Digital Native vs. Digital Immigrants

Topics: Earth, Want, Education Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Today's children process the world in a new way. They are surrounded by technology. For example, a family sits for dinner. In the past the family members would communicate with one another. In today's digital age, the family members are more likely communicate with the outside world through their personal devices than with one another. Moreover, a child has a world inside his computer and iPhone. He can express himself and investigate the world under his own terms. The world is changing and the technology immigrates need to adapt. The most relevant message I could discern from the articles and the videos was to change the way we view our pupils. Teaching without the use of technology is becoming ineffective with the new generation. "I HEAR and I FORGET, I SEE and I REMEMBER, I DO and I UNDERSTAND" (Jukes & Dosaj, 2006). The digital natives expect to receive new information visually and fast. The best method for them to learn appears to be through personal interaction. My generation seems to be on the periphery of both worlds. I can use the computer as a native, but maybe not at the same degree. I can still remember and relate to a world with less technology. Most of the technology is English based. The pupils have more desire and need to learn and understand English. As an EFL teacher, I benefit from their interest. However, it is important to adapt the learning material to the pupil's world. The zoo is passé and TV shows such as Sponge Bob and Loony Tones are more pertinent. Moreover, the pupils seem to need more changeable visuals and hands on activities. If I want the pupils to learn a new language, I need to give them ample opportunities to use the language in a familiar environment.

I see myself as a digital immigrant who adopted the customs of digital natives. I can use a computer very well. I prefer to teach using a computer. However, my world is not as technology elaborated as I'm sure my students' will be. I believe that teaching...
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