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  • Phnom Penh

    Phnom Penh I was born in Kampong Cham Province and I have moved to live in Phnom Penh since I finished my high school. When I first came here in Phnom Penh‚ I felt very surprise and scare. The building and people were far different from my hometown. I got around Phnom Penh by motorbike for a first few days. I saw many high rise buildings; especially the city’s French colonial buildings were beautiful. I saw some different kind of transportation that running on the road such as: modern car‚ Motorbikes

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  • Phnom Penh Traffic

    Phnom Penh Traffic Nowadays‚ urban people could not feel comfortable when they traveling. Actually‚ living in the city faces many troubles‚ but the most controversial issue is traffic jam. It normally makes people be in bad mood whenever they travel everywhere. Like other cities on earth‚ Phnom Penh‚ the capital of Cambodia‚ is also facing with traffic congestion. Visibly‚ we could see many causes of the traffic congestion in Phnom Penh‚ and should be aware of some possible solutions to it. In

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  • Traffic Problem in Phnom Penh

    Traffic Problem in Phnom Penh Nowadays our unpaved roads as well as paved roads in Phnom Penh city seem to be unsafe. Moreover‚ its traffic is really fiendish. People not only don’t respect the traffic officers‚ but also disobey the law. In this case‚ there are many accidents happen every month. Thus‚ in order to make our streets safer and traffic better‚ we have to do some things such as educating people more about traffic law‚ widening the streets‚ and enforcing the law. First‚ educating people

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  • Good and Bad Things About Phnom Penh

    Good and Bad Things about Phnom Penh Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia and has a nickname called “The Charming City”. The total area of the city is 678.46 km2 and the total population is 1‚501‚725. Eventhough this beautiful city is well-known in South East Asia‚ she also has good and bad thing that people should know. As I notice‚ the good thing about Phnom Penh is culture‚ nightlife‚ sightseeing‚ and people whereas the bad thing about Phnom Penh is traffic‚ food‚ and dirty. The first

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  • Phnom Penh Rhetorical Analysis

    author‚ Nicholas D. Kristof‚ begins his essay by describing Phnom Penh‚ a place where many families are forced to live in poverty because of the lack of jobs. The problem Kristof identifies is the labor standards that are set from President Obama and the Democrats who try to eliminate the use of sweatshops. Furthermore‚ the labor standards are set by people who have never witnessed the daily struggles a person faces living in Phnom Penh. Although sweatshops are viewed as negative by Obama and the

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  • Real Estate

    Research Paper Real Estate Sector in Cambodia REAL ESTATE SECTOR IN CAMBODIA PHNOM PENH SECURITIES PLC. No. 32‚ Monivong Blvd‚ Phnom Penh‚ Cambodia Tel: +855-23-426-999 Fax: +855-23-426-495      In this Paper: Executive Summary – Page 01 Overview of Real Estate Sector – Page 02 Real Estate in Detail – Page 02 Outlook of Real Estate Sector – Page 07 Leading Companies in the Sector – Page 07 Website: http://www.pps.com.kh EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The global economic

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  • Biome of Cambodia

    Cambodia Biome -Phnom Penh‚ Kandal Province‚ South East-Central Region Kacie Scott - 1261747 1. Cambodia‚ Central Region including Phnom Penh in the Kandal Province located at 11° 30 N of latitude and 104° 55 of longitude (7) 2. The average elevation of Phnom Penh is 20 m. (1) 3. Koppen Code: Aw (4) Annual Sunlight- 2490 hours(3) Monthly Precipitation: (3) January: .7 cm July: 17.1 cm February: 1 cm August: 16 cm March: 4 cm September: 22.4 cm April: 7.7 cm October:

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  • Drescibing About Myself

    province in the Cambodia‚ located 137km south of the Phnom Penh. Also‚ Kampot is famous province because It has a lot of mountain ranges‚ wonderful beaches‚ and countless ancient building since French conlonail. Living there‚ so my everyday activities include going to school‚ watching TV‚ playing game on the computer‚ and sightseeing along the beach at the night. In kampot‚ I spent my first 18 years of life at there before moving here in Phnom Peng- capital of Cambodia- in 2011. I started going

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  • Student

    Lavolpia Pizza Restaurant There are many restaurant that located in Phnom Penh City. Lavolpia Pizza is one of the best pizza restaurant in Phnom Penh. Lavolpia is mean that many different food is available here because letter L is stand for London ‚ A is stand for America‚ V is stand for Vietnam‚ O is stand for Ocean‚ P is stand for Portland and I is stand for Italy. This restaurant is located in front of Post Office and on the right hand side.  I  like this this restaurant because of some reason

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  • Pol Pot

    attempting to create an agrarian communist utopia. Pol Pot however was unsuccessful in reaching a revolution of radical egalitarianism with an aftermath that had affected a whole nation and its people. After the invasion of Cambodia’s capital‚ Phnom Penh on April 17 1975‚ Pol Pot declared “Year Zero” a program to "purify" Cambodian society of capitalism. This meant forcing people to evacuate villages‚ cities and towns to the countryside. Pol Pot believed in the Maoist idea‚ where peasants were the

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