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Positioning is the place where someone or something is, especially in relation to other objects and places. In marketing, positioning has come to mean the process by which marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization.(Wikipedia,2012) However, it is important for the contemporary age, whichever aspect is in life. By looking at marketing segmentation, marketing targeting and marketing positioning from DOVE® Chocolate which...

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POSITIONING STRATEGY POSITIONING Creating a unique and distinctive image for a brand relative to the competition Brand should be perceived as different from competitors by consumers EFFECTIVE POSITIONING Meaningful to consumers Credible/believable Unique to your brand Durable over time FOCUS OF POSITIONING Attributes and benefits of the product Competition Product user Product use or application Product class Cultural symbols Jet Blue Airways Focus on the benefits of Jet Blue ...

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Marketing Positioning

What is positioning? How has the organisation that you have selected positioned their product? As we all know that, there are three steps in target marketing which are market segmentation, market targeting and market positioning. According to Kotler (2010), the definition of product position is “the way the product is defined by consumer on important attributes – the place the product occupies in consumers’ minds relative to competing product” (P280). Furthermore, in principle, a brand must have...

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Product Positioning

Product Positioning A product positioning statement has four main components – the target, the frame of reference, the differentiation, and the reason(s) to believe. THE TARGET The target is who the product is for – who is the target user or customer of the product. The key to a good target definition is to balance being specific with being concise, you need to describe the target well enough that they can be identified, without being so verbose that your positioning statement goes beyond...

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Positioning Strategy

Introduction: Product positioning is closely related to market segment focus (Berry, 2008). Product positioning involves creating a unique, consistent, and recognized customer perception about a firm’s offering and image. Products in the same category can be positioned in many different ways. Below are three examples of different positioning strategies for hair care products. Advertisement (1): ASIENCE Deep Nourish ASIENCE Shampoo Deep Nourish is specially formulated for Asian hair that is...

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Product positioning

Product Positioning "Product positioning" is a marketing technique intended to present products in the best possible light to different target audiences. The method is related to "market segmentation" in that an early step in major marketing campaigns is to discover the core market most likely to buy a product—or the bulk of the product. Once segmentation has defined this group ("active seniors," "affluent professional working women," "teens") the positioning of the product consists of creating...

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Adidas Positioning

to make some of the best shoes (Dogiamis & Vijayashanker, 2009). The issue that is discussed later in this paper would be of how Adidas had positioned its product in the market. 2.0 Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning The process of segmentation, targeting and positioning is shown figure 1 below. Segmentation is defined as dividing the market into distinct group of buyers that possess different needs, characteristics or behaviour that might need separate products or marketing mixes to...

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Positioning and Repositioning

Positioning and repositioning Before positioning companies has to do segmentation and targeting. Segmentation is dividing the market into segments upon some set of criteria and evaluating the profitability of each segment  Targeting is selecting one or more segments and going after them Positioning is how do you want your brand to be considered by consumers when compared to other competing brands. Positioning is based on product features such as color, price, fluffiness, quality of service...

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Positioning - a Ries and Trout Perspective

Brand Positioning Brand Positioning Positioning is owning a piece of consumer’s mind, Positioning is not what you do to a product It’s what you do to the mind of the prospect You position the product in the prospect’s mind ‘It’s incorrect to call it Product Positioning’ – Ries & Trout Brand Positioning is owning a piece of customer’s mind. It's not what a marketer does to its brand but how it is perceived in the mind of the customer. For this, a brand has to be distinctive, relevant...

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Positioning Strategies for Service Providers

Positioning Strategies for Service Providers by Kai F. Mahnert The following article is concerned with the importance of positioning strategies to a service provider and the associated steps in selecting and supporting such a strategy through the effective management of marketing resources and the development of a competitive advantage through superior quality management. The article is structured into two major sections dealing with a) the selection and b) the support of a firm's positional strategy...

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