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Lucent Technologies Case

Report for Lucent Technologies Background Lucent’s history goes back to the 1875 invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. It’s one of the three companies which were separated from AT&T’s restructure. Lucent was organized into four units, the largest of which was Network Systems. It provided networking systems and software to local and long distance telephone companies and cable companies. It was the marker leader for switching systems. The Switch Solutions Group(SSG), which made the...

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Joint Venture of the France Based Company Alcatel and the U.S. Based Company Lucent Technologies

communicate with members of cultures other than their own (Adler and Grahamd (1989)). Through the analysis of the case study on the joint venture of the France based company Alcatel and the U.S. based company Lucent Technologies, issues of cross-cultural management, the weakness and strength of an international joint venture, including the rights and wrongs of the particular case study will be discussed. As Shenkar (2001)said in an article, establishing a measure gauging the “distance” between...

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Managing Across Borders

Title: Coursework 2 Individual Case Study on Alcatel-Lucent Merger Submission date: 4th Febuary 2011 Word Count: 1632 Introduction In a merger, cultural differences are more vital to overcome then fighting for equal power or profits. (Harford, 2003) The marriage of Alcatel and Lucent was never going to be easy. To some extend the merger was a good business step. Lucent's with its wireless business nicely complemented Alcatel's global image and its prowess in fixed-line and broadband...

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Case answers 1. The merger which was to be enacted in 2001 between the Alcatel, a telecommunication company in Paris- France and Lucent telecommunication and technology giants in the United States of America failed due to misunderstanding of the share-ability and resource control should they have collaborated in 2001 (Hartley 2010). The Lucent Company from US realized that Alcatel never intended to equally share and control the company after the merger; instead Alcatel intended to take over control...

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Tricky twosome P.B. Nageshwar What happens when a merged entity is left with two marketing managers or two sales heads? A case in point is the Alcatel-Lucent merger. During the merger, the smooth settlement of HR issues was on top of the agenda for both companies. They decided to deal with both pre-merger and post-merger integration issues by holding a series of meetings between the top HR executives at the two companies. Issues such as salaries and benefits, designations, and other sensitive...

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Managing Across Culture

{draw:frame} {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Managing Across Cultures- Group Report on Case Study Analysis of Alcatel-Lucent BY TEAM: Meenak*shi Mukherjee* 000579613 Carlos Andres Serna 000583118 Quasirat Hasnat 000573202 Sangeet Premkumar 000573398 Imran Shahzad 000527971 Executive Summary This paper examines a case study sprouting mergers of two firms Alcatel and Lucent technologies. This paper provides an insight into the French and American cultures taking into consideration...

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Business Resource P3

is critical for profit and non-profit organisations like Tesco. In some organisations lack of equipment means a job or service cannot be carried out. Equipment is crucial for Tesco as they deal with selling a range of products from fresh food to technology and more. Within Tesco they will need tills so that people will be able to purchase products from their store. Tills help them to take payments from customer, without the tills they couldn’t take payments from customers or record profit or loss...

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Christensen Raynor 2003

prescribe such generic advice, and managers routinely accept such therapy, in the naive belief that if a particular course of action helped other companies to succeed, it ought to help theirs, too. Consider telecommunications equipment provider Lucent Technologies. In the late 1990s, the company's three operating divisions were reorganized into 11 "hot businesses." The idea was that each business would be run largely independently, as if it were an internal entrepreneurial start-up. Senior executives...

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Lucent Technologies-Revenue Recognition Case

basis accounting, revenues are simply recognized when cashed is received no matter when and how the services were performed or goods delivered. -In accrual basis accounting, revenues are recognized when they are realized/ realizable or earned in cases of: +Persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists +Delivery has occurred or services have been rendered +The seller's price to the buyer is fixed or determinable +Collectibles is reasonably assured. -Revenues are not recognized at the time of...

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Lucent Technologies

furniture and seating furniture Encore Seating, Inc. March 19, 2012 3. 4052720 registration Management of vehicular traffic flow through advanced communications network and technology; Providing road and traffic information; Traffic information services; Transportation consulting services; Transportation information Lucent Group Incorporated April 5, 2011 4. 3234940 Registration Floor finishing preparation Buckeye International, Inc. June 15, 2005 5. 3330996 Registration MEDICAL DEVICES, NAMELY...

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