"Prepare A Timeline That Illustrates The History Of Children S Literature In Western Culture Using At Least Five Key Milestones" Essays and Research Papers

Prepare A Timeline That Illustrates The History Of Children S Literature In Western Culture Using At Least Five Key Milestones

Five Milestones in Children’s Literature Five Milestones in Children’s Literature Imagine a world with no books. Imagine gathered around a camp fire listening to stories of hero’s, witches, dragon slayers, ghost, and even biblical blood baths. Well, this is how children were first told stories not from pages in a book but from images and memories of ones mind. Stories were told to children and adults alike. The art of storytelling slowly progress over the years from story telling orally to finally...

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History of Children’s Literature in Western Culture

Children’s Literature Children carry potential to learn from a variety of methods. Children’s literature often includes age-appropriate and suitable content that help learning development and understanding. This paper includes information describing a timeline that illustrates the history of children’s literature in Western culture. More specifically, this paper includes descriptions of major trends and developments, including social functions, of children’s literature in various times and cultures...

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Important Milestones in the History of Children's Literature

Important Milestones in the History of Children’s Literature Key milestones in the history of children’s literature: • The Classical World • The Renaissance • The Seventeenth Century • The Victorians: The Golden Age • Children’s Literature from around the world Children’s literature has its roots in the age-old tradition of story-telling. “For thousands of years children have enjoyed the pleasures of language and story – and these pleasures are the essence of children’s literature” (Russell...

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Western Culture

Indian Culture, which is one of the oldest & richest cultures, is now days posing a serious threat as western culture is establishing its strong base in India and slowly and gradually wiping the Indian culture. It had already made its presence in Metro’s & now slowly heading towards other parts of India. Westernization has greatly effected our traditions, customs, our family and our respect and love for others. The concept of joint families is fastly decreasing every one wants to remain aloof from...

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street children

contexts and by illuminating the complex, globally articulated risks and possibilities that affect children today, which may include topics such as cultural values, ethics, conflicts, social policy, programme design, supervision, education, training etc. IJCRR intends to publish papers on theoretical and empirical issues to promote increased awareness and understanding of research on child rights and culture, economics, language, health and social networks. It welcomes inter-interdisciplinary contributions...

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How Culture influences Literature

Culture is a term that can be described in several unique ways. Authors, such as Boccaccio, described culture through his writings and way of literature. Literature is a part of culture that has developed over centuries of authors and writings. Many aspects can affect literature and change the development of it. Some of these influencing factors are the development of technology, religion, and philosophy. All three of these are major advances in literature and influenced lives then, and continue...

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Adventure Stories in Children´S Literature

Adventure is an important part of children's psyche. Children often dream of strange fortunes, great feats, exciting events, long trips, and everything they can be drawn to from the monotony of everyday life. Heroes of adventure stories are mostly sailors, pirates, cowboys and Indians, convicts, researchers, adventurers and solitaires of all types. The concept of adventure story is quite simple: brave, strong and resourceful hero must make a difficult task, and overcome a lot of danger, but in the...

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Children s literature

Children’s literature can be defined as good quality trade books for children from birth to adolescence, covering topics of relevance and interests to children of those ages, through prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Children can connect with the characters, events, places, and problems in literature on a personal level. Such affective responses to literature provide opportunities for students to become personally involved in reading and learning. For children to be successful they should...

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Best Western History

Best Western international is the largest hotel company operating under a single company brand name with 4,200 independently owned and operated hotels. Western employed over 1,076 people and offers more than 316,095 quality guest rooms located in 80 countries and territories throughout the world. The Western founded in 1946 by M.K. Guertin, a California-based hotelier with 23 years of experience in the lodging industry. By 1963, Best Western was the largest chain in the industry with 699 member hotels...

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Assessing Children S Literature

ASSESSING CHILDREN’S LITERATURE By Linda A. Santora, ADL Staff Article originally appeared in Our Children, December 2005/January 2006. Literature is a powerful vehicle for helping children understand their homes, communities and the world. Even before young children can read, family members, childcare providers and teachers read them stories about people in faraway places, sometimes from the distant past and sometimes about people whose lives are similar to their own. The impressions and messages...

