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  • John Calhoun

    John Caldwell Calhoun was born on March 18‚ 1782‚ in Abbeville‚ South Carolina‚ the son of a farmer. He received little formal education early in life‚ but was able to graduate with honors from Yale‚ in 1804. He remained in Connecticut to study law in Litchfield‚ but returned to his home state and was admitted to the bar in 1807. Calhoun served briefly in the state assembly from 1809 to 1811‚ where he helped establish a balance of power between the tidewater planters and the piedmont farmers. In

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  • Abigail Adams biography

    Abigail Smith Adams was born in Weymouth‚ Massachusetts on November 11‚ 1744 to the parents of William Smith‚ Congregationalist minister‚ and Elizabeth Quincy Smith. She was the second of five children (one brother and three sisters). Due to her perpetual childhood illnesses‚ she lacked a formal education; however‚ with the help of her fellow family members and available educational resources‚ she became an intelligent and prominent leader in the colonial American society. As third cousins Abigail

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  • The Importance of John Adams 1763-1776

    The Importance of John Adams 1763-1776 “Fear is the foundation of most governments‚” (1) quoted by the fearless leader John Adams. John Adams played significant roles during the years of 1763 through 1776. He was in support of self-governing and independence which caused him to become the leader of the Boston Massacre. Between 1765 and 1776‚ Adams’s involvement in radical politics ran apace with the escalation of events. In 1770‚ he was elected to the Massachusetts House of Representatives

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  • John Adams Compare Contrast Essay

    One flaw John Adams had to deal with that made him less popular was that Adams had to deal with Washington’s isolationism with the world. He came into power and was criticized by everyone on how and where he was leading this country to. This became an annoyance to Adams that he initiated controversial acts known as the sedition acts where you will be jailed if you spoke of the government and president in a questioning or rude manner. Other flaw with Adams is he jails and deports immigrants

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  • John Adams on Hbo: Join or Die

    John Adams: Join or Die The title of the show I watched was Join or Die‚ a part of the John Adams series shown on HBO in 2008. The director of this series was Tom Hooper‚ who won an Emmy Award in 2006 for his directing of another miniseries. The major stars of Join or Die in the John Adams series were: Paul Giamatti (playing John Adams)‚ Laura Linney (playing Abigail Adams)‚ and Danny Huston (playing Samuel Adams). This series gives insight into John Adams’ life in a modern perspective. In the

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  • John Adams Defends the Red Coats

    Although John Adams defended the British redcoats at the end of 1770‚ the Boston Massacre actually happened March 5‚ 1770. Furthermore‚ events that led to the culmination of that night dated back to 1767 (Timeline). Many factors went into the decision‚ by John Adams‚ to defend the British soldiers. The atmosphere of the times dictated much of that evening and of that trial. For the time it was a radical thing for a man such as John Adams to defend the British troops‚ however his respect of the law

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  • Abigail And John Adams Research Paper

    A love story of two people which is Abigail and John Adam who intimated thousand of letters. Abigail and John Adams was one of the most famous people in the United States. They both have been exchanging amounts of letters to themselves since 1761. The exploration of the famous couple led to encounter occuring in the Parlor of the Pastor’s house and an exchange of amount of intimate letters. This exchange impacted their early life‚ their marriage‚ and political involvement.The reason why the Adam’s

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  • John Adams: Property and the Right to Vote

    1776[[[‚]]] the highly ranked political philosopher John Adams wrote a letter to John Sullivan expressing the republican idea that property should be a prerequisite for the exercise of the right to vote. John Adams was a disciplined scholar that gained knowledge of government and law through his attendance at Harvard University at the age of sixteen. In 1758 he became a recognized able lawyer in Braintree‚ Massachusetts where he was born. Adams became very involved in government decisions and drew

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  • John and Abigail Adams Summary and Analysis

    John Adams‚ was gone for a good portion of their marriage and they missed each other so they start to to write letters to each other during the time of the Second Continental Congress. .A lot of the letters concerned domestic items‚ the managing of the farm.They wrote about the boys‚ and their education. Sometimes she just felt lonely and told him so in a letter.They also wrote about the home front of the war. Abigail Adams seems to be more of a self-sufficient and self-reliant homemaker than

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  • Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary Woman

    Abigail Adams A Revolutionary American Woman Book Review “Abigail Adams: A Revolutionary American Woman” is a biography by Charles W. Akers‚ published in June 2006. It chronicles the life of Abigail Adams‚ who lived during the time of the American Revolution and the birth of a new American nation‚ from her birth in 1744 to her death in 1818. The author’s thesis states that Abigail’s advocacy for women’s rights and her involvement in her husband’s political career significantly influenced society

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