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The Endocrine Disruptor: Triclosan

The Endocrine Disruptor: TRICLOSAN What is Triclosan? * Triclosan (2,4,4’ –trichloro-2’-hydroxydiphenyl ether) is a chlorinated aromatic compound. Its functional groups include both phenols and ethers. It is used as a synthetic broad-spectrum anti-microbial agent. Triclosan was first registered as a pesticide in 19693. What is Triclosan Used For ? * Triclosan is an anti-microbial active ingredient contained in a variety of products where it acts to slow or stop the growth of bacteria...

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Anatomy Endocrine System

Research each of the following and write a paragraph describing the endocrine gland, hormone, target tissue, symptoms, causes, and treatment options. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) Human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG, is a hormone that helps with the development of an egg in a woman’s ovary, as well as the release of the egg during ovulation. If the body doesn’t produce enough hCG on it’s own, you can receive injections of it. The injections aren’t for women only, they can be used in men to...

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Endocrine System

NAME:____________________________ REGULATION REVIEW - HONORS [pic] ENDOCRINE SYSTEM 1. Explain how the endocrine system aids humans in maintaining homeostasis. 2. Consider the following diagram of the human endocrine system: [pic] a. Label each number with the appropriate term. b. Which numbered structure produces hormones that regulate blood sugar levels? c. Which numbered structure produces hormones that stimulate egg...

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Endocrine System

An overview of the nervous and endocrine systems, their functions and how together they regulate homeostasis The endocrine system is the internal system of the body that deals with chemical communication by means of hormones, the ductless glands that secrete the hormones, and those target cells that respond to hormones. The endocrine system functions in maintaining the basic functions of the body ranging from metabolism to growth. The endocrine system functions in long term behavior and works...

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The Nervous and the Endocrine systems

THE NERVOUS AND THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM. Humans need both the Nervous and the Endocrine systems basically because they do different things in different ways. They both have a co-ordination role and send instructions to other parts of the body. The nervous system does this by way of neurotransmitters,( chemical messengers), which are able to get messages through at very high speeds, and the endocrine system by way of hormones,( also chemical messengers), which are released from glands and travel...

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Endocrine System

Study Guide, Chapter 16 The Endocrine System Endocrine System: Overview Acts with nervous system to coordinate and integrate activity of body cells Influences metabolic activities via hormones transported in blood Response slower but longer lasting than nervous system Endocrinology Study of hormones and endocrine organs Endocrine System: Controls and integrates Reproduction Growth and development Maintenance of electrolyte, water, and nutrient balance of blood Regulation of...

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SC131 Unit 9 Assignment Lab Worksheet

__________________________ Unit 9 Lab Worksheet: Endocrine Anatomy Directions: Go to Real Anatomy and select Endocrine. Find the appropriate images to use as references and use your mouse to roll over the images and click on the highlighted structures. You can use the search engine to find additional images. If you need help navigating Real Anatomy, click on Take a Tour or click the question mark for the Help menu. 1. Identify the highlighted endocrine gland. __________________________________ 2....

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Bio lap report endocrine system

The Endocrine System Laszlo Vass, Ed.D. Version 42-0023-01-01 Purpose What is the purpose of this exercise? Are there any safety concerns associated with this exercise? If so, list what they are and what precautions should be taken. The purpose of this exercise is to point out the major endocrine structures and being able to identify them and understand their functions...

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Endocrine System Case Study (Hormones)

activation 8. Endocrine disorders - Hyper secretion causes Giantism in children and Acromegaly in Adults Hypo secretion - Dwarfism in children and Simmonds Disease in Adults PRL - Prolactin 1. Produce by Anterior Pituitary Gland 2. Target of PRL is mammary gland 3. Effects of PRL is to produce and secrete milk 4. Regulation of PRL is hormonal 5. PRL is a polypeptide 6. PRL is water soluble 7. PRL activates by cyclic amp second messenger systems at their targets 8. Endocrine disorders -...

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Exe 27 Bio 202

________________________________ LAB TIME/DATE _______________________ S H E E T EXERCISE 27 Functional Anatomy of the Endocrine Glands Gross Anatomy and Basic Function of the Endocrine Glands 1. Both the endocrine and nervous systems are major regulating systems of the body; however, the nervous system has been compared to an airmail delivery system and the endocrine system to the Pony Express. Briefly explain this comparison. _____________________________________________________________________________________________...

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