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Med Surg Test Bank

Chapter 16 Test Bank Multiple Choice 1. The Renaissance was born in which of the following cities? a. Athens b. Rome c. Florence d. Pisa Answer: c 2. Cultural and political leadership for the early Renaissance was under the auspices of which of the following families? a. the Lombards b. the Medici c. the Visconti d. the Castiglione Answer: b 3. Which of the following events caused a climate of intellectual skepticism in middle-class men and women of the era? a. the Black...

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Med Surg Careplan-Cellulitis

He is able to tolerate most activity i.e. sitting up in chair, independent feeding, and uses urinal. Due to decreased movement, pt is on pressure reduction air mattress, and SCD post surgery. He refused AM care, and reused Stress test, stating, “Why do I need a stress test, I am not here for my heart!” Follow up with education on personal hygiene, skin care, and education on circulation problems and how the heart is great affected. Follow nursing care of his wound post surgery: Cleanse with NS, apply...

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med surg notes

embolism- clot moved to lungs usually from leg (teds, scds, ambulation) Hemorrhage- apply pressure, call rapid response team (emergent situations that could lead to death, level of conscious changes) Thrombophlebitis-irritation is due to clot not meds like phlebitis. Assess for it by homen sign (dorsiflexion of feet), check for swelling by measuring. Thrombus is still, embolus is moving. Abdominal distention is not abnormal after surgery. Paralytic ileus-is not uncommon- diminished or absent...

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Med Surg Notes

suctioning. The client becomes nauseated, and the nurse observes a decrease in the flow of gastric secretions. Which intervention would be most appropriate? Aspirate the gastric contents with a syringe – to confirm placement, nurse should aspirate and test ph of aspirate, results should be 0-4 12. A nurse is caring for a 37 year-old woman with mets ovarian cancer admitted for nausea and vomiting. The physician orders TPN, nutrition consult and diet recall. Which is the best indication that the patient’s...

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Blood Bank: Tests and Methods

Blood bank Although there are any complicated instruments in the blood bank department, but it’s a very important and sensitive section of the medical laboratory as it deals with donors and acceptors of the blood, it transfer for leukemia and thalasemia patients, new born and cancer patients and so many cases blood bank save their lives. Tests that are carried in this department: 1- Some tests, which included donated free of diseases, serology tests 2- blood grouping 3- rhesus factor"Rh" ...

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Operations Management Test Bank

INSTRUCTOR'S TEST BANK Chapter 1: Introduction 1 Why would a marketing major need a basic foundation in operations management? A) Marketing staff schedule work centers for most businesses B) Marketing staff must know how to design processes C) Marketing staff must be able to make decisions with the entire business in mind D) Marketing staff must understand the technical processes behind manufacturing capacity management C 2 The value of a product is defined by: A) The owner B)...

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Test Bank - Ch 13

LIVING WITH ART Test Bank – Chapter 13 Multiple Choice 1. Using a steel framework with masonry sheathing, the ________, designed by Louis Sullivan, is thought by many to be the first genuinely modern building. a. Wainwright Building b. Eiffel Tower c. Crystal Palace d. Lever House e. Chrysler Building 2. Two factors that decide the success of any structural system are a. weight and tensile strength. b. the placement of its dome and its pendentives. c. the linear...

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Med Surg

Incident reports are important and facts should be | | |documented w/o judgment or opinion, incident report should not be referred to in | | |client’s record, helps contribute improvements. Incident examples include med errors, | | |falls, and needle sticks. | | |OSHA: occupational safety and health administration is the section of the dept. of | | |labor that develops...

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overdosing of a child brought into the ER with an urgent problem. Frush, Karen S. Luo, Xuemei PhD, Hutchinson, Paul, BS: Higgins, Jennifer, BS Institute of Medicine Arch Pediatric Adolescent Med/Vol 158, July 2004...

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Med Surg Study Guide for Ch 51 and 52

testicular malignancy. Also used to detect hydatidiform mole. * Nursing Responsibility- Elicit where she is in her menstrual cycle, whether she has missed menses, and if so, how late she is. PSA- * Used to detect prostrate cancer. Also a sensitive test for monitoring response therapy (Reference level:...

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