donating a kidney for a stranger

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Summary of “I’m donating my kidney to a stranger”
“I’m donating my kidney to a stranger” is an article written by Richard Wilson in 2008. The article is about a woman, Paula Wilson, who is considered to be Scotland’s first altruistic organ donor. Paula’s decision began when her mother suffered from kidney failure. Paula wanted to donate her kidney to her mother, to save her. Unfortunately Paula and her mother’s blood type wasn’t the same. Therefore Paula couldn’t donate her kidney to her mother. When Paula found out, that it wasn’t possible for her to be an organ donor to her mom, she decided to become an altruistic organ donor. Paula’s friends and parents think that Paula is being foolish. Paula is perfectly healthy, and wants to go through an unnecessary operation for a complete stranger. Paula has made her mind though. She thinks, that if she wanted to donate her kidney in the first place, why not donate it for a stranger as well as her mother. 2)

The three texts all deal with the same subject; organ donation. There’s some similarity in the three texts. Organ donation ‘positive’
The thing text one and text three have in common, are that both texts is very positive about organ donation. Text one are focused on the benefits of changing the organ donor system. If it is changed, people will automatically be organ donors when they die, if they haven’t withheld permission for their organs to be used by others. Changing the organ donor system, will be the cause of many more saved lives. Text three shows it positivity towards organ donation by talking positive about donating your organs, also to a total stranger. It might sound altruistic, but it isn’t. The operation itself doesn’t have many risks. If more people were aware of that, the shortage of organs would be less, while saved lives would be more. Maybe the risk is small, but the risk is there!

The topic of risking the health of an otherwise healthy person shows up in both text two and...
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