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gods can be acquired from the sagas. Odin (Main Article) As determined through historical studies, runes and sagas, the Vikings, like many ancient and modern civilisations, worshipped several gods and goddesses and had unique beliefs of their own. Amongst all of the Viking gods, Odin is one of the few, still well-known today. Being a foremost member of Æsir, as well as the ruler of Asgard—the Viking heaven; home of the Norse gods—Odin was one of the more prominent gods in Norse mythology...

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Zeus vs Odin

earth mother. For the Ancient Nordic people their sky god was Odin. But for the Ancient Greeks their sky god was Zeus. Although these gods were from very different places and cultures; they have a lot of similarities but they do have their differences. In this essay I am going to discuss the lives of these two gods and point out the similarities and the differences between them. The Nord was a warrior race and worshiped the sky god Odin. He lived in a castle/city called Asgard where he was the...

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Odin vs Zeus

Donavan Morgan ,l Zeus and Odin are two gods from different cultures who share many similarities as well as differences. The Norse god Odin was the main Viking god. He’s also the god of war death, poetry, magic and wisdom. Odin is called All-Father since he is the ruler of all the gods and actually goes by some 36 different names. He goes by 36 different names because he uses a disguise when he’s amongst ordinary people, he wears a mask, a long hat and a green coat which is his primary disguise...

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Comparing Greek and Norse Mythologys

found in the personalities of Zeus and Odin. The Greek Zeus is Lord of the Sky and ruler over all the other gods. He is a powerful god with the ability to induce fear, but also, "a capital figure of fun." Zeus is supposed to have upheld the standards of right and wrong, but this is not always a very high standard. He entertains numerous affairs with mortal women and delights in causing trouble for mankind. Zeus is often pictured as amorous, joyful, and comic. Odin, Zeus' Norse counterpart, is also the...

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Norse Mythology

deities were Odin, Ve, and Vili who were the main gods over other gods such as Frigg, Odin’s wife, Thor, Balder, Hoder, Hermod, Bragi, Idun, Njord, Frey, Freya, Heimdall, Hoenir, Loki, and Hel. The parents of the three main gods were Bur and Bestla. Odin, Woden meaning wild or filled with fury, is the ruler of wind, father of mortals and gods, god of war, son of Bur and Bestla, helped kill Ymir a Frost Giant, and gave life and soul to the mortals. Ve and Vili are the two brothers of Odin, him being...

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Loki, Evil or Not?

well know supervillain and the most misunderstood. Loki is the son of Laufey, King of the Frost Giants. When Loki was a babe, Odin King of Asgard killed Loki’s father in single combat. Odin, cursed by his father to adopted the son of a king and raise him as his own, found Loki. Due to Loki’s small asgardian size, Loki’s father had hidden him away in shame. Odin took the boy, out of a combination of pity, to appease his father, and because he was the son of a worthy king slain in honorable combat...

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Sacred Places

Odin’s hall. Odin collected the greatest and most loyal warriors in his hall for Ragnarok. Those who are not worthy enough to enter into Valhalla are sent to Hell’s kingdom in Niflheim. Origins and History In Norse mythology Odin created the world, Midgard, by killing his father and using his body to create it, and to create Asgard; home of the gods. Odin is king of all the Aesier, which are gods. The enemies of the Aesier are the giants from Jotunheim, a world made of mountains of ice. Odin created...

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Norse Mythology and Loki

and Jormungard the world serpent with the giantess Angurbooa as their mother. In the references I checked out, Loki's name is mentioned more than that of any other god, although Odin and Thor seem to be the most well known in modern times. He was a participant in many of the god’s adventures, often accompanying Odin, or Thor, on their travels, though he was always stirring up trouble. There are different stories on whether Loki was a god or not. In a lot of Norse stories Loki was not a god...

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An essay on Thor and Thor the Dark World

realm of the Frost Giants, enemies of Asgard, he told a guard what Thor would attempt to do so Odin would stop them before they left Asgard and he would seem unworthy of the throne. However, no one was there to stop them. It was clear to see in Loki’s eyes that he was very fearful and thrilled as they faced the Giants, and it seems he was honest when he tried to make Thor give up the fight and go home. When Odin finally arrived, Thor’s vain actions in Jotunheim had unfolded too much for him to have a...

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Beowulf vs Thor

(Jakobson, 1985) As one can see, thor is described as a great warrior, as well as an epic hero. Thor, the Thunderer, is perhaps the most famous of the gods of the Northmen, and was considered by some to be greater even than Odin. He was the God of the Peasants--the poor people, while Odin was thought more of by the rich people and the great fighters. Thor usually rode in a chariot of brass, drawn by two goats, Tooth-cracker and Tooth-gnasher, and it was this chariot which was supposed to make the thunder;...

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