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Oedipus' Downfall

downfall. But in Sophocles’ play Oedipus Rex only hubris and free will are the uses of Oedipus’, who is the tragic hero of the story, downfall. He was destined, according to Apollo the prophet, to murder his father King Laius and marry his mother Queen Jocasta. However, a big part of the tragedy could have been avoided if Oedipus had been kinder and more tolerant instead of prideful and arrogant. Hubris played a large role in the horrid downfall of King Oedipus. As Oedipus killed King Lauis, whom he...

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King Oedipus Notes

and law and order.  Also, represents Dionysus, the god of lust, and the irrational which causes self-destruction.  He is a symbol of city, Thebes. b) Secondary Characters (characteristics and dramatic significance) i. Creon  Brother of Jocasta.  He shows himself to be honest.  He is direct with all the characters, especially Oedipus.  A tempered man.  “You [Creon] are a knave” Oedipus says when he taunts Creon. ii. Teiresias  The prophet of Apollo.  He has the knowledge of...

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Fate vs. Free Will (Oedipus Rex)

make the bad decisions. When Oedipus goes to Thebes, he is presented with a choice, to become the king or to continue to move on. Oedipus' choice to stay puts him one step closer to fulfilling the prophecy. Oedipus is not forced into marrying Jocasta, this is simply his decision. By the end of the play Oedipus admits to himself and the people of Thebes that it was his choices that lead to his fate. "Now loathed by the gods, son of the mother I defiled coupling in my fathers bed, spawning lives...

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Othello Analysis Paper Blindness

was blinded to the truth for most of his life. After finding this out, he physically blinds himself. Other characters in the play were blind to the truth as well including Jocasta. Oedipus was shaded to the truth of his own life. Oedipus didn’t have any idea that his parents were who they turned out to be, Laius and Jocasta. He was oblivious to everything so much that when he did finally hear the truth, he would get angry at anyone who proposed the facts to him. As the story progressed, Oedipus...

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Fate In Sophocles Oedipus The King

well. Throughout the tragedy, Oedipus and his parents, Laius and Jocasta, fruitlessly strive to defy the king’s destiny, to alter his fate. Unfortunately, when they all finally realize that their efforts have failed to change any aspect of Oedipus’ prognosticated future, and that the prophecy has been fulfilled, their story comes to its dismal end. In order to evade the divination of the blind prophet, Tiresias, Laius and Jocasta both agree to take preventative measures. Destined to murder his...

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Oedipus: King, Tragic Hero - An essay on Sophocles' "Oedipus Rex" (Oedipus the King).

young and old clustered round the shrine" (5). It becomes very clear that Oedipus is King of Thebes; and he is revered in his country. Oedipus is further noble because he is the son of King Laius and Queen Jocasta of Thebes. Making him of even more royalty, a messenger from Corinth tells Jocasta about Oedipus, "King Elect of Corinth is he: so runs the order-in-council there" (50). Oedipus, as the only and adopted son of King Polybus of Corinth, is entitled to rule Corinth as well as Thebes. Oedipus'...

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Antigone: A True Tragic Hero

political ranking in his or her land. Antigone, daughter of King Oedipus and Jocasta fits this element of the criteria. Jocasta, who first marries Laius (whom was in line to rule Thebes) gave birth to a baby boy who is cast out of Thebes and left in the elements to die. Unbeknownst to all, Jocasta later marries this son, Oedipus, and gives birth to Antigone. Creon, born to Menolceus of Spartoi, is the brother of Jocasta and has high social and political ranking in Thebes when Oedipus gauges his eyes...

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Where Three Roads Meet

bring to his listeners. The image of the plague is brought to attention in the beginning of the play once Oedipus had already been King for multiple years, married to Jocasta, who is both his mother and wife and has 4 children, whom are also his much younger brothers and sisters. The city of Thebes has sent to the castle of Jocasta and Oedipus, and the Priest told Oedipus that the "Plague has settled on our city like a fire, Consuming everything that lies before it- Soon the streets will...

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hearing from Jocasta that Laius was killed where three roads meet. When Oedipus remembers his arrival at Thebes, this sparks the feeling of terror by its reference to the prophecy which he received from the oracle, but both terror and pity kind of go away when Jocasta tries to assure Oedipus that prophecies deserve no attention. The song the Chorus sings revives some of the terror in our minds, but it again kind of goes away at the arrival of the Corinthian after hearing from him, Jocasta mocks at the...

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Oedipus Rex Analysis

blurted that Oedipus himself was the murderer. Oedipus got angry, and sent him out. He confided with Jocasta and said Teirisias accused him of being the murderer. Jocasta assured him by telling him the prophecy from long time ago. Laius will be killed by his son. Because of this, he opted to get his son killed so he handed him to a Shepherd when he was still three days old. However, when Jocasta mentioned that Laius was killed in the place where three highways meet, he became bothered. Oedipus thought...

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