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1994 At the Golden Tiger in Prague met the Czech president Václav Havel and the US president Bill Clinton * he died when he fell from a window on the fifth floor of the Bulovka hospital in Prague where he was apparently trying to feed pigeons * work: Closely Watched Trains (Ostře sledované vlaky) I Served the King of England (Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále) 4) Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924) * born to middle class German-speaking Jewish parents in Prague * studied law but he liked...

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Antonin Dvorak

Antonin Dvorak Antonin Leopard Dvorak also known as Anton Dvorak Was born in Nelahozeves Sep. 8, 1841 on the banks of the Vltava River near Prague, where he spent most of his life. Dvorak came from a modest background. His father owned an Inn, where he played folk music. Dvorak went to school at the age of eleven. At this age, he dropped out to become an apprentice butcher, and the next year went on to study in German in Zolance. In Zolance most of Dvorak's time was spent on music lessons...

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Prague Astronomical Clock Analysis

Ulysis Slagle Mrs. Karl Honors British Literature 21 February, 2018 The Prague Astronomical Clock “Tick tock, tick tock” is a common sound from today’s clocks. When traveling in Prague in the Czech Republic, the normal everyday clock is not to be found in front of “the Old Town Hall.” Instead, the Prague Astronomical Clock overshadows all other clocks with its magnificent craftsmanship. The delicate clock is filled with different mechanics that make it work, along with legends and stories to come...

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Chapter 9 Travel with viola

to the officers and members •Dr. Carlos Czepelak - renowned scientist of Europe •Professor Robert Klutschak - an eminent naturalist •May 16, 1887 at 9:45 AM - Rizal and Viola left Leitmeritz by train PRAGUE: •Dr. Willkomm - professor of natural history in the University of Prague •According to Viola , “nothing of importance happened” in this city. VIENNA: •May 20, 1887 - Rizal and Viola arrived in the beautiful city of Vienna, capital of Austria-Hungary •Vienna was truly the ...

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ChapTER IX Life Works And Writings Of Rizal

a good cook. - she prepared an Austrian dishes which our hero liked it much. - all in all the Blumentritt family was hospitable. CHAPTER IX RIZAL’S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE WITH MAXIMO VIOLA (1887) Prague - is a historic city in Czech Republic which Rizal and Viola visited. Dr. Wilkom (Univ. of Prague Prof.) - who recipient of the recommendation letter from Prof. Blumentritt. CHAPTER IX RIZAL’S GRAND TOUR OF EUROPE WITH MAXIMO VIOLA (1887) 20th of May, 1887 - they arrived in Vienna, the capital...

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The Person I Admire

of my family, some of my close friends and I won’t deny my models from my childhood. I decided to tell us about my uncle, because I really admire him for it what he achieved. His name is Peter. He is forty years old and lives with his family in Prague. He studied at the Faculty of Mathematic and Physics of Charles University. The reason, why I respect him is that he managed to learn these difficult subjects like math and physics not only in Czech language, but he also worked as teacher in Technical...

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Symbols and Abstractions in Kafka’s “the Metamorphosis”

protagonist, Gregor Samsa. Kafka was born into a middle-class, German-speaking Jewish family in Prague, the capital of Bohemia. His father, Hermann Kafka, was described by Kafka himself as "a true Kafka in strength, health, appetite, loudness of voice, eloquence, self-satisfaction, worldly dominance, endurance, presence of mind, [and] knowledge of human nature ...". (Nervi) Admitted to the Charles University of Prague, Kafka first studied chemistry, but switched after two weeks to law. This offered a range...

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Architecture - Rome, Lazio, Italy

Thus, the event celebrated by the Arch of Constantine was a major turning point in the history of the western world. 7. Archbishop's Palace, Prague Jean Baptist Mathey city of Prague in the Czech Republic The Archbishops Palace in Prague in the Czech Republic dates back to the mid-15th century. The Archbishop's Palace in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic is home to some of the finest architecture around Europe and was constructed on the foundation of a Renaissance home. The home...

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Rizal Ch 9 Facts

his visitors The Burgomaster(town mayor) was amazed by Rizal's "privileged talent" because of his fluent german speaking skills in just 11 months of learning. May 16, 1887 9:45 am. They left Leitmeritz by train Prague They visited the historic city of Prague The Good professor welcomed them and showed them the city's historic spots. Visited The tomb of capurnicus, the museum of natural history, the bacteriological laboratories, the famous cave where San Juan Nepomuceno, ...

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Tourism in the Czech Republic

THE CZECH REPUBLIC, HISTORICAL CENTRES ON THE UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE LIST, TOURIST REGIONS. Size: approximately 78 800 km2 population 10 million people geographic position – country located in central Europe Head of state: President Capital: Prague Official language: Czech Czech Republic is divided in three parts: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, collectively often called the Czech Lands. Czech Republic is landlocked country. The country is bordered by Poland to the north and northeast, Slovakia...

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