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  • Political Campaign

    As the political campaign manager for Oprah’s Presidential campaign in 2012‚ I follow the five basic management functions: planning‚ leading‚ organizing‚ control‚ and staffing. Each of those functions will be important roles to the different divisions I have created. The staff and volunteers that will help the campaign are hard working people that enjoy working‚ have self-control and are trustworthy‚ like Theory Y people. All decision-makings will be a team effort. Meaning each department is able

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  • Political Campaign Analysis Paper

    More Than a Glitch Many political campaign ads are full of logical fallacies and metaphors which contribute to a candidate’s downfall or success. In fact‚ they are known for it. It is often rather easy to manipulate people to vote a certain way by using deceptive persuasion or making metaphorical comparisons. When trying to persuade someone else to adopt a position‚ these rhetorical tools contribute to the overall purpose of each campaign. The video campaign‚ “Obamacare: More Than a Glitch‚”

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  • Political Campaign Planning Manual

    POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PLANNING MANUAL A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO WINNING ELECTIONS By J. Brian O’Day National Democratic Institute for International Affairs POLITICAL CAMPAIGN PLANNING MANUAL PREFACE In preparation for the 1995 Russian Duma elections‚ NDI political trainers Ken Payne‚ Kate Head‚ and Sheila O’Connell‚ along with Russian experts Aleksei Shustov and Oleg Nikishenkov wrote the Strategic Election Planning Manual. This manual has been one of the most popular publications in the National

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  • Role of Media in Political Campaigns

    This paper discusses the role of the media in political campaigns. The purpose of campaigns To understand the role of election campaigns towards the end result it is necessary to understand that two ideas exist. It is believed that the voters decide for their candidate before the campaigning starts‚ while the others believe that it through active campaigning that voters reach their decision. The purpose of political campaigns is to do one of three things to affect the voter: motivate‚ reinforce

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  • The Involvement of Mass Media in Political Campaigns

    presents and can determine the outcome of presidential elections. The media has been accused of focusing on subjects such as the politician’s personal life and their characteristics rather than looking at the political issues of the election. The voter’s views can also be altered by political advertisements that do not focus on issues. This can cause the voters to believe that certain issues are important when in reality they are trivial concerns. Elections often become popularity contests because

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  • The use of social media in political campaign

    public agenda is translated to the policy agenda via the public sphere (Habermas 1989 [1962]). The public sphere consists of different arenas in which policy debate takes place‚ for example courts‚ public commissions‚ councils of government‚ political party meetings‚ universities‚ magazines‚ newspapers‚ radio and television (Schön & Rein 1994). Politics and the media are traditionally regarded as bearers of the public sphere‚ elevating public opinions to the policy agenda (Cobb & Elder 1972)

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  • Christian Worldview Four Phases and Rhetorical Purposes of a Political Campaign

    Four Phases and Rhetorical Purposes of a Political Campaign Political Advertisements has three rhetorical purposes to every campaign which draw from the four phases characteristics. Previously when someone was inspired to run for office they would mainly run campaign ads on television to express themselves and how they would be most effective for the position in which they were applying for. They also used campaign ads to downplay their opponents and to gain as many supporters as possible

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  • Democratic Campaign

    part of an election is arguably the campaign process. Once a candidate is nominated in a presidential election‚ the next step is to move forward with the steps of this process. Each of the candidates will have the opportunity to use recourses‚ no matter how scarce they may be‚ to attempt to overcome their opponent with votes. Running a campaign is something that takes a lot of responsibility and a good team of people. They will have first put together a campaign strategy where a detailed comprehensive

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  • Campaign Strategy

    Campaign strategy Campaign Research Starts With Strategy and Questions To develop a campaign research plan‚ you need to know two things:  1) What are the goals of the campaign? 2) What questions need to be answered to reach those goals? This is a list of general campaign questions to help start your research process. These are not research questions. Each general campaign question should generate a list of more specific research questions. For example‚ "What is the issue/problem?" could lead

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  • Political Advertising

    What is Political Advertising? Advertising whose central focus is the marketing of ideas‚ attitudes‚ and concerns about public issues‚ including political concepts and political candidates. The essential task of political advertising is to gain the confidence of the people for their acceptance of ideas and‚ in the case of political campaign advertising‚ to influence their vote. Political advertising differs from commercial advertising in that the product is either a person or a philosophy rather

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