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  • Discovering Prague

    Discovering Prague 2014 Cafés EMA espresso bar Můj šálek kávy Kidó Pod Lipami Bistro 8 Café Slavia (very classy) Moment Mamacoffee Londýnská Café Kaaba I need coffee Monolok café Bars Starsky and Hutch Nebe Křemencova‚ Vencelsav´s square Retro Music hall Roxy James Dean Karlovy lázně Radost FX Občanská plovárna Restaurants Lokál Dlouhá street (the best beer in Prague!!!! and also delicious food‚ good to make reservation in advance) Vinohradský parlament (excellent

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  • National Theatre in Prague

    interesting play. First‚ few words about the Theatre. The National Theatre in Prague is known as the national monument of Czech history and art. It´s neo-Renaissance building dating from 1868-83. It is instantly recognizable from the river‚ its golden roof gleaming in the sunshine on fine weather days. For Czech people‚ the National Theatre is one of the most important cultural institutions in Prague - since inception‚ a symbol of the Czech National Revival. Today’s National Theatre

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  • Prague Astronomical Clock Analysis

    Ulysis Slagle Mrs. Karl Honors British Literature 21 February‚ 2018 The Prague Astronomical Clock “Tick tock‚ tick tock” is a common sound from today’s clocks. When traveling in Prague in the Czech Republic‚ the normal everyday clock is not to be found in front of “the Old Town Hall.” Instead‚ the Prague Astronomical Clock overshadows all other clocks with its magnificent craftsmanship. The delicate clock is filled with different mechanics that make it work‚ along with legends and stories to come

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  • The Prague Spring 1968

    The Prague Spring 1968 The Czech leader‚ Novotny‚ a hard line communist and Soviet ‘puppet’‚ he was very unpopular. The Czech economy was in a mess‚ and seemed to be run purely for the benefit of the USSR. Dubcek‚ a reforming communist‚ replaced Novotny. Brezhnev‚ leader of the USSR‚ supported this move. Dubcek promised the people socialism with a human face‚ and launched a series of reforms known as the Prague Spring. The reforms aimed to improve standard of living‚ allow for greater freedom

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  • The Best Way to Travel in Prague.

    I decided to write about Prague ( instead of my hometown ) because We don’t have much sorts of travel and also our Public transport is not at the same level. Those who have been to Prague must admit that there is nothing like long waiting. Whole system comes out on metro which is comparing to human body – the heart‚ innumerable links of buses and trams – the veins. The best way how to transport in the historic town and city area is by using the tram or your feet‚ this is the perfect solution for

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  • Insurance Executive Summary

    “Bohemian Insurance” is Ashish Manoj who originates from South India. Prague was chosen as the Head Office of “Bohemian Insurance” in order to provide the citizen’s of Prague a fair‚ affordable protection and coverage of all their possessions. Bohemian Insurance is comprised of 125 Employees‚ which strive to deliver and meet all their customer’s needs‚ and possible wants. There will be two commercial stores located in the city of Prague in order to guide and offer quality insurance advice to any potential

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  • Chapter 9 Travel with viola

    to the officers and members •Dr. Carlos Czepelak - renowned scientist of Europe •Professor Robert Klutschak - an eminent naturalist •May 16‚ 1887 at 9:45 AM - Rizal and Viola left Leitmeritz by train PRAGUE: •Dr. Willkomm - professor of natural history in the University of Prague •According to Viola ‚ “nothing of importance happened” in this city. VIENNA: •May 20‚ 1887 - Rizal and Viola arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna‚ capital of Austria-Hungary •Vienna was truly the

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  • Rizal Ch 9 Facts

    his visitors The Burgomaster(town mayor) was amazed by Rizal’s "privileged talent" because of his fluent german speaking skills in just 11 months of learning. May 16‚ 1887 9:45 am. They left Leitmeritz by train Prague They visited the historic city of Prague The Good professor welcomed them and showed them the city’s historic spots. Visited The tomb of capurnicus‚ the museum of natural history‚ the bacteriological laboratories‚ the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno‚

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  • My Summer Vacation in Europe

    definitely Prague. I do not know if it is the story behind every landmark‚ stone and bridge‚ if it is the gorgeous majesty of every little façade detail of the incredible Gothic cathedrals‚ or the resplendence of the interior finery of the castles and cathedrals that left me so speechless‚ but to this day I have no doubt that there is no other city in the world that can compare to Prague. With its peculiar romantic scent‚ fresh youthfulness of the students and picturesque city views‚ Prague to me is

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  • Architecture - Rome, Lazio, Italy

    Thus‚ the event celebrated by the Arch of Constantine was a major turning point in the history of the western world. 7. Archbishop’s Palace‚ Prague Jean Baptist Mathey city of Prague in the Czech Republic The Archbishops Palace in Prague in the Czech Republic dates back to the mid-15th century. The Archbishop’s Palace in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic is home to some of the finest architecture around Europe and was constructed on the foundation of a Renaissance home. The home

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