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Power of Literature

How the Power of Literature Has Affected My Life - Value of Literature Alex Sidorov English 101 Alex Sidorov Thompson English 101 May 27, 2009 How the Power of Literature Has Affected My Life - Value of Literature If you asked me how much I valued literature a few months ago, I would have probably laughed it off and proclaimed it has no value because it does not affect me. What kind of value could literature possibly have? It is just books. Random characters dealing with their random...

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Western Culture

What is Western Culture? Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason. This foundation of reason has made possible a vast accumulation of understanding related to reality or nature, including human nature. This understanding is represented in several core ideals and values, which include individualism, happiness, rights, capitalism, science and technology. Western culture can also be referred to as advanced culture; this is because its ideas and values promote the development...

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western culture

ASSIGNMENT 1 INFORMATIVE WRITING WESTERN INFLUENCE ON INDIAN CULTURE What is culture? It’s not about your belief or your faith instead it’s all about your customs, ideals, social behavior which a particular individual or a group follows. In short culture means ‘a way of life’. In spite of combination of some good and bad features still one should be proud, respect its impressive tradition. Indian culture, which is one of the oldest and richest cultures known in other, parts of the world...

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Childhood: Children's Literature

Directed Independent Adult Learning STUDY GUIDE INTRODUCTION TO CHILDREN'S LITERATURE LIT-221-GS Compiled by Sylvia Baer Material adapted and reproduced from Instructor's Resource Manual to Accompany "Through the Eyes of a Child: An Introduction to Children's Literature," 4th through 7th eds., by Donna E. Norton and Saundra E. Norton (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merrill/Prentice Hall, 1995, 1999, 2003, 2007). Used with permission. ii © 2007 by Thomas Edison State College iii Contents ...

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Perks of Being a Wallflower, Should It Be Included on a Children's Literature Module?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower and its inclusion in a history of childhood in literature. First and foremost, The Perks of Being a Wallflower (1999) is a ‘coming of age’ novel focusing on a young high-school freshman, Charlie, and his friends. Published in 1999, Stephen Chbosky received critical acclaim for writing a novel dealing with the sensitive issues some teenagers face during their time at high school. Exploring homosexuality, sex, drugs, violence and love, our protagonist Charlie goes...

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Culture of India and Western Culture

| | Mounting western culture degrading India on the whole. Have you ever seen the pictures of Jatindranath Mukerjee or Chandrasekhar Azad or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose? Apart from being leading revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle, these three great personalities had something more in common. Almost in each picture you will find each of them clad in perfect Indian attire or dhoti-kurta. Do you find the same dress among Indians still? Unfortunately, it is becoming almost extinct more...

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postcolonial literature

analysis, these terms too must be considered. The texts studied; H. Rider Haggard’s King Solomon’s Mines and Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart illustrate the juxtaposing of this terminology. Although they are written from opposing attitudes1, the arguments converge; both show the prevailing of an alien (in these cases western) culture, over the indigenous culture, which is consequently destroyed. “It seemed as if the very soul of the tribe wept for a great evil that was coming- its own death2” (Pg 136)...

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Portfolio Tasks Architecture History

Portfolio Task 1 – Cam McDermid History Reflect on your understanding of the concept of 'history'. Has this changed in the first three weeks of the course? If so, how? If not, how did you come to your present understanding of how history works? Discuss at least two of the following: 'cultural change'; the 'Great Men' theory of history; historicism; and historical materialism History is all around us, everywhere; every moment in time can be documented as a piece of history. This does not amount to...

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creating PPT Slides. Each group member is responsible for its individual task and has to present a part of the group presentation. The work was divided equally, the working atmosphere was relaxed, and due to good schedule everyone had enough time to prepare the individual tasks and the presentation. Case Summary The case discusses in detail the strategy adopted by MTVN (Music Television Networks) to enter and expand in the Middle East and also the challenges faced by the channel. MTV had developed...

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Culture The culture of the Philippines has been heavily influenced by both Asian and Western cultures. Literature The literature of the Philippines illustrates the Prehistory and European colonial legacy of the Philippines, written in both Indigenous and Hispanic writing system. Most of the traditional literatures of the Philippines were written during the Mexican and Spanish period. Philippine literature is written in Spanish, English, Tagalog, and/or other native Philippine languages. Dances...

