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Vic Ms. Ritter-Solberg English 113-01 12 Dec. 2007 Jocasta the Selfless In the Greek, tragic dramatist Sophocles’ play, Oedipus, the character Jocasta misfortunately doubled as the wife and mother of the protagonist, Oedipus, the king of Thebes. Throughout the play, Jocasta tries to discourage her husband, Oedipus, from exposing the murderer of her former husband and ruler of Thebes, King Laius, to rid the kingdom of a plague placed upon it by the gods to bring the slaying of Laius to justice...

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Jocasta, Blame or Not ?

hanging on the Thebes. Astonishingly, the investigation shows that the murderer was Oedipus himself! What’s more terrible, the former king Laius was just Oedipus’ biological father. And, Jocasta, Oedipus’ wife and queen, who has born him four children, is his mother! Consequently, frustrated by the ruthless facts, Jocasta hangs herself while Oedipus blinds and exiles himself. From the same book, we also notice that, compared with Oedipus and her brother, Creon, Jocasta’s role is not much emphasized by...

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Jocasta Essay

Eisenburg does the same in her poem Jocasta, but from the point of view of that works titular character. In a well organized essay, analyze how Eisenburg utilizes devices such as imagery, figurative language, puns, and dramatic irony to convey Jocasta's personal encounter with fate. Fate cannot always be escaped. No matter how hard one tries to change what the Gods have already set in stone, there is no way around it. In Ruth Eisenburg's poem, Jocasta, she conveys the struggle of the...

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The Inevitable Fate of Jocasta

In the play Oedipus the King, by Sophocles, Jocasta becomes the victim of Oedipus’s fate. Despite Jocasta’s loving disposition, incredulous thoughts regarding the prophecies, and her protective nature towards Oedipus, Jocasta’s tragic fate is inevitable. Jocasta clearly displays her loving character trait repeatedly throughout the play. Immediately after making her...

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Character Analysis on Jocasta

Character analysis on Jocasta and Oedipus In Oedipus the king, Sophocles begins the story line with the city of Thebes grieving. Oedipus true identity is starting to become question, when he is told by a blind prophet that he is what plaguing the city. His wife, Jocasta is immediately skeptical about the prophecy, and tells him a story about an oracle that she had once received and never became fulfilled. However, this did not help Oedipus uncertainty, and only to cause more confusion to his soul...

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Jocasta as a Tragic Hero

Professor Slattery English L202 October 10, 2012 Upholding Jocasta as the Tragic Hero What makes a tragic hero? Aristotle lays down groundwork of a tragic hero as being essentially good. They are neither villain nor saint because they have flaws. Several elememts are nevcesary to have a tragic hero, they are the tragic flaw, the reversal, recognition, and hubris. These generally make up the story of the tragic hero, and in the case of Jocasta, the wife and mother of Oedipus in Sophocles’ Oedipus the...

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Oedipus The King Jocasta Essay

famine and death while awaiting a curse from the God’s to be lifted. While searching for answers, the king’s wife, Jocasta, appears in the story line only to leave me thinking that she is the true embodiment of being a hapless, unfortunate, and ill-fated character. With a grim fate and a hopeful heart, Jocasta commits the act of infanticide that is the start of the prophecy. Jocasta and her late husband are taking part in this unforgivable act against humanity due to a prophecy which not only damns...

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Queen Jocasta as a Tragic Character in Oedipus Rex

Queen Jocasta is one of Greek mythology’s most ill fated characters. In the beginning of the play, Oedipus Rex, she and her husband learn that their child is destined to kill his father and marry his mother. So,in order to save avoid this catastrophe ,they leave the child out in the wilderness to die. Little does Jocasta know that a kindly herdsman has rescued the child and Baby Oedipus has been adopted by a King and Queen from another state. Years later, when Oedipus finally hears the...

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enduring themes of Greek myth and drama: the damaged nature of humanity and an individual's powerlessness against the route of destiny in a harsh universe. Oedipus was the son of the King Laius and the Queen Jocasta of Thebes. An oracle told Laius that any son born of Jocasta would kill him. When Jocasta did bear a son, the child's feet were pierced and he was left on the nearby mountain. Oedipus the infant eventually came to the house of Polybus, king of Corinth and his queen. Little Oedipus was named...

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Oedipus Rex Scene IV response

messenger in scene IV arrives unexpectedly. His role is to bring Oedipus the news that his father, Polybus, has died, and now the people of Corinth want Oedipus to rule over them as king. The messenger is seemingly informal yet polite when he addresses Jocasta. He states in so many words that he has some good news and some bad news. First, he tells her what he seems to think is the “good” news—the people of Corinth want Oedipus as their king. When asked why Polybus is no longer in power, the messenger casually...

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