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Why Do Bilingual Children Have Cognitive Advantages Over Monolingual Children?

these abilities (Hernandez, Martinez, & Kohnert, 2000). More specifically, working memory, memory capacity and high level of thought are being increased, while attention is being sustained. Thus, other skills, such as multitasking, in linguistic and not linguistic tasks, are being enhanced and inhibition, where irrelevant stimulus are discarded is being improved. Furthermore, bilinguals seems to be more effective in monitory systems, which leads to the induction of that their response is faster rather...

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Chapter 12 Theories and Schools of Modern linguistics Introduction The Prague School • Introduction • Phonology& Phonological Oppositions • Functional Sentence Perspective(FSP) The London School • Malinowski’s theories • Firth’s theories • Halliday & Systemic-Functional Grammar American Structuralism • Early Period: Boas & Sapir Bloomfield’s Theory • Post- Bloomfieldian Linguistics Transformational- Generative Grammar • The innateness hypothesis • What Is a generative grammar • The Classical...

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fmily health

foremost nurses should continually develop their ability to practice cultural self-awareness so as to better recognize their own cultural and linguistic assumptions and biases. Because health literacy depends on cultural and linguistic factors, there is a need for patient assessment tools that can efficiently collect information on patient literacy, linguistic ability and cultural beliefs. So that providers rely on assessment tools, not on “gut feelings”. Nurses should make appropriate use...

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Child Language Acquisition: Nature or Nurture?

the fact that some form of languages is common to almost all human beings. Even humans with very limited mental abilities can communicate using simple conventional linguistic rules. Chomsky (2000) asserts that human languages differ only superficially but that underlying principles are more uniform. All of the commonalities or linguistic universals are evidence that language is an ability humans possess, not by virtue of specific learning or teaching, but by virtue of their humanness (Hulit & Howard...

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Jon Jon Jon

works on epics, including thosenot yet published.I am grateful to the Wenner-Gren Anthropological Foundation for the Small Grant that enabled me to start myfield work in Ifugao (January-August 1995), to the Asian Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics andPeter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (St.Petersburg, Russia), for the grants that enabledme to carry out my field work in Ifugao, the Philippines, as well to the Evans Foundation, UK, the University of Hawai‘i, to the International...

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Difference Between Human and Animal Language

What is language and linguistics? It has been said that language is the very essence of what makes us human. If we are to fully understand what it means to be human, then, we must understand what language is, how it works, and how we use it. Linguistics, often defined as 'the scientific study of language', is a broad term covering a wide range of different disciplines. The traditional 'core' areas of the subject deal with the structure of human languages in terms of how speech sounds combine to...

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General Phonetics

Introduction 1Phonetics as branch of linguistics .The word phonetics is derived from the Greek word phone such means sound and is used in two different meanings: a. to some authors usually non phoneticians phonetics is that part of grammar which deals with special sounds. b. To phoneticians however phonetics is an independent branch of linguistics which is concerned with the phonetic structure of language. On the one hand phonetics is quite independent and develops according to its own laws...

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branch of applied linguistics that involves compiling, writing, or editing dictionaries Dictionary is a book that lists the words of a language usually in alphabetical order, gives their meanings or equivalent words in a different language. Divided into 2 big groups- encyclopaedic and linguistic. Types of dictionaries * Encyclopedic dictionary- scientific reference books dealing with every branch of knowledge or with 1 particular branch that give info about extra linguistic world, deal with...

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Functional Grammar and Communicative Competence

competently, and not use the language exactly as a native speaker does. These are: linguistic competence, Socio-cultural competence, discourse competence and strategic competence. Linguistic competence is the understanding and knowledge of how to use the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of a language. What words to use when writing, rules governing sentence structure, the punctuations and spellings etc. linguistic competence asks : what words do I use? How do I put them in phrases and sentences?...

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Res/341 Current Business Research Project Paper

communication via the new technology have on formal and informal writing. Define the business research and its purpose Considering that we are currently in the Net Generation and electronic communication has substantially taken over a lot of the linguistic communication, as well as electronic communication shortcuts have also become quite popular, such as textism and instant messaging. The research was conducted to verify if the current net communication shortcuts have an effect on the quality of...

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