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History Is the Piano

University Online In the 1700’s the piano was invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori in Florence, Italy first introduced to the world as the "pianoforte" meaning “Soft loud”. “In the last quarter of the 18th century the piano had become the leading instrument of the western art of music that still lives on till today as an exotic instrument played by talented people in the world.” (Wendy Powers, 2003) Music has lived on from the beginning of time by all cultures and races for decades. Music is known...

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Literature and Poetry

Literature (from Latin litterae (plural); letter) is the art of written work. The word literature literally means: "things made from letters". Literature is commonly classified as having two major forms—fiction and non-fiction—and two major techniques—poetry and prose. Literature may consist of texts based on factual information (journalistic or non-fiction), a category that may also include polemical works, biographies, and reflective essays, or it may consist of texts based on imagination (such...

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Does Art Influence Culture, or Does Culture Influence Art

 Does art shape the mood and dependency of culture, or does culture shape the perspective of art? Art does not only mean the literal paintings, and physical art. Music, poetry, sculpting, and theatre, are also in the category of art, and people like William Shakespeare and Matsuo Basho have definitely left their mark on the past and present’s cultures with their expressions of art. Art and culture are not black and white concepts; there is no way to say that one affects the other absolutely. But...

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impact of western culture on india

and because of the western outlook most of them tend to follow it. Some festivals are associated with renowned historical or cultural places like the Khajrao festival, Taj Mahoutsav, etc. we must give equal importance to the Indian culture as we are Indians and shouldn’t let any culture to come in our way. Jai Hind! Yes I think the Indian culture is influenced by the western culture. Today’s generation thinks that knowing their own culture is something to be ashamed of. Children want to be modern...

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History Course on World Civilizations

could be considered easier than that of very early, settled Neolithic farmers. Would you agree? Summarize the aspects of the lives of Paleolithic Hunter-Gathers and Neolithic settled farmers. Evaluate at least two of these aspects about the Hunter-Gatherer life that seem more positive as well as at least one aspect that seems less desirable than that of Neolithic settled farmers Understanding Hammurabi’s Code of Laws. Hammurabi's Code of Laws is often described as an important new "technology" of rule...

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Western Culture

Western Culture Cultural diversity is all around us. Each culture identifies with unique characters. And while much of behavior may be thought to be innate, there are also external factors that can impact an individual's behavior. What is thought to be culturally accepted behavior or norms in one area of the country may be offensive and unacceptable in others. There are many examples of this practice. For instance, the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, while in Austria; an individual...

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History of Psychology Timeline

History of Psychology Timeline Ancient Greece 500 to 200 BC Ancient Greece philosophy began with the concepts created by such great figures as Thales, Anaximander, Anaximenes, Pythagoras whose philosophies helped shape great fathers of philosophy such as the Sophist, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Ancient Rome 129 to 216 AD Claudius Galen was a prominent Roman physician and philosopher of Greek origins and the most famous doctor in the Roman Empire shared the beliefs of Hipocrates about the...

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Incorporating Literature in Esl Teaching and Learning Dr.A.Joycilin Shermila

INCORPORATING LITERATURE IN ESL TEACHING AND LEARNING Dr.A.Joycilin Shermila Associate Professor in English Annammal College of Education for Women Tuticorin – 628 003 TamilNadu, India ajshermila@gmail.com Literature that was initially read and enjoyed by enthusiasts and elites has gradually paved its way to become a more dynamic resource in teaching English as a second language. Literature in language classroom can enhance the critical thinking abilities...

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The Stolen Children

 The Stolen Children In Australia at the beginning of the 20th century there was a strong segregation of the native people of the land - the Aborigines - and the white people. They were though of as a constant nuisance, as many had an unwilling obduracy to adapt to the mainstream Australian society. They were looked upon as little more than slaves. When the Commonwealth Constitution was declared in 1901 it stated that “In reckoning the numbers of people…Aboriginal natives are not to be counted...

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Western Agencies Ltd

Western Agencies Ltd. by Steven L. McShane University of Western Australia Perth, Australia Copyright © 1991 Steven L. McShane. This case is based on actual events described in a Canadian court case. Only the dates and names of the main parties have been changed. This case may be used by current adopters of: S. L. McShane Canadian Organizational Behaviour, 5th ed. (Toronto: McGraw- Hill Ryerson, 2004); S. L. McShane & M. A. von Glinow, Organizational Behavior, 3rd ed. (Boston: McGraw-Hill...

