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French Revolution Poems

something new. In the year 1789, we fought back for our pride We started a new revolution and stood side by side. The French Revolution started in 1789, It was when France was going through hard times. With two teen leaders, King Louis and Marie Antoinette, They spent all the money, the whole country was in debt. THE BEGINNING AND THE END This French revolution was bloody and red, Make one mistake, and it’s off with your head. The country consists of three simple estates, Maybe some of...

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What Were The Causes of the French Revolution?

keep the two estates up. Most people believed that the reason for all of this was the king as well. This was not looking good for king Louis XVI. King Louis XVI was the leader during the French Revolution along with his wife, Queen Marie Antoinette. Most of the money was also mismanaged by King Louis XVI, who had originally inherited the debt by his grandfather, Louis XV. On top of this, his wife was also spending money that could have been used for the people. At first, Louis tried...

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Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès

and chancellor. Even though I did end up reaching a high ranking, I was unable to advance in the church because I wasn’t born of noble birth. After a few more years I absolutely hated the aristocracy and monarchy, ruled by King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, (they had no balance of power) by the time the Estates General were summoned in 1788. After seeing how the nobles acted and the way the monarchy blatantly ignored the Third Estate, I wrote What Is The Third Estate? which identified the unprivileged...

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What Are The Causes Of The French Revolution Dbq

In 1789, France broke out into a revolution. The citizens of France rebelled against the absolute monarch and the system they deemed unfair. The people were starving while Queen Marie Antoinette spent fortunes on fake boats to put in her hair. The Revolution was centered on hatred for the king, Louis XVII, and the prospects of a governmental system that promoted liberty and equality. The unfair representation of the third estate, the spread of enlightenment ideas, and the high price and scarcity...

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Nursery Rhymes

Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water Jack fell down and broke his crown And Jill came tumbling after. A rhyme EVERY child knows… according to many sites, Jack is a reference to King Louis XVI and Jill stands for Queen Marie Antoinette. In 1793, Louis XVI was beheaded during the infamous Reign of Terror. Therefore the line “broke his crown (head)”. What followed was Queen Antoinette’s beheading. Hence, “Jill came tumbling after”. Well, even if this ISN’T the real story behind...

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French Revolution Terms

Louis XIV One of the most powerful French monarchs and consolidated a system of absolute monarchy. Under his reign, France was the leading European power. Moved the palace to Versailles. Louis XVI/Marie Antoinette The last monarchs of France. Louis XVI married Marie Antoinette archduchess of Austria and succeeded the throne. While Louis in the early years of his reign was marked by attempts to reform France (abolish serfdom and promote tolerance), the nobility opposed him vehemently...

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The Long Term Causes of The French Revolution

wise decisons and to deal with problems with the French people. Although Louis had lot's of good Ideas he was weak ruler and he could not make the decisons need at the time. In 1770 when Louis was fifeteen he married the fourteen year old Marie Antoinette, who was the daughter Maria Theresa, the Emperss of Austria. the marriage was set up to build a stronger alliance between France and Austria. During the fist couple of years they were married she became extreamly unpopular. The reason why she...

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How Did The Revolution After The French Revolution

“Was the blood that had just been spilled so pure?” These are the words of Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie Barnave, a French politician after the storming of the Bastille. He was referring to those who had died in the event. On July 14th, 1789, revolutionaries stormed the Bastille in Paris, France, springing the French Revolution into action, and finally ending in 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte built an empire. The conflict lasted ten years; the compromise was long and difficult, with trials and errors...

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Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution

Marie Antoinette & the French Revolution The French revolution began in 1789 it was a time of radical, social and political change that impacted upon all of Europe. Destroying the monarchy that had ruled France for centuries within three years. The royal family were jailed and killed, the Queen Marie Antoinette who was surrounded by controversy and blame did not disserve the guillotine. Louis xvi ruling of France was customary not written, he was considered to be an indecisive, unpopular...

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Study Guide for French Revolution

the country * Includes the bourgeoisie, urban workers, peasants and serfs * Sans-culottes: radical lower class workers * Louis XVI: King of France during the revolution; he was slow to make decisions about the revolution * Marie Antoinette: France disliked her from the minute she married Louis XVI because she was Austrian and did not have a child for the first 7 or 8 years, and disregarded the struggle the public was going through * Old Régime: the social and political system...

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