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  • Theatre Review: Mamma Mia

    INTT 434 BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & ENTREPRENEURSHIP  Case Write-up Mama Mia Case GokhanCaylak Ersin Ayli Yusuf Cihan Yagsatan Batuhan Durak Mustafa Bulut Istanbul‚ Turkey 2013 Decision Problem: Mamma Mia is a successful stage show‚ their success leads to more demand from audience which leads to more performances resulting in a lot more critics. What can be done to sustain its success without being a moderate commercialized play? As we have yet to define the main decision problem

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  • Historical Evidence of Entrepreneurship

    management concept‚ Entrepreneurship can be best understood in terms of languages used in history. To become an entrepreneur one has to assume the risk of a business or enterprise and organize and manage it so that it gives the return on the capital employed. An entrepreneur does not have to arrange capital as this could be beyond your expertise. However‚ successful entrepreneurs of the past have been able to convince the financiers or venture capitalists that their idea and business practices

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  • surfactants

    opportunities to discover future products and services are identified‚ evaluated and exploited. The main questions are how entrepreneurship develops in the economy and how we can understand this process from different perspectives. The consequences for entrepreneurs themselves are discussed as well as practice‚ and economic policy targeted to foster entrepreneurship in these early phases. Content 1 The entrepreneurial process is a function of the society (culture‚

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  • Importance of a Logo for Any Business

    Many a time‚ entrepreneurs wonder what a good logo meant for the business? A long set of questions may erupts in minds of business people regarding the importance of logo to business like why is it important‚ does it matter what it looks like‚ besides many others. In this article‚ I just want to clear up the haze from this aspect and we will do an analysis regarding the value that you place on having a good logo for your business. Now a days‚ a logo is very important from the business point of

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  • Era's of Businesss

    of technology and innovation. • Industrial Revolution- The workers who were tasked with doing jobs such as mining natural resources (ex. Coal)‚ creating textiles‚ making iron‚ etc. were the human resources as well as creating the capital. Entrepreneurs also turned the tides with certain inventions such as Richard Trevithick who created the power loom and the steam engine. These inventions helped to fuel things such as cotton mills and iron works‚ and also became a great help to areas where natural

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  • okay

    Challenge and Change By Corinthia Bu Apply your Knowledge Q18. Suppose that you are an Entrepreneur. Outline plans for a new business or investment you could start in your community to cater to the aging baby boomers. It could either be set in the present time or 10 to 20 years from now. The baby boomer market is an extremely desirable market because of its sheer size. While niche marketing is almost a rule for small business success‚ it makes sense‚ too‚ to try and target a niche as large and

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  • Elisa is writing in a diary

    Concept:  Entrepreneur Definition:  An entrepreneur is someone who takes the risk to develop a new product or start a new business. Comprehension Questions Ben Franklin came from a family of entrepreneurs and small businessmen. What is an entrepreneur?  What types of businesses did his family run? An entrepreneur takes the risk to develop a new product or start a business.  father - candle and soap business‚ Samuel – blacksmith‚ James and uncle - printers. What were entrepreneurs/business people

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  • Week 4

    Question 1 of 4: | | | Interview an entrepreneur. This entrepreneur could be one who was able to raise finance for the venture or one who was unable to raise finance for the venture. Write a paper summarizing: a) The various efforts put in by the entrepreneur in raising the funds b) The entrepreneur’s experience of the process of raising finance c) An analysis of the factors that made the investor or financial institution invest or not invest in the venture | | Question 2 of 4: |

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  • Case Study: Green Bamboo Creation

    Green Bamboo Creation: creating a bamboo future A graduate in Electronic engineering‚ Pranab Pradhan was always interested in manufacturing. While doing his Master’s degree in London‚ he got to work in the field of manufacturing and design‚ where he worked for eight long years. After returning back from London‚ he joined one of Nepal’s leading Bamboo industry‚ as a manager. After working for about two years and gaining experiences‚ he decided to invest in the wood and bamboo industry instead of

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  • Conclusion of the Syed Mokhtar Albukhary: A Biography

    F. CONCLUSION As before we jump into conclusion‚ here will be described a list of entrepreneurial competencies owns by our chosen entrepreneur‚ Mr. Muhamad Yasin. The first entrepreneurial competency shows by him is initiative. Initiative means the ability to assess and initiate things independently or the power or opportunities to act and to take charge before others do. Mr. Yasin saw the opportunity‚ just like the people does. Yet what is making him difference and succeed is initiative value in

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