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Culture in New Zealand

White Cloud). History: New Zealand is an island and was discovered by Polynesian and started migrating before AD 900. British captain James Cook visited this Island in 1769. Maori and British signed a treaty of Waitangi, which granted the Maori legal protection and rights to perpetual ownership of their lands and resources. Only the Crown was entitled to buy land from Maori. Britain granted New Zealand internal self-government and by 1907 the nation became independent (“Culture Grams,” 2010). ...

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Health Care Timeline

Associate Level Material Appendix A: U.S Health Care Timeline Use the following timeline or create a timeline of your own with eight major events, including the four provided below, from the last 50 years. You may change the dates in the box to match the dates of your events. Include the following in your timeline: • Medicare and Medicaid • HIPAA of 1996 • State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) • Prospective Payment System (PPS) |1906 ...

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Making history

The Memory of the Civil War in American Culture is a collection of essays that all revolve the central theme of the “geography of Civil War memory.” As editors Alice Fahs and Joan Waugh explain in their introduction, that geography incorporated both “physical and symbolic spaces” (2). The memory of the Civil War has been contested in numerous arenas and over the course of time; the strengths of this volume are the wide array of subjects it covers and how it shows change over time. In broad terms...

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Literature Plan Ece 335

Literature Plan Tene` S. Williams EE 335 Professor Crystal Daniels 13 December Literature Plan As a child, I would image what my life would be like when I became a teacher. In this paper I will explore different developmentally appropriate approaching to teaching and learning. Having to gain knowledge from the early childhood text helped me to create what I consider to be the perfect literature plan. Preschool education is very important because this is their first experience towards twelve...

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Western History

Learning journal #1 Chapters 1-5 As I was introduced to the history of art, I soon learned that there are three main ways in which art in the west was visible. Pictures are one of the three ways in which art was made back in the day. Personally I found very interesting the self-portraits that artists made. For instance, I was amazed by the creation of Leonardo da Vinci, Mona Lisa, the art work that has a high intrinsic value. This picture created by the Italian artist gives me an impression of smartness...

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Circuit of Culture

more central to the production and consumption of commodities. Evaluate this argument using a ‘circuit of culture’ approach and an object of your choice. It is a key strategy in toady’s competitive business markets to put design at the center of your production and consumption. Companies have become more innovative in their marketing and revenue strategies and are using the advantages that come from the culture industry. Those include Standardization and ideological distractions, which within day-to-day...

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Parents-Children Relationship in Swimming Lesson and Bend it Like Beckham

compare how the parents teach children about respect elderly in article and film. Paragraph three: compare the different values the parents and children have in both resources. Paragraph four: compare how the parents wish the best for their children in both resources. Paragraph five: summarize that the relationship between parents and children. Parents-Children Relationship in Swimming Lesson and Bend it Like Beckham Parents-children relationship always would be...

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The History of Chinese Literature

Chinese Literature The History of Chinese Literature 1. Shang Dynasty (about 1700-1050 BC) Development of Chinese Writing * Historical record and archaeological evidence are present in this era. * Hieroglyphic writing system later evolved into ideographic and partly-phonetic Chinese characters. 2. Zhou Dynasty (1045-255 BC) Basic Philosophical and Religious Literature * The great literary works of philosophy and religion that became the basis for Chinese religious and...

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Foreign Influences on Turkish Culture

Throughout the history, there have always been foreign influences on every culture. When it comes to the Turkish culture, having a wide geographic area, being located between Europe and Asia, playing a role as a host to hundreds of cultures are determiner factors for Turkish culture to be influenced by foreign cultures. In today’s world interaction between cultures happens more easily and quickly because of the mass media, guest workers living in foreign countries, TV series, literature, and music culture...

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What does it mean to 'think sociologically'? Illustrate your answer with examples from sociological research and from your own experience.

A key part of engaging in sociology is to adopt a sociological viewpoint or 'think sociologically'. Etymologically, sociology is the 'study of society' but this doesn't differentiate sociology from other forms of social study. Hence, many begin to describe thinking sociologically by what it is not - it is not thinking politically, thinking anthropologically, thinking historically or thinking psychologically, for example (Berger 1966: 11-36; Reiss 1968: 2-3). Others try to determine the nature of...

