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Foldrite Furniture Case

Group: Nguyen Huy Cuong Le Quynh Anh Dang Thi Xuan Phuong SOLUTION FOR FOLDRITE FURNITURE CASE Service level is 95% (5% of output is defect) Wages skilled / labor hour = 19 + 33% * 19 = $25.27 Wages unskilled / labor hour = 9 + 10%*9 = $9.9 Hiring cost per worker (skilled) = $1,500/worker Hiring cost per worker (unskilled) = 25*2*1.33 = $66.5/worker Training cost per unskilled to be skilled (4 weeks with full wage) = 4*9.9 = $39.6/worker Production requirement = demand forecast...

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FoldRite Furniture: Case Report

ECLT 5940 case studyFoldRite Furniture Case Report ECLT 5940 Supply Chain Management Group member: Huang Yi Fang Peiwen Qi Jin Tan Yunxuan Zhang Yanfeng 1155024743 1155021692 1155010896 1155020407 1155024230 1. Background and Issues 1.1 The background of FoldRite In 1987, FoldRite Furniture Company was founded, and the Company gained some success by producing a folding banquet table. By the late 1990s, FoldRite had kept a stable growth, selling three product lines into a range of markets....

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Premier Furniture Case

Premier Furniture Case 原文翻译 Harvard Business School 9-286-130 June 12, 1986 Premier Furniture Company It was mid-April, and Richard Zimmerman, credit analyst for the Premier Furniture Company, was completing his first round of credit reviews for 1984. Two of his accounts—Designers, Inc. of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Walcott Department Stores of Hartford, Connecticut—had moved well beyond the credit limits set by Premier. It was Zimmerman's job to determine the appropriate corrective...

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Case Study Analysis Oultine 2015 Foldrit

Title of Case Author of Case (the person(s) who wrote the case) I. CASE PROTAGONIST Name, position, and title of protagonist – Jose Ramos, VP of Manufacturing Name of company. Nature of company – FoldRite Furniture Co. Educational and professional background of protagonist. II. RELAVANT FACTS (these subheadings are specific to FoldRite) a. Economic Environment – Although in a deep recession, FoldRite is experiencing a welcomed yet unexpected demand for their products. b. Company History – FoldRite...

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Stickley Furniture Case Study

Stickley Furniture Stickley Furniture Ashford University Business 644 Operations Management Professor Ronald Beach December 12, 2012 An analysis of Stickley Furniture’s production, aggregate planning production control, inventory and quality reveals that the company has made changes that have proven successful strategies for the long term success of the company since it was sold in 1974. The analysis presented here will show areas of strength...

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Batesmanor Furniture Case Study

Also, another option is to spend all of the money towards one promotional strategy. Findings: Industry: How BatesManor is compared to the household furniture industry. Add Another Sales Rep: An additional sales rep will be needed to service company accounts because 50 new accounts were being added. Promote New Styles of Furniture: These new items would require consumer advertising in shelter magazines to be launched successfully. Push/Pull Strategy for Promotions: The cost and benefits...

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Phillip's Furniture Case

Phillips Furniture Introduction The following information outlines the changes that should be incorporated within Phillips Furniture to make their company better to do business with. Types of Changes within the Company Human Resources would need to address the organizational culture and develop a plan to enhance their values and beliefs. Currently they do not have any set guidelines to inform employees on what the proper behavior is or their expectation within the company. Set...

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Brand Case Analysis on Hatil Furniture

` Brand Analysis Case On HATIL Date of Submission: 30 may, 2013 11 1 Principle of Marketing Assignment On HATIL Submitted to Md. Hashibul Hassan Lecturer Department of Finance Jagannath University Submitted by Group : 7 SL Name of Group Member Rasel Ahamed Md. Shakhawat Hossain Afrin Khan Saidul Islam Md. Monoar Hossain Emdad Munshi Milon Saha Roll B-120203047 B-120203080 B-120203137 B-120203060 B-120203005 B-120203092 B-120203108 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 2 Brief Product Facts: ...

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Case 3 Haverwood Furniture

 Haverwood Furniture, Inc I. Summary of Facts A. Market – Furniture Industry 1. Customers a. Retailers b. Older crowd 45-65 year old c. Public crowd 2. Purchasing Furniture a. Consumers b. Price c. Promotion d. Looks 3. Economic market – Monopolistic Competition B. Product 1. Haverwood Furniture a. Furniture that’s easy to assemble b. Wood tables c. Everyday furniture d. Different types of styles 2. Benefits a. Priced aggressive to show that furniture is good quality b. Product looks...

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Ridgway Furniture Limited Case Study

The following case is on pages 469-471 of your course textbook: Sniderman, P., Bulmash, J., Nelson, D., Quick, J. (2010) Managing Organizational Behaviour in Canada (2nd Edition) Nelson Education Ltd. Toronto. Ridgway Furniture Limited Ridgway Furniture Limited started manufacturing on a small scale about 20 years ago but now employs over 700 people, producing a wide range of wood and metal home and office furniture. The firm enjoys a good reputation in the furniture industry, and its products...

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