take you through my journey. In the summer of 2004, I was accepted into a “Groups Program” at Indiana University. I was thrilled...

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Why Your Education Is Important

WHY YOUR EDUCATION IS MOST IMPORTANT. How do you want to spend your life? Do you want to spend it having the things you want and doing the things you enjoy? * As humans, our number one priority should be to try all the best that we can to live successfully on planet earth. We are expected to pursue that ability which is to survive more than mere animals.as intelligent creatures with copious amount of curiosity, our quest should be to conquer every part of our universe and explore its grandness...

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10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education

10 reasons to use technology in education Teachers are finding that using different classroom technologies like tablet computers, digital video, iPods, and video games are great tools for helping students learn. While there are some nay-sayers who bring up some negative effects of technology on education in the classrooms, mainly budgetary reasons, using new technologies is the future of the education system. The following reasons should silence the nay-sayer and help them heed the wisdom from...

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The Importance of Education

of Education Charles Waller COM/150 Education is essential to living a healthy lifestyle, being successful and maintaining stability in today’s society. Most of young America does not understand the importance of education due to the fact that they have not lived life as an adult with responsibilities. As a child you don’t fully grasp the concept of how being educated helps to live a comfortable lifestyle. As a child transitions into adulthood, it becomes transparent how a higher education equals...

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Formal Education Vs. Informal Education Are you or your child receiving an education that fits your element? If not then when would now be a good time to look into that? Adults and children today or mostly unaware of how education is being presented do to the fact that they are only aware of one type of education. Of course most of us all are all born and raised on the "ladder system" which is another way of saying formal education, but many people don't realize that there...

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Social Class Education Comparison

Social Class Education Comparison Have you ever heard of people saying no matter where you come from as long as you put in the effort to succeed in your education? Well that saying isn’t completely accurate because not everyone in the world is born in the position or ready for higher learning. Certain people are born in a position where they are properly prepared and financially set to pursue their education. Your education is the key to your wealthy lifestyle. Kids all have their own type of opinion...

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10/26/2012 Education “Knowledge is power” as Focault stated. This quote is commonly used to define not only the importance of knowledge and its effect, but ones decision to attain knowledge demonstrates power of developing knowledge. Education is one of the main factors in attaining knowledge. Education serves and effects society in numerous of ways. The influence of educational institutions, the structure it has on children and adolescents, the control education has on society, how education transform...

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The Importance and Economics of Education

If you look in to our economy you see that education plays a major factor. Education is one the key factors of being successful. Not only does the individual gain an advantage from having an education, but its economy also benefits. For the individual, their benefits would lay in basically the quality of life having economy returns the favor of having an education with a sustained and satisfying job, hypothetically speaking. For the economy, the potential benefits lie in economic growth and the increase...

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The Education System of the 21st Century

The Education System of the 21st Century “Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” ~Malcolm X While watching television recently, I came across a commercial for an older episode of the Oprah Winfrey show. This particular show was to address a documentary entitled, “Waiting for Superman.” I sat and watched the 45 second commercial and became so engrossed I wished I could have called my mother. Coming from a family of Native and African...

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