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Western Culture

Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth By Moderator .. Published 04/3/2006 GD TOPICS WITH ANSWERS Rating: ” Effect Of Western Culture On Indian Youth " Replies: Posted By: pavani How there is head and tail for a coin, there is both positive and negative impact of western culture on India and especially on Indian youth, In past in India men were our traditional dresses, but now it is entirely changed, now the Indian youth moving with jeans, t-shirts, minis, micros...

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Describing American Pop Culture

American Popular Culture American Popular Culture Sandi Morse Soc/105 December 13, 2010 Clylinda Nixon American Pop Culture Describing American pop culture can entail many facets. According to Wilson, J.R., and Wilson, S. R., (2001), the term “popular culture” replaced the term, “folk culture” in the 19th century...

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The History of a Language: American Sign Language

The History of a Language: American Sign Language American Sign Language (ASL) is an intricate language using complicated hand gestures mixed with very animated facial expressions and body posturing. It is the primary form of communication among the deaf and hard of hearing in North America. In these modern times it is not uncommon to see two deaf people communicating in sign language or colleges teaching ASL as a form of foreign language. But ASL or deaf people in general weren’t always so openly...

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Why We Study Literature

Why we study literature, and its influence on the 21st century. Man has for many centuries, used literature as a medium to express his thoughts, to educate and inform the masses, and literature has been used as a textual tool for pleasure. With the coming and strong influences of the ‘Technological New Age’, the fundamentals of literature (reading to educate oneself) have been side tracked to make way for mass media and giant companies that produce technological gadgets such as cellular phones...

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Children's Literature in a Pluralistic society

Children’s Literature Timeline/Paper Alana Vess ENG/290 April 24, 2015 Karen Vitteto The Critical Turning Point for Children’s Literature. For centuries now children all over the world have gotten to experience the joy of language and stories from literature whether it is from poetry, short stories, chapter books, and even magazines. There are several genres that make up Children’s Literature from mystery...

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A Comparative Study on Festival Culture Between China and Western Countries

A Comparative Study on Festival Culture between China and Western Countries By 项冉 SID: 20093039055 CLASS: 093英语2班 Business Institute Anhui University of Finance & Economics October 2012 CONTENTS 1. Introduction ……………………………………………………………….........3 2. Reasons of the increasing popularity of the western festivals in China ………………………………………………………………………….......3 2.1 Reasons of politics and economy……………………………………….... ……………………………………………………………………………….........3 2.2 Reasons...

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The Jewish Religion and Its Impact on Western Culture

The long, rich history of Judaism gives the western world its shape today. The laws, traditions, culture, and values are directly attributable to Judaism. Judaism most prominently began with the founder of the Hebrews known as Abraham, who began to worship a figure called "Elohim." Historically, the teachings of Judaism were also subscribed by nomadic tribes, which settled in present day Palestine, near Mt. Sinai. The people of these tribes did not label themselves as Hebrews, and referred to G-d...

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Thai vs Western Culture

different religions and cultures. Culture is a form of human intellectual achievements. It is like learning a human’s behavior pattern. It does not matter what background you have or which part of the world you are from, everybody has a culture in them in some way. It involves interactions between people, for example verbal communication, non verbal communication and or facial expressions. For verbal communication people tend to greet each other in the politest way using common phrases such as, ‘Hi...

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Disney and Religion: How Mulan and Aladdin Differ in the Portrayals of Non-Western Religions by Ada Tadmor

in the portrayals of non-Western religions by Ada Tadmor Since the 1937 release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the first ever animated feature film, the Walt Disney Company has led the motion picture industry in the field of animation. While these films generally pivot on tales of adventure, love, friendship, family, or coming of age, religion and spirituality, oftentimes of non-Western origins, are omnipresent in numerous Disney narratives. 1998’s Mulan, and 1992’s Aladdin are no exception...

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Discuss the Impact of National Culture on Organisational Principles and Behaviour in Two of the Following: China, Japan and/or India. What Do You Consider to Be the Most Important Differences with the West

day and time: Friday, 09:00 – 11:00 Lecturers name: Eric Norris. Discuss the impact of national culture on organisational principles and behaviour in TWO of the following: China, Japan and/or India. What do you consider to be the most important differences with the West? National culture can be classified as “the collective mental programming” of a society (Hofstede, 1980). The culture will have great repercussions on the way the way organisations and the different sectors within them are...

