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Digital Signature

Digital Signatures CONTENTS 1. ABSTRACT 2. INTRODUCTION 3. DESIGN PRINCIPLES & EXPLANATION 3.1. MODULES 3.2. MODULE DESCRIPTIOIN 4. PROJECT DICTIONARY 4.1. DATAFLOW DIAGRAMS 5. FORMS & REPORTS 5.1. I/O SAMPLES 6. BIBILIOGRAPHY 1. ABSTRACT The security of information available to an organization was primarily provided through physical and administrative means. For example, rugged file cabinets with a combination lock were used for storing sensitive documents and...

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regulations and policies; monitoring and evaluation of ICT law and policies in Kenya, drafting and analysis of ICT legislation etc. Definition digital signature" means data in an electronic form, which-- (a) is related with any other electronic data directly or logically; and (b) is able to satisfy the following conditions for validating the digital signature-- (i) affixing with the signatory uniquely; (ii) capable to identify the signatory; (iii) created in safe manner or using a means...

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One Note

Washington is nationally recognized for its e-government solutions, K-12 educational network, and information-based economic development strategy. This year, for the third year in a row, the state was named the most ‘technically advanced’ in the Digital State survey.6 Among the state’s key achievements was the creation of a short-range, e-government planning process designed to keep pace with quick-changing Web technology. “We have committed ourselves to producing a plan which can be accepted...

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Digital Signature and Advance Operating Allowance

allowance (amount): b. Pick up rental vehicle and ensure safe operation. Pick up date (YYYYMMDD): c. Empty/loaded weight tickets required for each trip made. Use government, public, commercial scales. d. Name, rank, Social Security Number, Weighmaster's signature required on each weight ticket. e. Trailers weighed attached to prime mover (no passengers aboard - weigh entire unit at same time). f. DITY moves require DD Form 1351-2. g. DD Form 2278 and weight tickets must be submitted to paying office/TMO/ITO...

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Public-key Cryptography and E-commerce

combine these two systems? If so explain how? 13.23 Given two prime numbers 23 and 41 design a RSA system. Explain with an example how it works. letter + 6 ) and 13.24 What is a digital signature? Why is it necessary in E-Commerce? What are the necessary conditions a hash function used in digital signature should satisfy? 13.25 Give a block diagram of a system for transmitting a signed purchase order from business 1 to business 2. 13.26 What is a certifying authority? Why is a...

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Secure Electronic Transactions

Authentication is achieved through the use of digital signatures. Using a hashing algorithm, SET can sign a transaction using the sender’s private key. This produces a small message digest, which is a series of values that "sign" a message. By comparing the transaction message and the message digest, along with the sender’s public key, the authenticity of the transaction can be verified. Digital signatures are aimed at achieving the same level of trust as a written signature has in real life. This helps achieve...

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and digital signature schemes. Although asymmetric encryption is very slow, it does a good job of sharing keys. Asymmetric algorithms are one way functions i.e.: it is easier to compute in one direction but complex to compute in opposite direction. Public key encryption is based on the hash values. Two main uses for public-key cryptography: • Public-key encryption: message is encrypted with the sender’s private key and can be accessed by anyone who has the corresponding public key. • Digital signatures:...

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with an entity (a person or computer). These keys are mathematically related, data encrypted with one key can only be decrypted by the other key, however one key cannot be derived from the other key. The public key is distributed, optionally using a digital certificate1, and the corresponding private key is kept secret. The relation between the keys is used as follows: • Public key encryption - to send encrypted data to someone, the sender encrypts the data with the receiver’s public key, and the receiver...

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Fcs 006

best protection against many dot cons is ____. a. your ISP c. antivirus programs b. updated operating systems d. common sense ____ 22. When a digitally signed document is received, the recipient抯 computer uses the sender抯 ____ key to verify the digital signature. a. private c. organizational b. public d. token ____ 23. Repeated threats or other harassment carried out online between adults is referred to as ____. a. cyberstalking c. cyberterrorism b. computer sabotage d. phishing ____ 24. The ____, implemented...

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Syllabus of 8th Sem

9+3 Authentication requirements – Authentication functions – Message Authentication Codes – Hash Functions – Security of Hash Functions and MACs – MD5 message Digest algorithm - Secure Hash Algorithm – RIPEMD – HMAC Digital Signatures – Authentication Protocols – Digital Signature Standard UNIT IV NETWORK SECURITY 9+3 Authentication Applications: Kerberos – X.509 Authentication Service – Electronic Mail Security – PGP – S/MIME - IP Security – Web Security. UNIT V SYSTEM LEVEL SECURITY 9+3 ...

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