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Govt. College, National University, Gazipur H.s.c examination 1st Division Year 1998 Science Group, Dinajpur Govt. College, Dinajpur s.s.c examination 1st Division Year 1996 Science Group, Birol Pilot Girls High School, Dinajpur computer literacy MS Word, MS Excel, Internet Browsing . Having a Certificate of district based women computer training project (Under Ministry of women and children affairs). language fluency Bangla and English in both (Speaking / Written). References ...

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No One Cares About the Full Story Anymore

Denis. (1987). “ Mass communication theory: An introduction “ (2nd ed.) Thousand Oaks, CA, US: Sage Publications, Inc. Baker, Frank W. (2010) Media Literacy: 21st Century Literacy Skills. Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World. ASCD Considine, D. (2002, March). National developments and international origins (Media Literacy). Journal of Popular Film and Television. Bennet, Shea. “The History Of Social Media” (1978-2012) Infographic. http://www.uncp.edu/home/acurtis/NewMedia/SocialMedia/SocialMediaHistory...

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Critical Numeracy in the media

(Watson, 2008). The approach to prove the importance of critical numeracy was based on selected articles which were used to critically analyse percentage. Watson (2004) suggests a three-tiered hierarchy of goals for developing the quantitative literacy skills. These tiers suggest increasing movement away from pure mathematical skills into context and then into critical thinking (Watson, 2004). By designing a set of questions for each article according to the hierarchy it led participants to think...

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Effects of Technology

computers. By the 1990s, a personal computer had grown to become a necessity in almost every home and business. In less than three decades, the computer has become indispensable to business, industry, government, in school, and home. Computer literacy is now considered as vital as learning to read and is to be taught to everyone. The influence of computer technology is evident in many aspects of society. Whether it is to help space exploration or processing checks or producing mailing...

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Intro Letter

Educations and Other Certifications Upper Serangoon Technical School From January 1992 Till December 1995 Completed Secondary Levels Premier Computer Training Centre (Singapore) From 1993 Till 1993 (1 month course) Completed Basic Computer Literacy Course Altron School of Computing (Singapore) From 1996 Till 1996 (1 month course) Completed the Professional Microsoft Office Course Marketing Institute of Singapore From 1997 Till 1997 (1 month course) Completed the Effective...

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Dowry Dreadful Disease of Deccan

write Articles for the benefit of mankind and social awareness. This time the thing which is pinching my mind from some days is the rising issue of Dowry in United Andra Pradesh. Since I got impressed with the development,cuisines,hospitality and literacy rate of Andra Pradesh but one thing really annoyed me and it was really heart-broken:”Dowry”.I have been here in Andra Pradesh from last one year and I do observe the things and the nature of the place I visit. I was invited by one of my friend...

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Factors Affecting the Learners’ Achievement in the Alternative Learning System (Als) Programs

(2) What is the status of implementation of ALS basic and functional literacy programs in the following components: trainings attainment, functions of instructional manager’s/facilitators, and availability of instructional materials? (3) What is the level of achievement of learners in the Functional Literacy Test (FLT)? (4) Is there a significant relationship between the status of implementation of ALS basic and functional literacy programs and the following: respondents’ profile and the learner’s...

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Prose Synthesis

provided more citizens with high-level science, math, and literacy, the public schools have continued pushing children through school without the students showing any sign of advancement or comprehension. A report done by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, focusing on people from the ages of 16 to 26 in 24 different countries, showed that America was "weak-to-poor" in all three areas of literacy, science, and math. In literacy the US adults scored a grim 12 percent in high-level...

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Lives on the Boundary

his self to do better not only for him but his family. He kept going to school, entered himself in a literacy program at a community college and began making progress. "This painful but generative mix of language, and story can result in clash and dislocation in our communities, but it also gives rise to new speech, new stories, and once we appreciate the richness of it, new invitations to literacy." What I get from this quote is best illustrated by Rose when he talks about Frank Marell, his oldest...

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Phonics vs, the Look Say Method

Over the past decades, the decline in the rate of literacy in America has baffled many. At least 20% of high school graduates are functionally illiterate, despite the education they receive in the public school system. As these graduates enter the world reading at an elementary level, they are unable to live a normal life, which leads to poverty and can lead to delinquency and imprisonment. This decline is not only a decline of literacy, but also a decline of independence, ingenuity, and responsibility...

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