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Chinese Culture

Chinese Culture China has about five thousand years history which is a very long period of time. Also, the Chinese civilization was growing with these periods of time and it will continues greater than ever. Many wars and unhappinesses were happening during this period. Although, the time has passed, the histories and the civilizations have not passed. These family virtues, serious, working attitudes, sense of justice and the great Confucian tradition have been deeply assimilated into the Chinese...

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mongolian culture

 Regardless of the culture, having a baby is a magical and beautiful moment that women dream of. Each culture however, has a unique style of raising children. In the documentary film “Babies” the director takes the viewers on a journey with four families of different cultures as the embark on having and raising a child. The goal of this paper is to correlate and understand the culture and development of Bayarjagai and his family to the developmental norms of other cultures. Bayarjagai and his family...

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Indian Culture vs Western Cult

that were particular to my culture. Later on that evening she had pulled me to the side and told me that the culture that she was raised in was completely different from mine. She was raised in New York all of her life and she had never experienced such a distinct culture. At that time I told her that she did not know half the story! As time went on, she attended more and more Indian functions and realized that the main differences between the western and Indian cultures were religion, marriage...

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Amish Culture

continue the agriculture life style. The Farm Service Agency officials took an estimate of the total number of dairy farms and the number of Amish dairy farms from 2007 to 2015 and they predicted that the Amish dairy farms nationwide will grow at least 4% by 2015. Wisconsin had 998 identified Amish dairy farmers, Michigan had 399, while Minnesota had 70. In 2002, there were 841 Amish dairy farmers in Wisconsin. The Amish are identified by the Amish directory, Raber’s Minister’s List, or by their...

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Top Five: Science and Technology and Literary History

Top Five: Science and Technology Science and Technology is a broad domain wherein different figures, elements and events have brought about great advances with the way the world is perceived today. In Britain, the five most important events/dates in the history of science and technology are the introduction of printing press in England by William Caxton in 1476, the invention of the spinning jenny by James Hargreaves in 1764, the steam engine as perfected by James Watt in 1780, the discovery...

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irish history

Academic Essay Irish Life & Cultures A. Sika Nsiah-Poku November 23, 2013 The importance of language is essential to every aspect of everyday life. It is used in virtually every interaction a person has with other humans, but besides its use in basic human communication, language can also help us learn about the past. Native languages help make up a national identity, and without them, it is as if a part of that nations’ culture is lost. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not recognize the...

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Eastern vs. Western Culture

WHICH CULTURE IS BETTER: WESTERN OR EASTERN “The Last Supper,” the painting of Da Vinci illustrates the mental states of each subject and the expressions in a vivid manner and bring the subjects to life. Qi Baishi, a renowned painter of traditional Chinese painting, famous for painting shrimps could bring subjects to life within seconds. Both of them possess painting techniques which are extraordinary, but their styles are completely different. The famous Chinese painter Master Li Hongzhi...

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History and Evolution of ECCE in Trinidad and Tobago

History and Evolution of Early Childhood Education Care and Development in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago is a small twin island country located in the south of the Caribbean. Prior to independence from Britain in 1962, Trinidad was colonized and brought under Spanish, French and later, British rule (Educational System, 2011) and in 1976 Trinidad and Tobago became a republic nation within the commonwealth realm (George, 2001). Following independence in 1962, Trinidad and Tobago continued...

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Western Music History: A Study of Baroque and Classical Period Music

art, has gone through thousands of years of evolution that it now no longer resembles much of what its pioneers intended to be. Indeed, the definition of music in itself along with its performance and significance may vary according to different cultures and social contexts. It is this ambiguity that has allowed music to traverse not only physical boundaries but also to build bridges between gaps, whether it be culturally or even through a metaphysical period of time and space. It was, however...

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Introduction to Issues in Literature and Culture

ENGL 105: Introduction to Issues in Literature and Culture Minority Voices in Literature: Reclaiming Identity Tuesdays 5:45-9:45 (Room 2020) and Thursdays 5:45-9:45 (Room 2020) *Summer 2014 Fraser International College Instructor Martin Behr Preferred Contact via FIC’s Portal E-mail: behm@learning.fraseric.ca Conference Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 5:15-5:45 PM (or by appointment) Course Description and Objectives This course critically examines various literary themes in twentieth...

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