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Donating Kidneys To Save The Lives Of Others

Summary of “I’m donating my kidney to a stranger” “I’m donating my kidney to a stranger” is an article written by Richard Wilson in 2008. The article is about a woman, Paula Wilson, who is considered to be Scotland’s first altruistic organ donor. Paula’s decision began when her mother suffered from kidney failure. Paula wanted to donate her kidney to her mother, to save her. Unfortunately Paula and her mother’s blood type wasn’t the same. Therefore Paula couldn’t donate her kidney to her mother...

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organs will save lives

Will Save Lives In the essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” by Joanna MacKay, kidney failure is the main topic. In her thesis, MacKay states that, “Governments should not ban the sale of human organs; they should regulate it (92).” The thesis is supported by one main reason: it will save lives. In America 350,000 people struggle each year from this situation. MacKay also states that with the legal selling of organs, more people will be willing to give up their kidneys. There are also other ways...

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Kidney Sales: Are They Beneficial

KIDNEY SALE: LEGAL OR ILLEGAL? Introduction: Organ transplantation is a recently developed technology used to replace faulty organs with new ones. The most common form of transplant after the corneal one is the kidney transplant. It is the most effective and efficient way of resuming kidney function in the body caused due to kidney failure (various causes) and is proven to be more effective than dialysis. The number of people waiting for a kidney transplant is growing and the number of kidney donors...

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Donating Blood word outline

Donating Blood Introduction How many of you have either donated blood or have heard of one of your friends donate blood? I’m sure this applies to pretty much all of you. As of right now, at least this was my impression, donating blood is viewed by most people as something that is the right thing to do, however if you don't donate it might not make a huge difference, similar to voting. A few years ago, my father was in a car accident and needed a blood transfusion that possibly saved his life. Ever...

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How to Save Human Lives and Environment

Human Lives and Environment As time passes by, we can see lots of people are start fighting for the rights of wild animals and plants to survive on this earth that controlled by the human activities. Today we became more self-aware that we are also a part of the nature, and therefore, anything that harms the environment will also give a great impact towards us, and that the very existence of human life depends on preserving a balanced global ecosystem. I personally think that human lives are...

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The Lives of Others

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s film The Lives of Other’s (2005) is set in East Berlin during the socialist reign from November 1984, up until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. The political context plays a significance role not only in the film’s subject matter but also in its cinematography, which exploits the voyeuristic tendencies of the audience, reflecting the surveillance of the Stasi Secret Police officers. The film follows a loyal socialist and playwright, Georg Dreyman who becomes...

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Donating to BioLife

you on one of the trendy and legitimate, young people are paying their bills: by donating to BioLife Services. I’ll get you up to speed on BioLife’s background, as well as, their identification process, security precautions, and the pros and cons of donating to BioLife. BioLife is part of Baxter Health Corporation. Baxter International formulates products for people with serious diseases such as hemophilia, kidney diseases, and immune disorders; while BioLife “...is an industry leader in the collection...

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The Importance of Organ Donating

someone out in this wonderful world we live in has her eyes. This person can now see the beauty around them, maybe even their grandchildren for the first time. We made the decision to give this wonderful gift of renewed life and we agree that this was the right thing to do. We are thankful everyday that someone has our mother’s eyes and now has the gift of sight. There is one important fact that every person in this world can agree on: At some point in our lives, we are all going to face the reality...

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Donating Blood

Donating Blood Imagine that your father had just suffered a heart attack, and has to go through open-heart surgery in order to repair the damage that happened to his heart. Imagine your little nephew or niece was born with a rare heart defect and had to have a daily transfusion of blood in order to have a chance to wake up the next day. Imagine that your best friend went to the doctor and had just been diagnosed with leukemia, a disease requiring regular platelet transfusions. These aren't...

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How the Other Half Lives

Danielle Mariella November 17, 2005 Book Report #2 How the Other Half Lives Introduction The book How the Other Half lives, is one of those books that definitely affects you as soon as you read it. Jacob Riis the author of the book, wrote it exactly for the purpose, to affect people and get them to realize how bad the conditions were back then in New York City. He goes into full depth, of what the living conditions were like, who lived in them, and how they were affected by them. Mostly...

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