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Data Transmission

amplitude modulated signal, also known as a pulse train. Pass band signal ("digital-over-analog" transmission): A modulated sine wave signal representing a digital bit-stream. The signal is produced by means of a digital modulation method such as PSK, QAM or FSK. The modulation and demodulation is carried out by modem equipment. This is used in wireless communication, and over telephone network local-loop and cable-TV networks. Serial and parallel transmission Serial transmission is the sequential...

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Major Project Sample Report

frequency selective channel. First a brief introduction is provided by explaining the background and the specification of the project. Then the report deals with the system model. Each block of the OFDM system is described (IFFT/FFT, cyclic prefix, modulation/demodulation, channel estimation, bit loading). In the following section, the system architecture is analysed. The transmission protocol, as well as the system parameters is explained in details. Then, the DSP implementation is discussed. Finally...

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Mini Case I. Cathy’s Collectibles

the switching equipment at the end offices. With DSL the shorter the distance, the higher the speed, because with a shorter distance, the circuit suffers less attenuation and higher-frequency signals can be used, providing a greater bandwidth for modulation. With the speed of 1.5 Mbps down and 384 Kbps up the maximum length of the local loop is 18,000 feet which is better than cable modem. The Cable modem architecture is very similar to DSL with one very important difference. DSL is a point-to-point...

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Questions and Answers on Communication Technology

path. 2. What is a frequency-shift-keying system? Describe two methods of generating FSK. Frequency-shift keying (FSK) is a method of transmitting digital signals. 6. Explain a method used to generate BPSK using Figure 10-5 as a basis. Need for modulation 1) to reduce the antenna height 2) to multiplex the more number of signals 3) to reduce the noise & distortions 4) to narrow banding the signal 8. What is coherent carrier recovery? The received BPSK signal is fed into the mixer circuit....

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Homework 1 Assignment 1

 1 Define modulation? The process of putting information onto a high frequency carrier for transmission. 2 What is carrier frequency? Carrier frequency is used to designate the nominal frequency of a carrier wave and the center frequency of a frequency modulation signal. 3 Name two reasons modulation is used in communications? The human voice ranges from 20 Hz to 3000 Hz, if these were transmitted directly as radio waves, the signal would be useless. Because of interference from each...

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Microwave Radio Communications and System Gain

and are capable of carrying signals much farther while utilizing fewer transmitters and receivers. Satellite Systems 9)It is used in microwave radio systems rather than amplitude modulation because AM signals are more sensitive to amplitude nonlinearities inherent in wide-band microwave amplifiers. Frequency Modulation 10)Major factor when designing FM Radio systems. It is caused by repeater amplitude nonlinearity in AM, while in FM, it is caused by transmission gain and delay distortion. Intermodulation...

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Movies Afecting Indian Youth

signal is superimposed on a high frequency wave, which acts as a carrier of the information. This process is known as modulation. As will be explained later, there are several types of modulation, abbreviated as AM, FM and PM. Demodulation: The process of retrieval of information from the carrier wave at the receiver is termed demodulation. This is the reverse process of modulation. Repeater: A repeater is a combination of a receiver and a transmitter. A repeater, picks up the signal from the transmitter...

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Cause And Effect Of Computer Addiction

time and amplitude which is generally carried by use of modulation. 2. History of Analog Communication – 3. Amplitude Modulation - Amplitude modulation (AM) is a modulation technique used in electronic communication, most commonly for transmitting information via a radio carrier wave. AM works by varying the strength (amplitude) of the carrier in proportion to the waveform being sent. 4. Angle Modulation - is a class of analog modulation. These techniques are based on altering the angle (or phase)...

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Kirk Patrick, Kirk Samuda, Analog & Digital Signals

original quality of a digital signal. With a value of "on" or "off". Advantages and Disadvantages The main advantage of digital modulation over analog modulation is that in digital modulation, all input and output are in binary form. Anything that isn't a '1' or a '0' is rejected by the modulator. This filters out a lot of noise that analog modulation lets through, which may not be related to the intended message. Advantages Noise immunity Multiplexing(Time domain) Regeneration ...

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Basic Information Transfer Methods

information using a continuous signal which varies in amplitude, phase, or some other property in proportion to that of a variable. It could be the transfer of an analog source signal, using an analog modulation method such as frequency modulation (FM) or amplitude modulation (AM), or no modulation at all. (Wikipedia) Until the 1950’s all voice communication was analog as invented by Bell and developed within the Bell system. Analog transmission is particularly susceptible to the above factors...

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